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Not the puppy dog pout!

By LazyPixel
I was watching Hurricane Fluttershy whilst my mum was talking to me about something and then Twilight randomly made the face above. It's a cute face so I screen capped for vectorization. The while vectoring I thought that this is too easy, so to push myself I changed it from Twilight to Octavia (seeing as i've never vectored her before)

Reference for pose is from MLP:FiM S2 ep22 Hurricane Fluttershy
Reference for Octavia's mane is from MLP:FiM S1 ep 26 At the Grand Galloping Gala
Screen cap was bad quality and I needed help with the bow tie so props to :iconmisteraibo: for making the bow tie resource which I traced over (I find his icon hilarious considering)

Credit for the title goes to the cartoon "Kim Possible". That show was awesome
Vector took approximately 3 hours

Vector made in photoshop
[link] to PSD file


EDIT: Holy sh*t over 2000 views in less than 24 hours, thank you guys this means so much
EDIT: Featured on Tumblr and reddit! Wow, words can't express my gratitude
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"Miguel, not with the face"
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I am under your command.
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used in here [link]
hope you don't mind ^^
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I would favorite this more than once if I could! <3 <3
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tell me what you want, and I will run, wreck, and murder my way to it just to bring it back to you.
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I imagine this face works spendidly on getting her way with Vinyl Scratch
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Indeed. Me too.
In fact, it's my favourite ship. I get very, very defensive when anyone ships either of them with anypony else.
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Now, my good sir,
XD lol I'm not THAT insane. But I don't like it.
Vin' is cheating :(
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This is something that I suspect Vinyl Scratch can't resist.
Octy must be one spoiled mare if she can pull off this face whenever Vinyl disagrees with her:P
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And I though she couldn't be cuter.. ..
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Used there, if you don't mind.
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I loved that joke in KP
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Even when doing this, Octavia is classy.
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