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The Eye - Wallpaper

Bottlenose dolphin
Tursiops truncatus

Full Size: 1920*1200 px

A common dolphin, with an amazing eye.

Location: Roatan - Honduras

Camera: Nikonos V
Lens: 20 mm Sea&Sea
Strobe: Nikon SB105
Film: Fuji Provia 100 ASA


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anjules's avatar
Very cool shot.
Lunchi's avatar
Why do you call it a common dolphin? It is a bottlenosed dolphin.
Lunchi's avatar
oh sorry never mind I saw your describtion now in a full. the sentense under "Full Size...." irritated me a bit.
jollywrecker92's avatar
It's amazing nobody's noticed the amount of wisedom in that eye. That's not the eye of a stupid animal, it's very intelligent, almost Human. Chillingly enough. I can't but keep staring at it and wondering what it might be thinking. Just, an amazing capture, really! :D
ISeeTheLattice's avatar
This is such a wonderful photograph... the eye is captured in such definition! With the surrounding blue... it really gives a wonderful contrast the grey. :)
namu-the-orca's avatar
This is just such an awesome photo. The details, the colours, the composition (despite what you think) and of course that gorgeous eye. Absolutely wonderful! :aww:
Kaly89's avatar
this is such an awsome shot=D
its sharp, clear its just stunning nice job
LazyDugong's avatar
Well, the composition in not good, but I couldn't do anything, he was swimming too fast! :)
Kaly89's avatar
ahh I see... lol... well still love it! =D
TVD-Photography's avatar
Wow amazing detail :D
LazyDugong's avatar
This was a lucky shot. He was swimming very fast and I shot without any composition (that's why part of is body is cut out) or focusing. Very often, underwater, you have to react very quickly and hope in your luck... :)
TVD-Photography's avatar
Oh I don't doubt that, you must be very quick especially since you are underwater. You did a great job :aww:
FlippinPhil's avatar
Absolutely brilliant capture!
LazyDugong's avatar
I was lucky, he was swimming very fast. I was surprised by his human like eye! :)
FlippinPhil's avatar
I thought that exact same thing.
jointhechase's avatar
Wow, pretty.
Very pretty.
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