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Luna's iPod

Princess's are allowed to rock out as well, are they not?

Inspired by Friendship is Witchcraft episode 6 Lunar Eclipse
Vector took approximately 2 and a half hours

Vector made in photoshop
Link to wallpaper version

EDIT: Fixed up some of the strokes because this is such a popular piece and I want y'all to have the very best <3
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I wonder if she listens to any symphonic metal bands
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Fleshgod Apocalypse
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Can I make this as a base? I'll credit of course.. 
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Wish there was a 16x9 version I could use for my desktop background 
her highness be trending
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lol i saw this on youtube ina luna tribute of gangman style
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make a base please
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nice pic, nice song... "i am no hero"CD…
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Me when i listen to music! :D
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Hey Luna, I have a good song you can download if you like...

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would it be ok if i used this for some music and ill put link to the art and you in description
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Frienship is Witchcraft ! GOTTA LOVE IT! "your secret, But fun!"
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This is great! Very nice job!
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note to self... get started on drawing luna...
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Gotta go fast!
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Rolling around at the speed of sound!
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I'll use this as my avatar on [link] ok ?
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Sure. As long as you credit me somehow, it's cool
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