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FF7 Cid, Vin, Tseng and Elena

By Lazra
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Absolutely the last edit!

Hoooboy! So with ~animama's blessings, I can keep this up here as a collab piece. Woot!

For the heck of it all, I added a third page with Tseng and Elena dolls. (And in process of doing so, learned how to enlarge the playing field. DoubleWoot!)

- Click the furry one in the corner to switch pages.
- Click and drag pieces to dress dolls.
- If you have trouble, click Download and play there.

Cid, Vin, Tseng, Elena © SquareEnix
Recognizable Outfits © Lots of people I'm too lazy to look up. They know who they are.
Original Art © :iconanimama:
Flash © Me

Okay, I lied. One more edit...
Since lots of people have trouble getting to the Tseng/Elena page, I've uploaded them to their own deviation here [link] .
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© 2008 - 2021 Lazra
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Oh my goodness this is amazing!!  I was a bit freaked out for a moment because my laptop is a touch screen, so I went to scroll down and the things moved on the image :rofl: This is so neat, I love it! :dummy:
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This is just so cool.
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BUHAHAHAHAHA Cid is indiana jones XD
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I'm likin' the bat socks
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I'm totally gonna admit, I spent like, 15 minutes dicking around with this. IT made my day. XD Lol'd super hard, thanks for the awesome outfit choices. Ahahaahah.
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Glad you like! :D

*animama did the art. I just plunked it into flash.
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yay gunslinger vincent :p
I lulz elena's book choice
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Lol. I think I made Vincent look like some pirate from Pirates Of The Carribian (sp?) XDDD
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This is pretty cool.
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OMG, Do they work at Sonic????
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I think *animama made up different fast food places. I believe they work at McShinra's. (I know Sephiroth is a manager at Kalm Fried Chocobo. :XD:)

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where's cid? D:
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On the second page.
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I LOVE YOU!!!!! Final-ly, a Fantasy-tic Cid Dressup! WOOOOO! :drool: :+fav:
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Yay! You are awesome! :w00t:
I made a Native Vincent and Tarzan Cid!
I can't change to Elena and Tseng though...
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Well, ~animama did the art. I'm just a geek with flash. :D

Lots of people can't seem to get them, so here [link] .
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I couldn't either, then i pressed 'Download'. It works then. I love this game!
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How come it'tl only let me play Cid and Vin?
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Don't know. The thing is kinda screwy...for some people it works fine, for others they only get Cid & Vin. The only advice I have is to make sure your flash is uptodate, and use the download button in the left menu. It doesn't even let me play all three screens unless I hit download first.
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It wont let me download.
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[link] Here they are. :)
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