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myWeather (Updated on 01-15-2022)



myWeather is a project in development, and many things will be improved and added.
It started off based on other Rainmeter skins (see credits at the end of this post*).

- 31 languages
- stores up to 10 locations, and you can easily switch between them
- charts with self-adjusting scale to the maximum and minimum temperature values in the period
- position of the sun and moon (day and night)
- prediction of the next phases of the moon
- moon phases and ring of seasons images automatically adjust to the northern or southern hemisphere
- customizable background color and transparency

Yes, I am a fan of the Blade Runner movie and the book that inspired it (Do android dreams of electric sheep?).
And yes, I'm grateful for the countless people whose skins inspired me, and I'm also grateful that I'm inspiring others to use features of my skin.

I especially want to thank these people on the Rainmeter forum for helping me with many topics about Rainmeter and Lua scripts,
(in alphabetical order):
- balala
- death.crafter
- jsmorley
- SilverAzide

- Fixed API (thanks xxenium)

- Added a color picker to make it easier to choose colors for the background and border of the skin.
Let me know if you are experiencing any problems with the color picker.

- More English translations added

- File size reduced from 9MB to just 956Kb
- Added a layout to properly load skins positions
- Translated 99% of the text into English. That's right, I left 1% for next week. Thank you for the patience.
- Added more options in the settings screen (background and border colors, accent colors)  

Attention: for now the gears are in a separate skin, because they were consuming a lot of resources in the main skin. You will have to manually drag the gear skin and place it behind the moon image in the main skin. I am working to find a way to improve this process, thank you for your patience and understanding.

* The following skins were used as inspiration and/or had part of their code used and/or adjusted:
- AstroWeather (by xxenium),
- Lottaweather (by louisly)
- Simplicity Circles (by FlyingHyrax)
- Shadow Clock (by SugMadick
- Steampunk Orrery and Clock (by yereverluvinuncleber)
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Where's the download link?