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The Shadow Beneath the Leaf

By Lazra
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aka, Leaf Shadow
aka, Leafy
aka, My new Tabaxi Druid in my D&D game

I got bored with my original character, Argra Highrock, dwarf ranger. She had basically achieved her life's goal of having her own brewery, and she got a bonus tavern/inn to go with it. So she's happy as a lark, but I was kinda done with her.

Decided to go with Tabaxi ('cause why not). Her backstory is that she started training as a monk but for reasons didn't really cut it to be a protector of her tribe. So she left, sailed east, and hit the Sword Coast.....where she happened upon a druid and had her mind blown by the magic he could do (as there were no magics even remotely like this in her homeland), and begged him to teach her all he could. Her plan is to become a master druid and return to her tribe and teach them druid magic.

So far she is Level 1 Monk/Level 5 Druid (Circle of the Moon), made the kenku cleric uncomfortable by cleaning his feathers (and eating the bug she found), made the golden dragonborn uncomfortable by stroking his shiny, shiny scales, and made everyone uncomfortable by mentioning that her tribe eat their dead instead of burying them. (She still thinks it's waste of perfectly good meat to just bury people, but knows she is in very foreign territory and is trying to adjust to these odd new cultural differences.) The dragonborn tried to lecture her on personal space, but I don't think it's quite sunk in yet.

Also Tenser's Floating Disc is shiny and fun to sit on.
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Oh it's wonderful, hon!