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Birthday 24

i forgot to post the only thing i post here. SORRY.
should i post things here again?? WHOSE EVEN HERE?? you should all be 20+ by now
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I missed you so much. I don't really go to DA any more so a day ago was just checking on your youtube channel. Oh, how I missed all these!
An god! I love your songs! (thanks for sharing chords and lyrics! tears 
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i love you so much, come back!
LazyMuFFin's avatar
to deviantart???? i cant
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Whaaaaaat why not? You're like the best deviant arter. You were the only reason I used to visit this site! Now I never use it.... Haha
Hambuster122's avatar
I'm happy you're still around.
makayla1990's avatar
You will always be one of my favorite animators <3
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Full of them feels as usual. Never stop making music! :U
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it's nice to see you're still here.. 2008 was a long time ago :,)
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Holy crap, and I just had Birthday 20 stuck in my head the other day. Go figure.
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it was amazing....
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I just turned 24 myself man, I look forward to seeing your birthday animation each year. I grew up watching your stuff too and its my absolute favorite. I know how you feel, freelance is hard. But one day we'll make it! Best wishes :)
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20+ demographic woop woop
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Dude I'm so 20+ you don't even... You don't even... Fuck, man
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WOW yer BACK. I just turned 24 too. Happy birthday dewd. I was just talking about you to an old friend... he was showing me your videos and I was like "Oh yeah, I used to talk to that guy on aim sometimes" and my friend was like WHAT. ARE YOU SERIOUS?? n I felt cool so thanks. Thanks for talking to me on aim when I stalked and found your username once ;)
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i'm thirtygoddamnedtwo. about to be thirty three. that makes me very old and decrepit. but i like your funny cartoon shows, sir.
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Patreon supporters: MY DAD.  happy birthday :) 
LazyMuFFin's avatar
Yup. Definitely 20+. Definitely still here. I'm here for the nostalgia. This is so much nostalgia even though it's new.
steel-fang's avatar
Aging man.... fucking plz no.

Our younger years feel like yesterday. One day we'll be 80 and this feeling won't be any different. One day it'll be over, just like any days end. Thats it. Lifes what you make of it bla bla bullshit etc. 

I've enjoyed your animations mate. You made me laugh a buuuuuuuuunch. 
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Ay dawg I'm still here.

I even still got this nifty icon!
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