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probably those icons come from ;

Chiyo-chichi ("Chiyo-Dad" 「ちよ父」"Chiyo-chichi"), is a strange yellow cat like creature, who appears to Osaka and Sakaki in their dreams. He claims to be the father of Chiyo, he is quite easily angered and when so, he shakes violently while changing colors. He may be bullet-proof, a great baseball player, and/or Santa Claus. Osaka gives Chiyo a stuffed animal shaped like Chiyo-chichi on her birthday. In addition, he finds the color red discomforting, and is inconsistent about whether he really is a cat. In the English dub, he is known as the "Father Cat". In Sakaki's dream, he shows slight knowledge of himself not being a real cat, as he tells Sakaki to "find a real cat". However, when Sakaki mentions this to him, he grows angered and appears to remember nothing of this conversation. He also appears to have a dislike for tomatoes, as they are red, but he ensures Chiyo eats them, to keep up her health. The whereabouts and identity of Chiyo's real father, (and mother for that matter) are unknown. (It shown in the anime that they are alive, and in the manga Chiyo is seen waking her parents up at her house, but they are never seen or heard)


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