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trick or treat

By lazeedog
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17K Views another meaning to trick or treat huh...

hey, just for fun, i would love to see what funny caption you all can come up with for this pic!
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Love it. Great idea and the little girl's face is great. He better be careful she doesn't get control of the whip.

Nice and clean.
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that reminds me of going with my ex last year... she got more candy than me cuz she wore a slutty costume... but since she was all candy makes u fat i got it anyways:P
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Haha. "Yer mom has the sweetest beeyoobs in town." Great pic, I love that he looks a little scared too...
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Caption: "I wish I were Two again"
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The facial expression of the kids is absolutely priceless.
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Currently featuring your work in my journal. Here is the link if you want to check it out - [link]
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Wonder Woman: There you go, Indy, some nice treats. Happy Halloween.

Indy: Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...huh? Oh, thank you.

Princess, thinking to herself: You better look at me like that, pal, when I get those, too.

Really nice work, very clever and cute.
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lmao! :XD: I'm loving this. I'm also enjoying how the girl is such a generic princess compared to the indiana jones costume and the star wars pillow sac. ;) Love WW and can totally see this happening. lol =D
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Little Girl-" Don't get any ideas "Indy"...she's old enough to belong in a museum!"
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Hi =)

Your work get featured here: [link]

Happy Halloween! :pumpkin:

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haha this is brilliant :]
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Where was her house when I was a kid?! Great drawing man.
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Personally I don't think a caption could do their expressions justice xD
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Ahhh, what a TREAT!!!! The candy is great too!
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Wonder Woman: "See you next Halloween!"
Boy: "Oh, you'll see me again before then."
Girl: ":iconangryplz:"
Boy: "I turn 8 next month, do you do parties?"
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Lovin' those two pair of pumpkins!! EXCELLENT Work!
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Eye candy won't send you to the dentist.
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I think she might be a little bit too generous :D Hilarious and very nicely done :clap:

I know you've been told many times before, but that girl's face :lmao: is priceless! All their faces are awesome ;)
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BTW, love the look on the boy's companion!
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Hows this: May you be a Happy Halloweener! Or maybe "have" instead of "be!" May I have permission to use this on my "all out of candy" sign this year?
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More like trick AND treat :D
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two boulders that indy is'nt running from lol
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