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April 30, 2011
Suggester says; I've seen a lot of similar photos, but this one stands out for me because of the elegant geometry of the suspension cables, and the fact that one of the bridge's support pillars remains visible in the distance, haunting and poignant.
Bridge_Study_2 by *LazeeBonez
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I finally captured this image after visiting the location several times previously.
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Firstly this is an absolutely stunning photograph that caught my attention right from the start
There is a quality to this photography that is magical, and the way the bridge fades slowly into what I assume is fog gives the appearance that it continues for ever, and in a way giving hope for the unknown. The darkness that the bridge stems from also gives an illusion of hope, from dark to light.

The composition is exceptionally well done, as the bridge fades to white there is a support beam that draws the eye towards it, centre in the photo give it weight which is especially needed with such a light photo.

My only suggestions is there is a slight horizontal line across the bottom of the support beam which draws my eye down, when I feel it should be drawn up.

Over all it is a beautiful, well composed piece that deserves more attention.