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Copic Sephy

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Sweet Jebus, where have you been all my life!?!

I'd seen a lot of stuff around DA made with copic/prisma markers, including stuff from a few of the people I watch. I figured "It's markers how hard/expensive could it be?" (And anyone who uses artists' markers is laughing at me now.)

So I went to the art supply store and found their Wall O' Markers. I picked Copics 'cause the store seemed to have more of a selection....WTF DO YOU MEAN $6 PER MARKER!?!?!?!

Yeppers ... $6/marker. Mutterings and grumblings, but I still grabbed a selection of the colors I knew I would be using for a Sephiroth pic. Ideally, I would have gotten one of each color (and maybe an extra of the black and the blender), but at that price I was picky. I still ended up with $200 worth of markers (and a double check of the store's return policy, just in case).

Then I hit DA to look for lineart to practice on, found the above images, printed, and colored.

I'M IN LOVE!!! Such prettiness...the depth...the richness...

Granted, I still need practice (esp. with hair, uck), but these are too cool! Now I have to save up to get more colors. Mweeee!


Linearts used:

Chibi-Sephy is by ~enary3 [link]

Playing-with-Hair Sephy is by ~Shastania (can't find original link :()

Emo-Sephy is by ~Ravmaster [link]

Yazoo and Loz are by ~Tobiassilverstreak [link] and [link]


Final Fantasy VII © SquareEnix
Linearts © their respective Artists
Coloring © Me
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