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Two Face Statue

I loved the Batman Animated series from the early 90s as a kid.  Really gotta thank those artists that worked on it.  Especially Bruce Timm.

This is my take on a statue concept of the one and only Two Face aka Harvey Dent.  He comes complete with phat money stacks, District Attorney base, Tommy Gun, and of course, the coin!
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Absolutely stunning!
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Good lord how are you real? You are waaay too talented!
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Heh. I can assure you I exist!  And thank you!
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Very impressive work!
As you seem to be a bit unsure about what he should hold in his hands, here is my suggestion:
I would switch the gun and the coin. Because then, his evil side would carry the gun and his conflicted original self would toss the coin, uncertain about which impulse to follow. I think that would be more consistent.
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Amazing work.
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Amazing. I like the re-design and the use of lighting it really helps show two face's personalty. 
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Thanks!  It was tons of fun to do :)
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You're very welcome :)
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That is just fantastic.  My favourite character perfectly modeled.  Great job, that is so impressive.
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He's my favorite Batman villain from that series for sure!  Thanks!
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I'd give you one, if I had one.  Maybe some day:)
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Ha, ha--thank you!  DC would be fools not to make this into a statue. :D
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Two-Face Amiibo confirmed :^)
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awe man, i wish! i wish!!!
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Thanks very much!
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Two face, has got lots of it. heh.
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Oh man I loved that show!
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Yes! it's the best!
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