Provocholine - Airway Hyperresponsiveness

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The diagnosis of asthma is difficult and even more so in children. In asthma, one of the disease's hallmarks is airway hyperresponsiveness, or also known as AHR, which correlates with the disease severity and is defined as increased sensitivity and reactivity to airways to numerous stimuli. Airway hyperresponsiveness is assessed by exposing patients to either direct stimuli, such as histamine and methacholine, or indirect stimuli such as exercise or bradykinin.

Provocholine is a diagnostic bronchoconstrictor for the diagnosis of bronchial airway hyperreactivity or hyperresponsiveness. The Provocholine challenge test is highly sensitive, and the results are extremely accurate, meaning if a negative test result rules out asthma with reasonable certainty. Provocholine is the only FDA-approved methacholine chloride for human use. It is subject to stringent regulations on drug purity, assuring you that each vial is labeled with product NDC and packaged in airtight vials to ensure potency and quality are not compromised. With Provocholine being a dose-response test, measurements are essential, which is why each 100 mg is precisely weighed to ensure the accuracy of the product in each vial. The spirometry measurements taken during the challenge tests are collected within five minutes of each concentration being delivered, providing immediate results, and helping quicker treatment for hyperresponsiveness in asthma. To learn more or learn how to order, visit

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