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Collab: Hearth's Warming Eve



Collab with this sexy man right here :iconmewtwo-ex:, go watch him. I think I pitched the idea for this collab like 6 weeks ago but now it's finally done. The reason it took so long was because he's busy and i'm lazy but now it's done so enjoy.
Collaboration Files by =mewtwo-EX & *LazyPixel
:bulletpink: Complete show view: [link]
:bulletpurple: Complete full-stage view: [link]
:bulletpurple: Show view background: [link]
:bulletpurple: Full-stage background: [link]
:bulletpurple: Spike, AJ, FS: [link]
:bulletpink: TS, Rarity: [link]
:bulletpink: PP, RD: [link]
:bulletpurple: Wreath: [link]
:bulletpink::bulletpurple: ZIP Download of all source files: [link].
You can any of the files above as long as you credit both me and =mewtwo-EX. A link back to your work would be nice as we like to see what you guys (and girls) make with this stuff
Reference is taken from S2 Ep11 Hearth's Warming Eve
MLP:Fim is copyright to Hasbro, DHX and Lauren Faust
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Great episode and favorite ships.