A winter at home.

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People often ask me what my favourite season is. The one thing I am sure of is that it is not Summer. I do love Spring and I have a lot of time for Autumn but Winter does have many aspects to it that appeal to me. It has the added bonus of extremes of ways to experience it. Out in the mountains and snow battling the icy wind or snug in front of a fire indoors with a warming drink.

Edith Sitwell said "Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home".

There is a lot to be said for that and I am happy to wrap myself in those warm thoughts. But.....I think that is what I see as my reward for being out in the cold all day gazing in wonder at the beauty that winter bestows on us. Mountains never look better than when they are dressed in their finest winter finery. To me trees also look at their best in winter. Bereft of foliage deciduous trees stand there with their skeletal forms accentuated by the snow tracing their very arms and fingers and shining brightly against a dark, brooding sky. The coniferous trees hang heavy with snow drooping towards the frozen earth. Water in ponds, lochs or streams frozen in it's last moment of ripple or wave. Such beauty is to be found in the cold that cannot be found at any other time of year.

"There was a frosty rime upon the trees, which, in the faint light of the clouded moon, hung upon the smaller branches like garlands. Withered leaves crackled and snapped beneath his feet, as he crept softly on towards the house. The desolation of a winter night sat brooding on the earth, and in the sky." Dickens

I find a kind of quiet comfort and peace in desolate places and winter is the best time to find these places. It is life stripped bare. There is no distraction from blooms and foliage. In a way winter is honest. It is harsh and it is direct.

When you set foot outside on a snowy winter morning where no-one has yet trod, you feel special. It is like you are claiming this day and this place for yourself.

Of course, this year winter is different. I do not have the option to do the wild things. Snow in the south east of England is not likely to be heavy and I do not live in a pretty part of the UK. Travelling is not allowed and here I am. So indoors is where most of my winter will be spent. I will have to take the advice of Edith Sitwell and accept that, this year, it is the time for home. And you know what? Given how things have been for the past few months, I'm ok with that. It means I will appreciate my next adventures even more.

Now let us have a look at what you have been up to in the last month or so. I have been collecting your art like mad so you must have been busy. What would I be doing if I didn't have art and books to keep me going? I have no idea but I wouldn't be very happy. In no particular order for most of this feature there will be a selection of various examples of your work with a winter tree section to start. Thank you for giving me so much to choose from as you always do. I try to include as many of you as I can and will also try to let you all know as notifications from dA just don't do it most of the time.

If you have a fire sit down by it and enjoy this feature. If you don't then sit in your comfortable place and relax with some art. Please leave a comment or a fave if you particularly like a piece. Let the artist know. I thank you for this very much. :)

So Soft Your Goodbye
winter sketch
Snow Forest
Winter memories, update
Black Snow
Winter Trees
The first one
The will of Winter
Bare Trees
Trees in winter
Snowland III
Under the North Star
The Two Paths
White wilderness
Still Got The Blues
Relic Of Autumn
as above so below
the old mill
Saw Mill
Yellow River
Victorian Era
Best Friends
Beyond All Hope
Canadian Rockies
A Marble. Between Us.
Blue mountains at dusk
We All Came To Keep The Dark Away
Pisoaia waterfall
Copper magic
The lonely tree Watercolor
Ask the Snow
Peregrine Falcon painting
Dwarf Hibiscus
Wake Up !!
Strictly for the birds
I'm Laughing At The Weather
Sepia Smoke....
Elemental Embrace
Misty Day 2
Mountain landscape
Nights Watch
Weekend evening
View from the Eisenberg
when nothing is left to say
A Day When You Love Winter
winter fog
Superstition Mountain Magic II
Eternal Conflict.
Remember a Day
Windshaped Land
and a nymph appeared...
Run Hill Lake and Ridge Head
Evening in Tikkurila
Wheat field
A waterway to the sea
Crossing Borders Of My Secret Life
The fields in white
Morning Warmth
Monde violet
Hello friends!
All is Calm
Jan 1 2021
Let It Be
Edge of the Moor
Little Cottage
Winter is coming
Storm Brewing
La vallee heureuse
Winterscape II
a bit of Rivendell...
Daily study #70
Listen to me Mortals!!
Happy new year!
Invisible to You
Peaceful Stream in Spring
Blue Day
Purple Moon
Covid Sketch ~ How the Vaccine Will Work
Happy Birthday To All My Friends Born In January
Winter on Loch Leven
Harvest Time Has Come
Culture contains all
Cant you hear me knocking ?
Silence is the most powerful scream
Next Door To Somewhere
Tulkoon Joulu
With Hope for 2021
Segla, Senja
I've Had Enough, I'm Not Giving Up
Path into light. I wish us all better New Year!
glowing sky
Winter solstice (The turning point)
My acolyte, Sidney

tales from the depths of the forest...
Chaotically Ordered
Lisbon 199
Walking into light
A Walk In The Foggy Forest
Seina Reservoir1

20201225 Snow Field A4

Thank you for your time if you have managed to look through this large collection. I hope you are all safe indoors and warm and dry and well fed. Enjoy your winter however you can and however you like to. This time next year I hope things will be something more like normal. We can only wait and see. Until then please look after yourselves and each other. Take care of your loved ones and make the most of every day. Spread the love and keep on creating art like only you can. And lastly thank you all for all that you bring to this complicated and trying world. :heart: Much love to you all :heart:

Reading: My Last Supper. One Meal, A Lifetime In The Making : by Jay Rayner

Watching: Incredible Journeys ; Simon Reeve

Listening to: Lord Of The Rings Audio Book Unabridged

Drinking: Orange and Mango Squash

Eating: Broccoli and Stilton soup

Playing at: Life

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A collection of gems...honored to be among them. Thank you, Lawrence :ahoy:

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Beautiful post - thank you for featuring my work

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Thank you for the feature! :)

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Beautiful showcase! Thanks a lot Lawrence, for featuring my work in this wonderful wintry journal..much appreciated!:heart:

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LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

So much beautiful stuff to check out~!

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I'm glad you think so :D

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Finally I had enough time to see all the galleries featured art "led me" :)

I enjoyed your feature a lot!

F2U | Flower Branch Divider - Right

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Thank you Beata

I'm so glad you enjoyed it :huggle:

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Thanks for featuring my non-wintery pieces. The on from the cliff (?) is taken on early spring, and the abandoned mill was taken on summertime - although I wanted to edit it to look like it could be any season, and from any part of the world (did it work?). I find wintertime uninspiring photography wise... I don't know why. I enjoy walks in the nature and the sight of glittery snow (if we are lucky enough to have some), but I'm unable to convert it to an interesting photograph.

I'm starting to feel ike your journals are starting to bring a rythmn to this rythmnless life. It's very much apperciated. All the best.

LawrenceCornellPhoto's avatar

My pleasure

I love to feature your work. It is so good.

I'm not very strict with the themes of my features :lol: Only the first bunch of pictures are strictly themed. After that anything goes :)

I'll try to keep in rhythm for you

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oh my ...this journal has so much amazing art and love being part of it sir lawerence......I will come back and read it.....much love

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You're very welcome Edie :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

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Dearly thanks for including my work ‘as above so below’ in your wonderful huge collections of -A winter at home- surely a journal and anecdotes w/ some of your unforgettable travels’ experiences.
Indeed, winter gives comforted warmth in my heart for some reasons. though missing too those spring flowery breezes of ones gardens, that wonderful mystical colourful autumn and the growling summer thunder accompanied w/ raindrops on the roof of my room as same warm and protected feeling in winter.
Friendly thanks🕊
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You're very welcome :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it :hug:

All seasons bring something different

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thank you very much!

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Thank you for the feature amongst such beauties.As

I got lost in the beauty of your words (dA is malfunctioning as I type my message). 💚

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