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September is spider season here in the UK. Suddenly you can't walk anywhere in your garden without being wreathed in sticky webs. When I get in my car in the morning it is dark. It is early. I park near a wall and each night those spiders spin their webs between the wall and my driver's door. Every morning I walk through this curtain of webs and sit picking it off my face and hair before I can drive off to work. They also always spin their webs between the wing mirror and the car and these webs are particularly strong. I get a long way before they have been blown away. I have to say that a spider's web is something quite beautiful and magical. I know that those are not the primary reasons for spinning these webs but it is quite a wonderful side product. They look so delicate and fine when they are hanging wet with dew in the morning. It is easy to forget that they are traps for insects.

I have a path to my greenhouse between one of my wild flower beds and the bed I have my Budlijas in. This is spider alley. Between every plant and across the path they weave their silken strands and it is best avoided. They must hate it when I forget and just walk through it. My greenhouse door is also left open at this time of year and they seem to see that as a challenge and try to fill it in. How hard they must work to do all this. We've all got to eat though and that is their way of shopping for food. I know many of you will not enjoy the proximity of spiders in your lives but you have to admit they are very skilful at web making.

A fear of spiders is one of the most common phobias and I guess I can get that. All those legs scurrying about and the speed they can move must be very alarming to those who don't like them. I find them absolutely fascinating. But then I don't live in Australia or any of the other places where they can be a bit less benign than they are here. Our spiders are not very threatening. There are few sights in my garden to beat a perfect web encrusted with dew drops as the sun comes over the fence and lights them up. Nature is always wonderful.

I should really apologise just a little for being here less than I have been but my work has gone rather extreme. The last three weeks I have been working every day but never mind, after next week I am away for few days back up to Northumberland. Although I would like to a little less busy, when you are self employed you have to be happy you have lots of work especially after the last few months we have all endured. So I am trying to make the best of the little time I have had and have managed to keep up with your posts but I am, as usual, way behind in replying to your comments. I do want you to know that I really love getting your comments though and I would hate for you to stop writing just because I have not had time to respond to them. I think comments is a really useful feature and I really appreciate all the comments I do get. I just thought it would be a better use of my short time to comment on your pictures and I will reply to your comments whenever I can on a fairly random basis so you may hear from me on a comment you wrote a year ago :lol:

Speaking of your pictures it is now time for me to share this month's selection of your works. These are mainly from the last four or five weeks. It is so good to see you all out there making pictures and writing. It keeps me going at the end of those long work days. As you've all been very busy being creative this will probably end up being another big feature but I hate to leave people out. Anyway, enough of my rambling, let's get down to the art. If you have a moment please leave a comment to the artists if they have made something you really like. Or a fave. Just let them know you like their work if you can. OK. Here we go.

spider's web
Halloween Spider Web Stock
A Dewy Morning
Tangled Up With Me
spider web
Web Wizard
Web droplets
a web
Worldwide Web
Dear Heather
Colour web master
A fairytale about light
Spider web
web (3)
Web 2
mornings breath
Warm inside
For the Angel babies
IMG 4614 -1 watermark
Blue evening
Make time to talk
Hay Bale
Field of Gold
I Need Somebody And Always
Have You Got The Time To Talk
Moment De Tendresse
Drive Home
Dream Catcher
Within Earshot
What's the best way to get down there?
We Let Out At Dawn
Columbia Icefield (2)
Coastal view and iron age hill fort
Faroe Islands #2
Play me a song..
Ghosts of You
No Space Left Within
Down The Shipyard
Flora VII
Morning road
Lonely trees
Snow 2
Hello Autumn!
Autumn forest
Love has gone left
There's always a place in a memory
Happy Birthday To All My Friends Born In September
English Bluebells
Morpeth ,England .
Foggy morning walk
From a view point 6
A Rocky Coastline
On The Late Side Of Things Again
To Be Back To The Point Where Everything Starts
Had The Experience But Missed the Meaning
Spanish hand
Green mood
petite ombre
The Valley
Painted lady
Another Leaf Macro
Ancestres' land anno 1550 (II)
Woman Red Hair
3 Cats
Nothing is lost and nothing is gone...
Faroe Islands #1
A coastal inlet
Whatcha doing
Butterfly Haze
the fleeting kiss of summer - wallpaper
What this picture doesn't tell you
A storm brewing
Sea air
Day 4 - A Different Winter
Carabosse Forest II
Rhapsody of Colours
Yellow Hibiscus
For A Moment Then Gone
suddenly I found a way
Epilobium angustifolium + Tanacetum vulgare
Under The Weather
Eau De Pluie
Sag Fam 03
Second Tutorial
Sunflowers in Charente
Giewont Mountain
Eye of the Sea
Is That The Best That I Can Do
green landscape
Fragile nature
Floral pop
Dolmenwood Monster Book cover art (commission)
Fallow Deer
Always Hold Out Hope For More Cowbell
Concept Art - Fantasy Buildings
Castillo de La Calahorra

My sincere thanks to everyone who has got this far and enjoyed all this amazing art. I truly hope you found something that made you stop and look. You are all such amazing artists and many of you are relatively undiscovered so I hope everyone can get something positive out of this journal/feature. I love that I can come here every single day and find something new to love. Thank you all for that.

Time to go now. Keep spreading the love. Take care of yourselves and each other. Love your loved ones. Take nothing for granted and enjoy each day. My love to you all :heart:

Reading: Mortimer And Whitehouse Gone Fishing.

Watching: Scotland's Wild Year

Listening To: The Stranglers

Drinking: Coffee

Eating: Sweet Chilli Chicken with Yakisoba Noodles

Playing: At Photography

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WhimsicalBlue's avatar

As always, wonderful journal with beautiful works! Thanks dear Lawrence for including mine, in this lovely feature!:hug: :heart:

ansdesign's avatar

Beautiful pieces of art, a great story and wonderful music. I enjoyed everything, my friend. :hug:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

I'm answering now, cause I needed more time to visit all the galleries in which I got interested.

Very good selection as always, I also liked your text about spiderwebs.

Here in Poland in more rural areas some smaller spiders are weaving threads to be taken by the wind.

That's why we have a term "babie lato" which could be translated "women's summer" - for the end of summer and beginning of the autumn (woman's because in the past spinning and weaving were mostly women's job), but also for this phenomenon - spider threads floating in the air.

Once more time I thank you for the feature!

Have a good week my friend!

Hydrangeas in a Copper Pot

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

Thank you Beata

I love your story about spinning and women's summer :)

Take care dear Beata :huggle:

BeatryczeNowicka's avatar

I'm glad that you enjoyed.

Remembering that you asked about "animal idioms/proverbs" in our languages, I thought that you could consider it interesting :)

Autumn Leaf icon.4

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

Yes I am always interested Beata :D

edinabaltas's avatar

Gorgeous feature Lawrence!

Yeah, spiders and their webs also fascinate me . They look super cool I like to watch them. I always find something interesting and try to avoid destroying these masterpieces but does not always succeed. (:

Hope you have a nice time wherever you are!

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

Thank you Edina :)

I try not to walk through the webs too but sometimes it happens :lol:

Take care :)

only1second's avatar

thanks a lot lot lot again for the feature - I love the spiderweb-collection so much :heart:

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

My pleasure

I'm glad you enjoyed it :D

StonyStoneIsStoned2's avatar
LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

My pleasure as always :hug:

Alena-48's avatar

Thank you,dear Lawrence!:heart:

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar
JACAC's avatar
Mouselemur's avatar

Spiderwebs really are an amazing thing in nature, and you have found such pretty ones here to feature too :heart:

I recognize them spinning a web between the side mirror and the car - they do it with my car too :aww:They fair pretty well, too on a drive. One has lasted a full mid-week vacation once :)

I'm not particularly fond of spiders myself (nor is M for that matter) but we've grown to love small ones the last few years. Jumping spiders most of all. It's the big hairy wolf spiders that do creep me out when they just wander out into the open in our home :O

Glad to hear you've got plenty of work! It's tricky for sure, I'm happy customers find you a lot these days. Enjoy Northumberland! As always, looking forward to hear about your adventures and seeing the photos :hug:

Take care of yourself amid the busy-ness :heart:

And of course, thank you for putting together this amazing feature and choosing some of ours to include :huggle:It means a lot!

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

My pleasure ladies :hug::hug:

Spiders are quite amazing :D

videodude1961's avatar

Another thought provoking journal. Not a fan of spiders, indoors or out, but they have their place. And yes, webs can be beautiful at times, annoying at others. A wonderful selection of work you've found! Wish I was getting away. Was planning to get away for October, but sadly the Covid numbers are going the wrong way. Is it really that difficult to get vaccinated and wear a mask? Will find more webcams to visit and a few day trips to take. Stay safe and healthy my friend!

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

Hope you're doing ok Rich

I think most people share your view on spiders :nod: :)

Cinnamoncandy's avatar

Spiders are far from my favorite thing in this world, but I do have to admit that they are fascinating. Thank you so much for including me in your beautiful feature, Lawrence. :heart:

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

That's a fair opinion to have of spiders I think :D


glumthegrim's avatar

Thanks Lawrence!

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