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Crystal Crazy



Avert your gaze or you'll go CRYSTAL CRAZY!
So I watched Season 3, did you? I think Rarity was probably my favourite pony through both episodes. So to thank her for all the laughs I stared at picture of her for two hours while I traced it. Also the top half of her mane and her elbow weren't present in the reference
but I did my best to add them (so they may be a little off)
Reference from MLP:FiM S3 Ep 1 Crystal Empire part 1
Approximate time 2 hours
Vector made in Illustrator
[link] to Ai
If you want to post this on another site then i'd appreciate it if you would link it back to this page.
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louis (rarity):*sees pills* pills here!
bill (shining armor):mother 'o mercy!