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In Artific City, a man made island created on the waters of Toronto, a new invention has been created that was promised to allow a companion for those who were so lucky to have been chosen by the Pre-Release versions of said Device. This would allow people to have someone to have an extra being known as a SOUL GUARD as a new member of their family, a friend, or simply someone to do your chores or take a second job to earn more income without having anyone but you touch it. An amazing new device...

However, the people of Artific will soon discover that this very device may be their planets downfall... Or perhaps... Something more.


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Are you a fan of Digimon Tri? 

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What is a weaboo?

Sun Jul 15, 2018, 3:10 PM by Lazy-Gamer:iconlazy-gamer:

I thought the last journal would be the end of my education but it seems like there are too many people who misunderstand the anime culture. What's worse is they wear their ignorance like a badge of honour. 


As you can tell by the title of this journal, this will be about the word "weaboo".
Now, everyone has their own version of what they think it means and sadly, most of them are wrong.

So let's get to the point, what is a weaboo?

A weaboo is someone who is an anime fanatic. Different from your normal anime fan. Weaboo's are so obsessed with anime and manga that they want nothing more than to be born Japanese and live off of everything Japanese and anime. They try to speak Japanese without actually attempting to properly learn Japanese. Sometimes they even shun any other country, even their own, simply focusing on Japan like an obsessed girlfriend / boyfriend.

Now that that's out of the way, you might be wondering... "Of course that's what a weaboo is, why would anyone think otherwise?"

Well, the answer is quite sad... I've seen several examples [ mostly on youtube ] of people throwing the word around like it's going out of style.

"Oh that person has an anime profile pic, they're a weaboo lol"

"You think Japanese men / women are attractive? You're a weaboo!"

"Only a weaboo would dislike this video about cute kittens" ??????? [ Actual comment I saw ]

As you can see people throw this word around mindlessly.

Just because someone likes Japan, or anime, or both even. Does not automatically make them a weaboo.

It's the same with people who like wolves. I have a friend who loves wolves, has artwork of wolves in her home. Does that mean she wants to be a wolf? Does that mean she hates humans and other species? Of course not, that's ridiculous, right?

Same applies for anime and it's fans.


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