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When Respawn Failed :iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 1 0
Mother's Day
A day dedicated to celebrating mothers, being thankful for them and give them a day to enjoy. A while ago, to make sure it would arrive soon enough, Julius had sent out a gift for his own mother. He assumed that by now they would be with his sisters so he didn't worry about sending it back to Germany. A small gift in the form of a simple sketch of a flower, an interesting one he'd seen in town was tucked in with a note to the woman who'd bore the eleven daughters and one son. The small man hadn't heard from her, not once, since he'd left home to travel to Team Fortress, but he'd held hope that once his sisters had made it along the same path she and his father both would safely cross as well.
When the day came Julius watched and helped everyone else celebrate the day. His heart had been light, the Spy assuming his own mother would be doted on by his sisters and it was alright that he was still at Well doing his job to support them. Chrys was up to his usual antics with Ira obviously, a
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 1 1
Mature content
Nightmare Ch- 2 :iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 0 0
Working in a place like Team Fortress was more trying then many often realized. It was war. No, this place was worse then a war. Worse then any battlefield out there. Some would argue that it wasn't that bad, that those working in Team Fortress had it good. They had a lot more benefits, after all. For one they couldn't die. You were fatally wounded, bled out, exploded, lost a limb or a few, anything that would mean a body bag and an upset family anywhere else was just a 'setback' for the Team Fortress employees thanks to the technology known only as 'respawn.' They were also paid for their services. Paid very well. Most everyone signed into the place was there for that reason. The pay. They needed to get out of debt or just thought it was easy money.
Those viewpoints were misguided. Wrong. Unacceptable. There was a long list of reasons that men who'd spent a majority of their better years in Team Fortress could give that the place was worse then any service in a 'real' war. For one the
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 1 2
Nightmare Ch-1
It was getting late into the evening. The large room was serene, the lighting low thanks to only about half of the candles being lit. A bit of moonlight showed in from the single window next to a large armoire. A few rays reflected off the deep auburn walls, bouncing around to show the large, double bed spread with dark green comforter, a single sofa of the same color and a nice wooden desk pushed into a corner. The desktop was littered with papers, a book open with a bottle of ink next to it. A small, feminine figure was seated at the desk, leaned over a set of papers and scribbling away furiously with a quill pen. This figure, what could almost be called a child sized-man, had been working with the stack of papers for the past hour or so.
Sap green eyes were tired, but focused as they scanned the pages, making sure the handwriting was legible as he went along and throwing out any pages that weren't. Trailing down his arched back was a long braid of jet-black hair, the tail end brushi
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 1 1
On a Valentines Day
In the outside world there'd never really been a lot of time spent on the holiday dedicated to 'love' for young Alaskan native. Sure he'd receive a lot of gifts from the town girls and his Dad and Pa would take Ma out for a nice dinner or some other romantic activity, but Justin had never really tried to celebrate in any way himself. In Well it was a little different. He didn't quite grasp the concept that giving someone a gift on the day could mean feelings of some kind, but it shouldn't have made much of a difference since he got everyone a gift of some kind. Mostly hand made too. Had to put all those birds to use somehow.
The Sniper had woven together several dream catchers for everyone's rooms. Some of them had personal touches, such as whittled designs or different colored yarns or net patterns. His mother was known for her small trinkets such as these and the blonde son had been the one to inherit the knack. Justin was just tying off the last bunch of feathers to the bottom of a
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 1 1
Miles was straining. His count was coming through grit teeth as he tried to get a better then excellent count. "Miles you're almost at two minutes!" On top of him sat another male, a thin, tall boy that looked to be about the same age. He was watching a stop watch, occasionally checking the shorter's stance to make sure it was still correct. Somehow, by the end of the two minutes, Miles managed to make it to one hundred. The blonde army brat was now lying flat on his stomach, arms spread to his side, resting. Next to him was the other boy, sitting cross-legged and looking quite pleased. "You're thirty above average for your age Miles."
"Not good enough Topher." Miles growled, shoving himself up into a cross-legged position as well. Large hands were planted on his knees, shoulders squared as he glared at the ground. The eighteen year old looked displeased, but really he always looked like that. The taller nineteen year old across fro
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 2 0
When in Alaska
Technically it was a day that guides weren't allowed on the river. Well, Justin's reasoning was that he wasn't guiding today and he was on a boat that wasn't registered as a guiding boat. He and Kenneth had launched the thing from the camp early that morning and started drifting the river, a pole in the water each, searching for those King salmon this river was known for. For the past few years it'd been hard fishing. There hadn't been as many being caught, or the runs would come late and just weren't biting.
Still, the King salmon run was a sight to see and one wondered how fish even got up that river. You could literally walk across boats like they were a walkway they were so close together. So many boats, so many people, so many hooks. This year was a bit slowed down thanks to the poor turn-outs of the previous years. Justin and his chipper attitude had still brought in business for their camp, just not quite enough to keep their three rentable cabins filled for the entire season. T
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 1 6
"Zwei…Zwei…vier…neun— Verdammt!"
Every time it looked like he'd finally figured out the combination for these locks they seemed to change. Julius wasn't sure if it was because Team Fortress really did try to protect its workers' information and used all that advanced tech to do it or if he was just that bad at cracking these. He couldn't damage anything, couldn't leave a scratch or the Spy knew it'd be his job, if not his life.
The office he'd snuck into wasn't all that grand looking, but it didn't need to be. It held multiple filing cabinets that were organized with records of the Well fort dating back to the first day and the first hired mercenary. Other then the cabinets there were a few simple desks holding box-monitors, a desk lamp and large hard drives slid underneath. There were no windows and only one industrial light on the ceiling.
Julius was working for the newest filings. The records on his own teammates. Even his own records. It was a severe breech in a
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Mature content
Family - Justin :iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 0 0
Missing Piece
Mail was probably one of the last things that gave Julius an ounce of escape from everything. His family was the one thing untainted, something that brought him the sliver of joy and happiness that kept him sane. He'd gotten another letter from his sisters today. As well as an unmarked package. It didn't say where it was from, but it was clearly addressed to him.
Oh well. He gathered up what was his and retreated back to his room. It was getting late, into the evening when people were probably beginning to turn in for the night. He'd do the same, after reading his letters. They always made him smile and brought up the fond memories of home. The Spy was finding them to be wonderful combatants against those still lingering with his scars.
He didn't start with the letter, however. Instead Julius placed that aside on his desk in favor of the strange package. It looked like an ordinary envelope, but it was thick and heavy. When he shook it lightly he couldn't tell if the contents were break
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 3 5
Mature content
Nine Games of Torture :iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 14 15
Mature content
Bloody Illusion :iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 7 11
Simple Things
Of all the places to get separated, of course it was this backwater country. Nick had known it was a bad idea to get even five feet away from each other, let alone let Coach and Rochelle scout on ahead for supplies while he took care of Ellis. That little mission had started, what, seven hours ago? The conman wouldn't know exactly, his expensive Rolax had stopped working long ago. All he really knew was that it was getting dark, Ellis was still hurt and they were still in a not-so-protected place in the middle of a god forsaken swamp.
"C'mon Fireball," Nick grunted as he grabbed Ellis' arm, trying to haul the boy to his feet, supporting most of the weight. The young mechanic gave a quiet groan; he'd been dozing off and the movement jarred him back to a conscious state. "Coach n' Ro back yet?"
Now Nick was an excellent liar. He'd made a living off of it. Logic told him that it was better to lie to the kid at that moment then the truth. Yet something else made it impossible for hi
:iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 9 5
Mature content
Elimination has Come - Ellis :iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 6 9
Mature content
Elimination has Come - Eden :iconlazy-adult:Lazy-Adult 4 14


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It'll get done...eventually
United States
Current Residence: Idaho
Favourite genre of music: Anything...except country
Operating System: Windows 7 and Mac OS X
MP3 player of choice: iTouch
Personal Quote: I'll get to it...eventually
First off GO CHECK OUT THIS PAGE iridescentdreamer.deviantart.c…

Next summer :iconiridescentdreamer: :iconguruguruboo: :iconlive12345: :iconchibilightsage: :iconbananatrooper: :iconkinghush: :iconbunny-hun: and myself are going to Anime Central.

Commissions being done by :iconiridescentdreamer: and :iconguruguruboo: are to help fund our trip. DROP SOME BUSINESS IN PLEASE



Lets see.... suppose I can start at the beginning.

So first thing this summer I traveled over to Wisconsin to visit and stay with my wonderful friend Steph. She had her own apartment and everything and it was rather enjoyable seeing her again. I think she missed me too. While there we also took a mini vacation of our own. I met GuruGuruboo and Live12345 for the first time in real life and all together we spent a few days in Wisconsin Dells. It was probably the most fun I've ever had there. We went to both water parks and I gotta say I enjoyed Noah's Ark a bit more. We also went to this place called Wizard's Quest, but didn't realize how ridiculously hard they made it when trying to find answers to all these questions and they gave you the same time limit as the easy difficulty. Still, it was a lot of fun (except for when I could see on the other side of this two way mirror and there was the bad guy of the game staring right back at me). We ate at a really good Italian place too. Alligator Alley was another stop and we fed the alligators and I got everyone to hold one and take a picture with it. She was really calm and adorable. We went to the Tommy Bartlett show, which was pretty cool. Water skiing as I've never seen it before. There was also digging for gemstones the last day, reminding me of my want to be a paleontologist, but fun all the same. I loved spending time with everyone and the trip was amazing and I really can't wait to go back again sometime.

So after Wisconsin I returned home for maybe a week before heading off to New Jersey to visit my dad for two weeks. I stayed in his apartment most of the time watching TV (Godzilla was on a lot so I saw that a few times). Weekends, when my dad didn't have to work, he would take me on the ferry over to New York and we'd hang out there all day. I saw a lot of Broadway shows. Cirque du Soleil: Zarkana, Addams Family, Spider Man, Avenue Q and Rock of Ages. All of them were wonderful except Spider Man. The fight scenes in Spider Man were cool when everything would fly out over the audience, but otherwise I wasn't interested in watching Peter whine about Mary Jane or watch them make out. Green Goblin was the best in that show, just saying. Zarkana I enjoyed. It was a steam punk vs. nature theme with the main male role searching for a woman. was too cool to describe, you have to see if for yourself. Addams Family too was wonderful. Mostly because I liked Uncle Fester though. He's always been my favorite character. I've also always wanted to see Avenue Q, my only concern was my dad's enjoyment of the show. Thankfully he thought it was hilarious so I don't regret making him take me to it. The last show we saw was Rock of Ages. It took some convincing on my dad's part and I'm glad he got me to go to it. Not only was it the 1000th showing of the show, but it was much much better then I expected. Mostly because I'd had low expectations for it, but oh well. I'm still glad to have been there. My dad and I also went to Sleepy Hollow and looked around at the graveyard. It's huge. We only managed to see maybe a 4th of it. The graves there were so old and all the crypts were amazing.

After New Jersey it was back to Idaho again. I was home for maybe four days before were were off to Alaska. Stayed the entire last week of June for King Salmon season. We caught lots of everything we fished for and brought home about 300lbs of fish even after shipping some out to my dad's coworkers. Periodically I'll probably be handing some of the salmon off to people and/or inviting friends over for dinner on fish nights. The trip itself was pretty good, my sister caught a few more fish then me this year, but I caught my biggest King Salmon yet. Male, 40lbs and 46.5 inches long. It was an amazing fight too. The whole reason I love fishing for King. For once we didn't get blown off entirely for halibut fishing too, but I don't enjoy that as much because you have to haul all that weight up from 280-300 feet below the surface. We saw a huge pod of Orca whales though, and tons of Silver Salmon that those whales were eating. We also had to tow in another halibut boat that was dead in the water, which was really nice to see the captains were so trusting and all that. They are the only people they have out there, after all, so it'd be pretty stupid to not help someone out when they need it. Next time it could be them, after all. While King Salmon fishing I met a new guide too, only got to go out with Rick once. Rick is still my favorite guide, but David and his dad were great too. I caught my fish with David's dad, Bob. Rubin was just as funny as usual too, and so were all the people staying at the cabins on either side of us. There was a girl around my age staying in one of the cabins that had just gotten back from Germany and she was into a lot of the stuff I was too, so it was fun talking to her. Added her on facebook and everything, and even though she wasn't all into the fishing and stuff she had fun and said she'd probably try to come back next year. I hope she does.

Alaska was left (it was hard getting on that plane, I hate leaving Alaska) and my family and I returned home for what you'd assume is a deserved break. For them, yes. For me? Not even close. A few days after I got home there was a convention that myself, :iconnikutsune:, :iconnami-tsuki: and :icondarkchibishadow: were all running a table at. The business name is ButtonMashing and we sold...well, lets just say we had to buy stock twice to make it through the con. If you'd like to purchase any buttons from us feel free to check out the etsy shop also.

ButtonMashing shop:…

Now that con is over I've just been hanging out with friend and family. Had a redneck wedding to go to, been seeing Niku, Nami, Jess and Mabs whenever I get the chance, but other then that it's just getting ready to go back to school now. Definitely a good summer, but already making plans for the next one.

I'm required to get a job this year, so hopefully I can get that as soon as possible. Regardless I'm going to Anime Central in April as was mentioned above. I'll have a Soldier cosplay complete by then, and hope also to be bringing along a Red Spy, but Ellis and maybe a Keith and/or Dave will be coming with me as well. Can't take a cosplay like Ulquiorra with me because he would break on the plane or if I tried to ship him and BananaTrooper and I are not driving all the way from Idaho to Chicago.

Another trip planed is one to see Valve corporation. BananaTrooper and I had the brilliant idea one day (or maybe it was late at night I don't remember) and will simply be driving ourselves out there since it's so close. Last year when I went to see Cirque it was apparently right next door and I never even knew (probably because I was too distracted by three days of Kooza though).

So yeah, lots of stuff has happened and plenty more is still on the way. Life sure is grand that way, planned or not.
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