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Birthday 25

you weirdos still here???
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yotam we miss you come the FUCK back NOW !!! please im desperate

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Yotam. Just watched all your birthday videos in a you've grown....did you miss adding a 26 birthday?? influenced my childhood a lot. Miss ya, bud. 
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It only gets weirder from here~
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This is the face I make on all my birthdays too
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I love these, I always watch the whole playlist on my own birthday, and I'm glad to see a new one added to it every year. I'm 28 now and been watching your stuff for close to 10 years.
mandymini's avatar
I always look forward to these. You were one of the first flash animators that I started to follow way back when. although you fill them with fears, I'm not going to complain. I relate to your songs and feel validated that my fears are the same as yours. Keep creating Yotam!
Funky-P3t3's avatar
This is exactly how it feels.
I shall play it on loop while I'm on the floor.
Tyrant9's avatar
I've been following you for 10 years. Never tired of you.  Happy birthday
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I just turned 25 as well. Every year we grow up together and every year life isn't what its supposed to be really, is it? Keep doing what you do.
E11a's avatar
We still here, yup
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This is depressingly catchy
AlishaRenee's avatar
I think my subconscious remembers to check for these videos because I always seem to get the urge to log back into DA this time of year.

Thanks for the consistency? Happy birth anniversary!
Jirba's avatar
we still out here!!!!!!!
KichisCrafts's avatar
A long time watcher here! Among my favorites was that animation called Balance, James and the Chief, and Bob and the apple animation. 
juliadavis's avatar
i think ive been watching these for 10 years bro
BlindEyeTwist's avatar
I am really curious to see how long these videos will last. I can imagine it will be funny to see how he sings about being 80 or something. :D
AngryPotato's avatar
You aged again :)  /grats!  soon you'll be a fine cheese~
Huntahr's avatar
awww man i've been following you for years. at some point i could memorize 3-4 of your old flash videos, like the "bad dream" one was my total favorite. also "nameless 3" and aw i just rewatched them and they made my titties tingle. ANYWAY happy birthday dude and i still love all your stuff, after 11 years (what the fuck i'm 21 what am i doing with my life) i'm really glad you kept continuing with all this and i hope you're happy doing it.
thank you. 
CelestialNymph's avatar
Yep I'm still here! Been since 2005 yo. 
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Happy birthday!
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How old is this place!?
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Happy birthday!!!! wow 25 I'm turning 18 next week! Love your username by the way!!!!
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