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I printed my first black and white photograph when I was ten. In my father’s darkroom with an negative from a plastic Diana camera (very trendy now). As the image appeared in the developer, under the red safe light, I was hooked! Photo-graphy: drawing with light. Exactly what is says on the tin!

This was addictive. My enthusiasm for photography grew. I was the kid at school with a single lens reflex camera in the maths class. I copied course notes by photographing them and figured out how to record t.v. on high speed black and white film long before domestic video recorders were around. I filmed Neil Armstrong walking on the Moon and Concord’s first flight, and used photography to follow my other great passion in life; physics. Years later, after a career in science and technology I decided to go back to my roots, take a formal collage qualification in photography and build a darkroom.

There is something special about photography. It bridges the gap between art and science. You need both esthetics and technology. Your skills develop as you master the technology. It allows you to convert the vision you are chasing into an image on paper. It’s just the same way that a painter does the same by understands his pigments and media, but with a lot more physics.

Throughout the progression of digital photography, I’ve continued to use both and darkroom techniques as well as mastering high quality inkjet images through software like LightRoom and Photoshop. Now, with the explosion of photography on mobile devices, I want to promote the democratisation of photography through new technologies, low cost photo applications and disruptive technologies.

What the critics say:

“Talented but lazy” – Miss Chandler, 3th Year Art Teacher, Ecclesfield Grammar School (1967).

That’s why I call my company Lazy-Photon!
I always have a problem at social occasions when people ask me "what do you do"? My usual response is to go "errr, well...". The problem is that people expect you to do one thing, train for something and do it; a job for life. But that's not how it's been in my career. The things I learned at university in the 1970s have been eclipsed by new technologies. There were no digital mobile phones back then, let alone phones that allow you to take photos with better results than many cameras.
So I had a think, and I've got what I do down to two job titles; "Digital Disruptor" and "Techno Archeologist"
A Digital Disruptor because I was part of the industry that delivered digital phones to the market place. Participated in adding data to phones and later, with my own company, showed how digital disruption was a form of technical evolution to be embraced by all.
A Techno Archeologist because I'm fascinated by what we did digitally years ago with so little. Moore's law is the observation that the number of transistors in integrated circuits doubles approximately every two years. But what we've chosen to do with those transistors is usually to make more sophisticated interface displays, faster communications and occasionally watch cat videos. 'Back in the day', astronauts flew to the moon with the most basic computers and I wrote programs for 64 kilobyte computers like the Commodore 64. That's kilobyte, not meg or gig! 
So, now I have it. Two job titles to meet that "what do you do?" question at social events. All I need now are some really good parties to got to. Invitations welcome!!

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