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Night Elf Mage

By Lazra
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Started playing World of Warcraft recently. I am so hooked on this thing. I've got a Human Paladin, a Night Elf Hunter, and a Draenei Mage. The Night Elf seems to be my main character, though none of them are past Lvl20.

So I felt like doing a Night Elf Mage styled image.


-Aiko3 + Azrea/Sylph skin (w/ custom tint)
-Verona Hair
-Crystal Mage (clothes and staff)
-Base Camp (base and dome)
-Studio Light Pro

-extra glow effect for the wand
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Very nice :). It reminds me of the figure prints you can get. My skills with 3-d are very very basic so I guess my figure print i bought will have to do for now :). How long do you think it took you to complete this?
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It's been too long to say accurately, but it was probably 1 or 2 hours from idea to finished. Most of the time would have been getting a pose that I liked for her, multi renders until I got a lighting I liked, and that wand-glow done in post.
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That's cool. I only have worked and played around in Blender. Nice piece :)