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Goblin Gal Pin-up Full Color

This is the final fully color image for the Character of the Week contest over at

Let me know what you think!
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GodsofWarAndRock's avatar
is that a ass or a rock shaped like a ass
angeleyez6sexy's avatar
I was wondering if it would be possible to use this image for an avatar for a online rp game.....I would of course add a link to your works and would be over the moon is you said yes! Thanks for your time and hopefully I'll hear from you soon :)
LazarusReturns's avatar
Yeah, for things like that I'm usually fine. It's when people make money off of my stuff that it bothers me. Some guy took this image and used it for a home made Magic card and was selling them for $80 each. That sort of thing bothers me. But for an Avatar, no problem. Especially with a link back.
angeleyez6sexy's avatar
You are awesome Thank you so much! And you have my word its just an avatar :) You have made me very happy!
LazarusReturns's avatar
Glad I could make you happy :)
TimGrady's avatar
she looks more like a orc, but still a great piece of art !
xarockolipsekittenx's avatar
u a ah um . . just awsomness cat begin to discribe but maybe sassy can -looks at decapitated head- no shrinking?
Valkaneer's avatar
Like the priestess orcs in my journal fan fic. :)

Jinkun2702's avatar
Mothereffing EPIC...oh god there are no words to describe the varying levels of awesome happening all at once
LazarusReturns's avatar
Thanks! Glad you like it. I loved drawing it.
thevampiredio's avatar
sexy goblin tiem nao?:D
hrfarrington's avatar
hehe, very sexy goblin! ^^
LazarusReturns's avatar
Thanks! Don't see too many of those out there... in fact, goblins probably think she's ugly because she's so hot...
hrfarrington's avatar
XD They probably do ^^
HammerGod's avatar
Is that blood, dirt, mud or shit?
LazarusReturns's avatar
Mud. She's wearing a mudkini.
HammerGod's avatar
In the shape of hands. How nice. c:
LazarusReturns's avatar
She made it herself.
HammerGod's avatar
DeadCobra's avatar
Nice very nice
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