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Erestor the Whale

By Lazra
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I just realized that my female 3d doll not only has a preggers morph, but a male morph as well.



*ahem* ~MagicRat's universe contains an Erestor who is married to Glorfindel and currently pregnant with twins...

*listens to sound of Tolkien doing cartwheels in his grave*

Erestor (C) Tolkien
Art (C) Me
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© 2007 - 2020 Lazra
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you did all of this by yourself? like, not on the sims 2 or something?

if you did, wow, this is awesome. are you an animator? :0
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LazraHobbyist General Artist
I guess it depends on how you define "by myself"...

Did I create the doll/furniture/flooring from scratch? No. (Which also answers your last question, because if I could do stuff like this from scratch, I would love to be in animation. Sadly, I'm not.)

Did I use Sims2? No.

I used a program call Daz|Studio. [link] The program itself is free, but you have to buy the dolls and props and whatnot that go in it. (That said, there are freebies to be had. So if you're interested in the medium, I can toss you my list of links to freebie sites.)
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ArticTigerHobbyist General Artist
OMG send me links for freebies!.. Oh my only problem is that I have dial-up and own a 9 year old computer.. Crap you think it would take? :fear:s
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LazraHobbyist General Artist
You run a 3d program on a 9yo computer? :confused: Srsly? My 6yo computer would take a half-hour (minimum) to do a simple render, so I was forced to upgrade (and get that jumbo flat screen monitor to go with it. Forced, I say! :devilish: ) As for downloading, a small item is 10-20Mb, and a big one can go over 100Mb. Generally, anything with a texture will be larger because of the picture files. I'd have to say upgrade or make sure you've got plenty of time on your hands.

Good Luck! :wave:


Daz Productions [link] Free registery is required. It's a good idea to sign up for the basic newsletter (Daz Weekly) to give you a heads-up on new stuff. At least one free product per week. If you're willing to spend a little $$, join the Platinum Club. They give you a TON of stuff for free (on the assumption that you don't have squat, so it's a great starter package) and after that, you get some serious discounts and first chance (sometimes $free$ chance) at new products.

Content Paradise [link] The column on the left, look down for Free Stuff. The merch in there is either "it's always free", "it's free for our paid subscribers", or "it WAS free, but the sale is over now". Double check your cart before hitting the checkout button. (Note: If your cart total is $0.00, it won't bother asking for credit card info.) They have a discount club too, but I haven't joined it.

Renderosity [link] Read descriptions carefully, and be prepared to delete it from your runtime once you've seen the stuff in action. My opinion: most of this stuff is NOT made by pros. It's made by folks still getting their skills together. That said, I've still got lots of this stuff on my harddrive.

Runtime DNA [link] Same deal as Renderosity. My opinion: slightly better quality, though.
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ArticTigerHobbyist General Artist
I actually had one in here Poser 4.. but Phsh.. I really need to update to a new computer... I build my own computer.. I never bought a already built computer Blah!
Thanks for the links I saved them in my notes :D
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oh! well, that's still interesting, and thank you for the offer, but i'm a 2D kind of gal. XD

this is still interesting, a child-bearing elven male. what's the story behind that?
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LazraHobbyist General Artist
[link] That'll take you to ~MagicRat's fanfic archive for the details. Basically, she invented a race of hermaphrodatic elves, of which Erestor is partly decended. So far he's had two sons and is currently preggers with twins (who, in a previous life, were two of Glorfindel's old drinking buddies).

She's a terrific writer. I recommend going into the standalone tales if you want a taste of her style without getting sucked into a novel-length piece.
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