My first interview :D

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By lazymau
Wow dude, one person named Julia Khusainova asked me for interview :) here's the link->

First time i did this :o , hope not last :))
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Yep, Tanya is a great designer, I was enjoying interviewing her
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Would you like to be featured in Frespiration! #3? This month's issue is Iconography. So, what do you say?
More info: [link]
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OMG! I can't believe I've never seen this before! :D

I read the whole interview and I like all your answers, especially where you mentioned your mom :aww:

Keep it up, girl :hug:
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Congrats !!! А на русском нет?
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неа.. но.. главное что Julia, что я.. обе русские;) блоги у нас англ. так что на англ.(
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congratulations :) I am quite surprised to see a great designer like you has been interviewed just once
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I wish you good luck ~ my friend
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Nice read........I just started my journey as a designer, so it was goo to read.
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awesome, congrats!
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Nice to know more about you :) and not only this is your first interview but also first journal on dA :XD: :giggle:
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Congrats!! It's nice to find out more about you and your design process. Great interview. :)
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Heh congrats and good luck with future ones.
Hmm. It seems it was little bit hard with english no?
Did not knew you had a blog...
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Wonderful job and I wish you lasting success !;p
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