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Virtuous Contract and Beastlord from Nier Automata by LayzeMichelle Virtuous Contract and Beastlord from Nier Automata by LayzeMichelle
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For those who do not know, I had to postpone my 2B photoshoot 3 times because of the rains and with the extra time that I won, I made the BeastLord in EIGHT DAYS!! It is 2.20cm tall, the whole week was crazy and I felt alot like the karate-kid boy with: wake ups take the sword, put the sword back and went to sleep, and again, and again! I went to sleep and wake up thinking about the sword and it was the first thing that I ran to do before eating! hahaha XD 
It's the biggest cosplay challenge in such a short time!

Well, now I feel that my shoot will be complete and I can't get enough of saying, I'M VERY EXCITED !! TT3TT
 The Virtuous is my "second" sword and I took a VERY HUGE step to the third one that was the Beastlord! hahahaha
But I can only feel pride every time I see this monster in the corner of my atelier!
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DerangedGod Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Great job! I prefer the Beastlord, that sword is so badass!:dummy with a sword: 
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October 8, 2017
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