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Welcome to my garden. I am sitting on my bench at my table with Slinky by my side. How many mornings have started like this over the last few months? Poor Slinky has recently had an operation to remove most of her left ear as it developed a bad infection that wouldn't go away. Her ear still works but it has no outer part any more. They also shaved half of her head which gave her a slightly sinister appearance. It doesn't seem to have bothered her over much which is good. Tomorrow they will take the last of the stitches out. They are dissolvable but where they are is quite dry so they haven't gone away. It won't take long and that should be the last visit to the vets for a while. She doesn't mind the vets but she hates travelling in her box of doom. It stresses her every time and I wish it could be avoided.

I have made a start on painting the pigeon proof bird house. It is still pigeon proof and, also seems to be magpie proof now that the young ones have grown up enough that they can't fit in it anymore. All the little birds can manage very well. The robin is pretty tame and the blackbirds are getting to be quite comfortable with me being in the garden. They won't eat out of my hand but they will bath in the water dish on the table when I am sitting at it. They make quite a mess when they wash themselves.

I have been growing some sunflowers from seed. They are Russian Giants and the packet did say they could reach as high as twelve feet. I thought that was most unlikely but it seems to be true. I have staked them with bamboo supports and I have had to cable tie stakes together to make them high enough. Yesterday afternoon I had to climb a small step ladder to tie the top of the plant to the top of the stakes. They all look like they are going to flower soon which is good news as I don't think I could have extended the supports any higher.

I have added one new bed to the front garden since I last wrote. I think I have done all I am going to with my garden now though as I have started getting a little work in. It is still a little sporadic but I had one day this week, I have three days next week and I have three days the week after. That is more work than I have done in the last four months so I am grateful for some income at last. Also, in between the two three day work weeks I am going away to Northumberland. I am going there on Friday 14th and coming back Monday 17th so it only a short break but a break is a break right? The first time I will have been anywhere since last November so I'm looking forward to it. This was a planned break to meet with a good friend from dA and show him Lindisfarne and Bamburgh but, sadly, due to the current situation he can't travel to England for the trip. I have decided to go anyway and I hope it won't upset him if I take a couple of pictures to show him what he has missed. I'm sure we will be able to rearrange this trip for next year sometime. It will make it all the more special when it can happen. This does mean I am likely to be a bit quieter over the next couple of weeks but I will do what I can do.

My reading of Dickens has become something of a passion for me. I have now read Bleak House, Great Expectations, Oliver Twist and am near the end of David Copperfield. Next up is Old Curiosity Shop. I am absolutely loving them. It makes me wish for simpler times. Travelling by tall ships and having to take time to get anywhere by stagecoach or horse. It was not a time to be poor but no time ever has been and that includes today as much as any other time if not more.


I would like to share some of your art. I did mean to make this journal a little sooner so it wouldn't be quite so big as they have been recently but I find it is a month since my last feature and it will be as big as ever. If only you wouldn't all keep making so much fabulous art. I jest of course. It is always such a source of pleasure to log in and find my watch page full of new artworks and various journals to browse and status updates to read. Even though it feels like things have been a bit quieter I am spoilt for choice for wonderful pieces to include in this feature. I hate to miss anyone out so I apologise if I miss anyone this time. I do try to include as many people as I can. You all deserve to be featured and it is my very greatest pleasure to do so. It gives me more pleasure to do this than it does to post my own pictures. I see so much art that I think should be seen more and appreciated more and this is just my small way of showing how much I appreciate all that you do. As I say, this is just a small thing but it gives me huge pleasure. So here we go. Please sit down for a few minutes and take a walk through this collection of artworks created by your good selves. Enjoy them and forget about the rest of the world for a moment. Let yourself relax into this and soak up the magic that you have all been making. If you find something you particularly love please take a moment to let the artist know by dropping them a comment or, at least, a fave. Thank you so much for this. It really can brighten someone's day when they might need their day brightened. :hug:

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Autumn Song
Twilight in the Iittala Garden
July2020 3
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Tribute to Leonid Afremov
'Twas the Night Before Christmas
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I'll Always Rembember What We Knew
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Series: Ravens 21
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On the way to the Shkhara glacier 10
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Klimt Tears

My goodness that was a big feature. I can only apologise but I hope you have managed to spend the time to look through these incredible works of art. I honestly think this collection has some of the best art I have seen here. I have so enjoyed putting this together. I hope you have enjoyed it. Thank you for making all of this possible. My love to you all. :heart:

Be careful out there. Take care of yourselves and each other. Keep spreading the love. :hug:

Keep on making the magic that you make. I'll see you all soon.

Reading: To The Island Of Tides

Listening To: Mudlarking Audio Book

Watching: Cosmos

Playing: At Photography

Drinking: Coffee

Eating: Nectarine

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WhimsicalBlue's avatar
WhimsicalBlueHobbyist Digital Artist

BEautiful pictures. Amazing journal and a lovely feature!

Thank you so much for including my work here, Lawrence:heart: I feel honoured to be part of such great artists^^

Give me love to Slinky, hope she's feeling better now! I love your little paradise..keep sharing your greatness, my friend..:heart: :hug:

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Yuukon Writer

Thank you, as always, Lawrence. Your garden is looking great :D

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LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

You're very welcome Monique :)

Thank you :D

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g r e a t . j o u r n a l . Lawrence . =)

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you very much :D

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a l w a y s . =)

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Thank you so much Lawrence for including me in your feature, sorry for the delay in thanking you but I have been away to sunny Wales and Cornwall and have a lot to catch up on. Hope your cat is feeling better. we had to get special calming treats for my daughter's cat when she went back home as she gets car sick

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

I hope you enjoyed yourself Anne :)

I've tried calming things but they have never really helped much. I just try to keep the journeys short and infrequent :)

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Thank you :aww:

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

You're very welcome :)

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VasiDragosHobbyist General Artist

I am honored to be in such awesome company. Some truly great stuff in here.

Thank you very much!

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

You are very welcome dear Vasi :hug:

EdinaBaltas's avatar

Beautiful images! :clap:

Enjoy your short trip! I am sure it will be great! :)

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you Edina. I'm looking forward to it :)

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Szura69Hobbyist Traditional Artist

Thank you so much! ;)

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

My pleasure :)

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

You're very welcome :)

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ikazon Writer

I hope that Slinky is doing well, and that you are too. Lovely features! :la:

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you ikazon She is doing very well :)

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you ikazon

Slinky is doing very well now thank you :)

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Scooby777Hobbyist Photographer

First, thank you for including my lilies! 💜

As for Slinky, I hope she is healing well, poor dear. I totally know how she feels about her “box of Doom”, my boys act the same way when I place them in it.

Also. Word of caution with the sunflowers. They are prolific and will take over if not careful. 😃

I am glad you are getting away to Northumberland. Just be cautious and stay safe! I look forward to your new photos. 💜

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhotoHobbyist Photographer

Thank you Sheri

Slinky is doing fine now thank you

I will be collecting the seeds for the birds when they have flowered and that will be the end of them. Next year I may go for a smaller version :lol:

Where I'm going will be mainly quite remote so should be fine :)

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Scooby777Hobbyist Photographer

Well then! You have a great time, LJ! 😁

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vanndraHobbyist General Artist

Thanks so much for featuring my "Woman of the Forest" here with this beautiful collection :)

I do hope Slinky feels much better soon :heart: .

I once grew some sunflowers. There were some seeds in the chicken food :lol:. They grew beautifully but nothing like as tall as the ones that you describe! Pleased to hear that you are enjoying Dickens. It certainly is a different world. After reading your description above I am thinking of maybe reading some of them again. It is many many years since I read any of them.

Thanks again :)

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