Not enough

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Not Enough

by Lazra</P>

Not enough sales, so there's

Not enough hours to give out, so there's

Not enough money in the bank to pay my bills.

Not enough diplomas to even bother applying for that job.

Not enough experience to get to the interview on another.

Not enough paperwork to prove I could do well, so they don't bother.

Too much money to qualify for foodstamps.

Too many scams that look the same as the legitimate job listings.

Too few reasons to try harder.

I get panic attacks because I've run out of medication.

I get to worry if today is the day I can't pay my mortgage.

I get to feel hopeless and helpless as I sink further into debts and depression.

I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder,

But I don't wash my hands ten times an hour,

So I must be fine.

I have anxiety disorders,

But I don't run around in a screaming panic all day,

So I must be fine.

I have depression,

But I don't sit around crying or trying to slit my wrists,

So I must be fine.

I'm not fine.

I'm too much.

I'm not enough.

I'm stuck in between.

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