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1st Version...

Mandelbulb3d v1.8.9
Here is the 2nd Version
Which one is better???
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i think i like this one better, because it has more of the children´s carousel/fairy tale feeling... :D
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:icontuxfellaplz:     Nice work!
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Thank you so much!!! :heart:
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great work, i would like to have such great parameters Oops! :blush:
LaxmiJayaraj's avatar
Thank you so's a combination of _PolyFolding + ABoxPlatinumB + Menger3 + MengerHyper :hug;
Scaldren's avatar
its really hard to choose, they almost look like this one is 'off' and the other is 'on'. if you get what im saying.
i like that the 2nd one looks almost like its glowing but i love the texture of this one so much more.
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Thank you so are right...but somehow I like the 2nd one, little more...!:D
I like this one better
LaxmiJayaraj's avatar
Thank you so much!:D
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Superb work ... I don't really know if is this one or the other ... The best ... I think it's wonderful ... Amazing structure 
LaxmiJayaraj's avatar
Thank you so much! :hug:
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Beautiful work, and a great design and composition! :clap:
Well done, Lux! :D
LaxmiJayaraj's avatar
THank you so much, Danny!:hug:
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You are most welcome! :D
quasihedron's avatar
As always, Lux! :D
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both got something special ...

1 st version i like more when i'm in "dark mode"
2 nd version is "easyer" more friendly - something for an sunny mode

i think it is one of the main probs - art is emotional ; fav's change when you change your emotion mod

so both are in their own way good
LaxmiJayaraj's avatar
You are depends on the emotion of the viewer...:D
Thank you so much! :heart:
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You're welcome
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very nice also especially the ducks type patterning but I perhaps prefer the golden version as an overall image :)
LaxmiJayaraj's avatar
Thanks, Tim...somehow, I also like the 2nd version more...:D
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:wave: :iconletter-lplz::iconeyeballplz::iconletter-xplz::iconblanksquareplz::iconhappyfellaavatar: :kiss: :iconshinyheartplz: :pointr::pointr::pointr: LoUX Good To Me :) :pointl::pointl::pointl:
THEY ARE THE SAME IMAGE BUT NOT THE SAME can't be compared to one another; IMO :)
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:aww: Thank you so much! :D
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