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Buck Yes

Pinkie Pie's reaction after she makes a new friend

Vector trace from MLP:FiM S2 ep18 A Friend in Deed
Trace from the Welcome Song

Vector made in photoshop
Link to PSD

Link to base template created by me

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When I First Heard The Welcome Song by Pinkie Pie, Her Singing Vocals Did Not Sounded Exactly The Same As Usual, and Pinkie Pie's Singing Voice Sounded a Little Bit Like Fluttershy's.

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tell me, did vectoring this image require the pen tool in photoshop? :-? (Confused) 
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Yep. But if you're going to vector, I would recommend either inkscape or illustrator. Photoshop is terrible, in comparison, for vectoring
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i actually do agree about photoshop, since theres no pen tool Ohm... Ohm... 

im gonna choose inkscape

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oh boy my little pony friendship is magic season 3 is comeing.
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I see no credit
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Click "credits" in the lower right corner.
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Oh right, missed that. Well nice job
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Hooray! Thank you! [link]
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I'm using this for an In Real Life picture. I'll credit you.
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Pinkie pie rules!
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I wonder if she knows she just knee slid right off the stage ;p.

Nice job on the vector :D.
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Pinkie Pie: Holy crap, my legs!

Pinkie you silly pony, equines don't have the required articulations to perform that movement.

(Applejack is a silly pony too)
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