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Harvest Moon Meme

Okay, before any of you kill me, I couldn't sleep, so I decided to do this!!! D:

Yeah, it's really lame. ^^; You can tell I got sloppy before the end...Hahahaha...

Here's the original: [link]

Done in GIMP.
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Number seven , lol Kai XD
pralinkova-princezna's avatar
LOL Skye XD That's a precious wedding.
Titanium-Alex's avatar
Yesss someone who played DS and Cute... hehehe... xD
Man, I now have a desperate urge to go play Harvest Moon....I blame you and your cool art... x]
Jelii-Bean's avatar
lilcook258's avatar
0.o anyway i need to no no i want to know what or how u made this!!!! i want to do one i just dont know how or what to use so yea help!
Itzaric's avatar
Heh I love it!! x3
Itzaric's avatar
..... Heh and then, that's Skye in the wedding, right? lol XD
crazyanimegirl287's avatar
I LOVE Kai!!! Who doesn't?! He' awesome!!!
lazykitsune's avatar
Haha, yes, he's great! xD I love him too!
MagistelMintao's avatar
Lol This is so cute xD

Haha Kai is awesome!

I married Carter though >u<
lazykitsune's avatar
Thank you! xD
Ooh, I've always been curious about that, haha. How is he?
MagistelMintao's avatar

I think he's really sweet c:

A lot of the stuff he says and does is so cute xD
jaksy20's avatar
I like Cliff, but Kai would be my second. I just get too lazy to please him. He only comes in the summer!
lazykitsune's avatar
But that's his appeal! lol.
Thank you for commenting! C:
jaksy20's avatar
You're welcome!
mini-cheesecake's avatar
LOL, 7 and 11 were priceless :'D

So true!
EmoGhost1995's avatar
DUDE! THAT'S MY WIFE! Lol XD Priceless
MidnightWarewolf777's avatar
I Put A Toadstool In On the Harvest Festival Ever Since A Wonderful Life On the Gamecube! XD It's Fun!!!
Maraudergirl71's avatar
Kai is so awesome ^_^ For me it's always either Kai or Cliff
lazykitsune's avatar
I love Kai! xD I love Doctor too, though, haha.
Maraudergirl71's avatar
I prefer Cliff over all the other bachelors, but I don't have my copy of MFoMT anymore so in DS Cute I go for Kai.
pokemonyugiohgx4eva's avatar
i'm totally adding gonna add this as a fav! xD i like the baby panel claire was like "come on let's make a baby i'm tired of being alone here in this house while you work" i wonder how this would look like if claire/pony(the other heroine or how ever you spell it) asked skye to do this! xD
pokemonyugiohgx4eva's avatar
my favorite bachelor is skye ( for an odd reason i alway's go after the guy's that look like yuki sohma from fruits basket or zero from vampire knight) and my favorite bachelorette is either nami or muffy
lazykitsune's avatar
Haha, I tend to go for the ones who make me laugh. xD Thank you for the comments! I think I wanna redo this sometime, the art is a bit embarrassing. >u>;
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