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No sooner have I settled back in at home than I am off again. One week to go till I head North to Northumberland for a few days. It is the least populated county in England and the most Northerly. Blessed with a beautiful coastline with majestic castles and soft rolling hills inland I do love Northumberland. It is not as spectacular as say Iceland or Skye but it has it's own more gentle beauty and you can get away from people here. I am looking forward to it. I have been here many times but never in June so it will be very different with longer days. I will be visiting Lindisfarne which is an island with tidal access. The tide times work out pretty well so I can get on the island in the morning then I will be trapped there by the tide until the evening. The best bit about this is that it means most other visitors will be off the island by lunch time which leaves it all to me :) It's extra special there if you be there when it is quiet. You can walk around most of the coast. Through the hilly dunes out to a pristine beach then along to some rocky coves and a spit of rocks that sticks out into the sea where there may be seals basking. Along the top you turn back at a beacon and return to the village by the back of the castle and round the bay back to the priory. It's a beautiful walk and I wish I could be there more often. I'm pretty sure I will also take a boat trip out to the Farne islands where there will be puffins at this time of year. I'll have to see how the weather is as it is not looking too great for that kind of thing at the moment. Plenty of time for the weather to change though. 
I was watching some of the D-Day programmes on TV and they played a hymn which brought back a vivid memory from my early years. It was The Lord Is My Shepherd and I was surprised that I knew the words. This is because I am not a particularly religious person though I do try to live a good life. I suddenly found myself in grey shorts sitting on the wooden floor of the assembly hall in my primary school. I was about 5 or 6 years old. All the children of the school were sat in rows cross legged as a teacher played a 'plinky plonk' piano over to one side. From the ceiling, hanging from a rope and pulley arrangement was a massive hymn book. It was kind of like an enormous flip chart. They would choose a hymn for the morning and turn the big heavy pages until that hymn was showing. They would then raise the book into the air. A chosen child would stand there with a long wooden pointer and point to the words as the music played and we sang the hymn. I don't remember especially enjoying it at the time but it was a happy memory to find popping into my head. It's funny what is in there and what will bring it out. Things you thought you'd forgotten all about only need the right prompt to bring them to the front again. Although this is not always welcome sometimes it is a real treat. 
On another subject I now have a date for my operation which is July 11th. I will be out of action for a couple of weeks then which may well give me time to catch up here so it's not all bad :D:D:D I will be glad when it has been done and I am back to full fitness. It will also give me time to get ready for my trip to Germany in September when I will be doing quite a lot of walking. The Germany trip is a little like my Italy holiday a couple of years ago in that it is not specifically a photography trip. It is a historical tour but I will have my camera with me. (Of course I will).
I can't believe it is nearly nine months since I got back from Iceland and I still haven't finished editing my pictures from there. It was such a good week there. I can't wait till I go back next year. 
Well now comes the feature. I am happy to say you have all been very busy and in this selection there are more than a few images that made me stop and stare as the pictures were so beautiful or somehow really grabbed me. I love it when that happens. It is often not a big spectacular picture either. Often it is a softer, quieter image that makes me stop. It has some kind of harmony or peace about it that immediately touches my soul. It always reminds me that art is about many things and not always about the big picture. There is more than enough room for the little picture too. I will try to remember that when I am out and about. So it is with enormous pleasure that I share the following works and I hope you also find something that touches you. If that should happen please let the artist know with a comment or a fave if you can. I'm sure they will be delighted to hear from you. 

Retro_Tea by TeaPhotography   For You... by Tigles1Artistry   The Lighthouse by Nikki-vdp   Encounter. by jennystokes  

At Tipsoo Lake June 2019 by videodude1961   Peek a boo by gigi50   Bouquet Of Ballet ... by ansdesign   Cat by ArtistHanna   countryside by lovemyscars 

Wat Benchamabophit Dusitvanaram by foureyes   Dahlia Purple CU by Zoomer1958   Pale Remembrance by LidiaRossana   Green Swirl by PaigeMillsArt  

Caso, Automatismo e Liberta' by SenhArt   Poison Ivy vs Gotham by MEP4Photography   Daisy Days by Jorgipie   Misty Mountain by MarvinDiehl   Nebelgebirge by MarvinDiehl 

Blue dancers by bohomaz13     Just Luck by Adoratia     That Which Fills My Heart by TeaPhotography    Small yellow rose by AnnaZLove    Cliffside by Nikki-vdp 

Magic by Melusine8   From heaven, with love by Omoidenoki   aquilegia by Ingelore   m i s t by VDragosPhotography 

Es war erst kurz nach neun... by Woman-of-DarkDesires    Layers of Colours by Inianna    RSCN2474 edited-1 by Jules49442    Happy Birthday Doris by 1001G   Buhnen 02 by RoodyN     Will You Still Love Me by Mouselemur 

One In A Crowd by Trippy4U   Checked Off The Bucket List by yadiyada2    eggHDR2276 by The-Egg 

The Lost Temple by yferdianto     Herbalist by AlexanderKorolev     Olathia - Snakecharmer (Cover Art) by Rowye     Walk on air by dashakern 

At Josip's House by EvaPolly   Pest House by Metal-Bender   NectariferousFlower by IgnisFatuusII   Gentle by MaresaSinclair  Sunshine Carnival by Adoratia 
Wild Roses by happytimer   Past Life by Yuukon   187 - Wild flowers by CarlaSophia    Wild at heart by anasofiajc    Embay by eegariM 

Matera Art by SenhArt   We Only Come Out At Night by Mouselemur   Chilliwack Lake in May by dashakern   Blue Heron. by Sparkle-Photography   Fallen Leaves by TriciaS 
Blue and Gold by Dee-T    Otira II by RawPoetry    Project: # Inspirata_Vikings (5) by rainris 

My Dreams Are Left To Live Through You by AdaEtahCinatas   One green bottle  by SilverMixx   Vulnerable by MaaykeKlaver   sunkissed... by EdinaBaltas   Bumblebee by xOronar 

Alone in the dark by xOronar   Fresh by MaresaSinclair   The eternal traveller by rollarius55   Withered Roses 20190526  018 by ScorpioEight 

At the Seashore Happy Birthday Jeff! by LindArtz   Saturday Night by raysheaf   Gorilla I In B/W by PaigeMillsArt   . by invisigoth88 

I Wonder Where You Are Tonight by Mouselemur    Ready for the show by ratinrage    Moon and Bonfire by Adoratia    On the edge at Twistleton Scar - Yorkshire Dales. by GaryTaffinder    The Sunrise That Never Happened by yadiyada2 

Plate Runoff by eegariM     The Blues by Arte-de-Junqueiro     Llanberis , Snowdonia , Wales by hydragon55     Path by Chobek 

Winter by stefanzhuty   OOOH NOOOEEES by Nikki-vdp    selfportrait by MWeiss-Art    Patreon Reward: Lightwhisprr practicing magic by Belvane    Reader to Rider by dinabelenko 

The Knight by dinabelenko   Warm evening by VDragosPhotography    Hayracks by EvaPolly   federvoll by Erdbeersternchen 

in between old thoughts and new beginnings by Rona-Keller   Canyonlands USA by yadiyada2    from wandering the meadow ... by mirandaarts   butterfly... by mirandaarts   Never Come Down by Trippy4U 

Hurricane Ridge by eegariM   Lullaby by CarlaSophia 

The Deceitful Darkness by WhimsicalBlue    Between by Woman-of-DarkDesires     gallery in the museum. by 4ajka     Feel the night by bohomaz13 

Puppy by richardcgreen    The Wild Hunt by ashpwright    Cross Symphonic - Chrono Cross World by Rowye 

Doll zoe 2 by DDimitri16     One day my prince will come by ratinrage     Sombre Blues by Lora-Vysotskaya     Feet Dusted with Pollen From A Million Flowers by 33M 

Once again I thank you for getting this far. I hope you have found something to love from this selection. If I have learned one thing recently it is to take more time when looking at art. Every piece has been made by a person and they have made it because they were compelled to. Many pictures have subtleties that require attention. I love it when I see something that I might have missed had I been going too fast. Of course the same thing can apply when I am out there with my camera. Luckily I am a very patient sort of person and years of waiting for 'good light' have honed this. 
My thanks to all of you for making everything that you make. By putting a piece into the world and letting it go you have added to the sum of all things and the world is a better place for it. My love to you all. :hug:
Spread the love and keep creating your magic. I'll see you soon. :heart:

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Hello everybody. Here I am back at home after my Scottish adventure. How wonderful it was to get away and find myself in the mountains again. It has been six months since I have been in the arms of nature. It was a long six months I can tell you. You only really know how much you needed the break when you arrive and you take a deep breath and open your eyes. It was a week of almost unrelenting sunshine which may not have been my first choice but you take the weather you are given. Funnily enough it was the same when I was there last May. What are the chances of having two weeks like this in Scotland? I'm certain the Scots were delighted to have such a week to enjoy so I won't complain. 
I visited my favourite boat twice in the week. The first time I walked from Fort William around the shoreline. This took a little longer than I thought and I arrived in late morning with a very high sun beating down. I still took a few pictures though. I came back on the Tuesday evening on my way back from Mallaig. She is still beautiful. 
Ben Nevis was clear of cloud every day of the week which is unheard of. I spent time in the mountains, found some lochs to explore, visited a castle, walked on white, sandy beaches, climbed hills, ate excellent food and basically had a great time. My busy brain has been reset and my nature hunger has been fed. (For the moment ..... ;)
I went to Mallaig which is a working port. I like it there. It is so good to find a place like that bustling with activity. Fishermen, locals, tourists. It is a busy little town and I had the most excellent fish in the Cornerstone Restaurant. Many coastal towns are struggling in the UK but this is always buzzing with life. The big ferries to Skye and other islands go from here and the famous Jacobite steam train from Fort William terminates here. The fishermen weave in and out of the harbour and locals buzz around in their own boats. I envy them their way of life and I'm sure I will one day move either to Scotland or the North of England (Northumberland) for the soul purpose of improving my quality of life in general. At the moment I live near London and go to these places to re-charge myself. How amazing it must be to live in such places. I would be outside all the time. I'd never want to be at home.
Now I am back I have been trying to get some sleep but I am finding it hard to come by. I wish I was still in Scotland. I have been doing some catching up though. I have sat down and caught up with all your new pictures and enjoyed every minute of that. I have to say that I am still way behind with answering your comments on my pictures though. I want you all to know that I do love getting your comments. I would hate any of you to think I don't read them if you haven't had a reply. I think there are about 90 pictures I am working through responding to. I will be mixing them up between recent ones and ones that may be six months old. So keep your eyes peeled as I will be randomly replying to pictures as I go along. I also want to say that, as one of you pointed out, I have over 5,000 watchers now which is frankly amazing. I never thought my stuff would ever come to anything and I mainly joined dA to see other people's work. I appreciate every single one of you. I will try to keep up better than I have been doing of late and show how much I love you and love being here. Speaking of which I would now like to share your work. That is the main reason I am here and you never cease to amaze and inspire me. There is a thing about artists that is more beautiful than I can say and that is that they are driven to do what they do. Driven from inside. What you create and share is a part of you. It is not just something you have made, it is part of what is inside you. Part of what makes you who you are. What you are. Take a seat and have a look though these pieces I would love to share with you. Please let the artist know if their work has touched or affected you in some way. I'm sure they would love to hear from you and you could find a new friend in the process. 

The Unpredictable by Nikki-vdp   Wrong Turns by Mouselemur   Locating Silence by Metal-Bender   poppy... by mirandaarts   flowers by 4ajka 

In the Mountains May 2019 by videodude1961   The moment after... by zemotion   Mental torments by AlexandrinaAna   Not one more step... by MEP4Photography 

Tief im Dickicht by Isagrafie    hidden pink by lovemyscars     He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not... by Lora-Vysotskaya    Purple and Cream by Jorgipie    The Fairy Bridge in Glen Creran by MaresaSinclair 

Montauk Point Lighthouse by WickedOwl514     Happy Birthday Penny! by BlueIvyViolet     Tuk Tuk dreams by foureyes      DiagnosisI lost my energy to move
and I didn’t notice it leave;
it slipped away gently
like a beautiful silk scarf
whisked away by the wind.
     Rose Up Close by ScorpioEight 

Suspendu au ciel by Annabelle-Chabert   Lisbon 186 by JACAC   ANATOMY OF PAIN I by MWeiss-Art   Giethoorn by LotharZhou   old folks... by EdinaBaltas 

Sweet May by Pajunen   Watch the Birdie by richardcgreen    Cat Family 9 - A young cat's life by LewiARTs    The river's ancient story by rollarius55   Listen to the whispers ... by ansdesign 

Irresistible Iris V by Scooby777    Simplicity by VDragosPhotography    Happy Birthday Penny by happytimer    Here I am again 2 by pillendrehr   Fade Away In Silence by Woman-of-DarkDesires   Sections by LidiaRossana 

Have A Great Week End... by Tigles1Artistry   Eagle Peak by eegariM   Patricia by LucreciaMortishia   Two Crescents by yadiyada2  

Greetz To You All by 33M     Hard Times by Metal-Bender    From The Palm Of My Hand by TeaPhotography    Flowers grow in harsh conditions by Arte-de-Junqueiro     No doubt about it by SilverMixx 

Colourful Spring... by Tigles1Artistry   Untitled by invisigoth88   Along the lake by dashakern   A walk at Sunset by dashakern   And now it's Spring by dashakern  

Avalanche Lake by eegariM    Vintage Rose by edsterjin    Just A Place I Live...That's America To Me For Now by Trippy4U    Just the way you are... by WhimsicalBlue 

    Paisible vague mauve by Melusine8   Summer tones I by CarlaSophia   SUMMERTIME by IME54-ART   Flower VII by PaigeMillsArt  

Wish You Were Here by EvanescentAngel666    Dragon's land_part 2 by IgnisFatuusII   Still life with mint and plums. Dark by AnnaZLove   Tree of wishes by bohomaz13   solitude by only1second

In red by VDragosPhotography   the soul in monochrome .23. by MWeiss-Art    No Words by yadiyada2    Indefatigable by eegariM    

Elven Veronika by LucreciaMortishia      Anne by Hart-Worx      Self Photograph 1 by PaigeMillsArt     the soul in monochrome .22. by MWeiss-Art 

Magic Rain by milenkadelic    Bridge over Pitt River by dashakern    Bleakness by Adoratia    Shrine of the Elders by TheTrueMoonroot     Lighthouse by NightfallEmbers 


Polku by AneurysmGuy    The Ancestor's Tree by Nele-Diel   Eriophorum by KlaraDrielle 

Lunch Break by raysheaf    hardness of character by ochminka   To our sweet Teresa by gigi50   Major Depression by SenhArt   The Workhouse by SilverMixx 

Handmade Faroe Islands Coptic Bound Notebook Front by snazzie-designz        About Farewell by Woman-of-DarkDesires        Cat Bells 2 by StaircaseInTheDark 

House of Gnomes by annewipf   C: Kaori and the Wounded's Sheets by Belvane   End of Season by RoodyN   Red 2 by pillendrehr   Where The Land Ends by SvenMueller  

A Beauty In Winter by Tigles1Artistry   Let there be light by DanStefan    Two of a Kind by EvaPolly   Carpe Noctem by SireneArcana 

NZ by soon38   Dead End King by Neriak   In The Space Between by Trippy4U   Sea Of Tulips by Jorgipie 

Thank you so much for looking through this selection. I do hope there was something there to get your attention. Like I said, if you have time, could you please just drop the artist a comment or a fave to brighten their day. It gives me a real buzz to put these features together. I get quite excited by all this amazing art and I hope you do too.
Thank you for your time and have a great rest of your day. Spread the love. Be kind to each other and be kind to yourselves. Much love to you all as always :heart: :hug:
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Good morning everyone. I hope this day finds you fit and well and raring to go. Well, after last weeks partial failure of my journal/feature I thought I'd get straight back on the horse, so to speak, and do another one. This one will have some new favourites in it plus a few from the last one as I know that many people still missed it for some technical reason beyond me. I have my fingers crossed for this one and hope that normal service will be restored. 
This is a very exciting time of year for me. April is my busiest work month and it is now drawing to a close. That means my adventures will soon begin. I have my trips planned for this year and have started on next year already too which I love. I know it is over a year away but I have two trips planned for 2020 that I am really looking forward to and I haven't even had any of my holidays for this year yet. That's kind of how I like it though. Always racing ahead and never standing still. I am full of a nervous energy and in two weeks I will be taking that energy to the Scottish Highlands. This time I am taking two of my friends with me who have never been to Scotland before. I will be going to the best places and hoping the weather plays ball with us. One thing about Scotland though is that you have to take what it gives you. As well as going landscape hunting I will be going to the Highland Wildlife Park to see how Wee Hamish is getting on. He is a polar bear and he is about 18 months old now I think. I saw him a year ago and he was still very small then. I imagine he's grown a lot since then. There is also little doubt that I will visit my favourite boat the MV Dayspring resting on the shore at Corpach. It will be week of enjoying lovely places like Glen Coe, Glen Etive, Rannoch Moor and Buachaille Etive Mor. It will be so good to be able to show these places off to people who have never seen them. I hope that I will see, in their eyes, the same wide eyed amazement I felt when I first went there. One thing I do know is that my amazement for the area has never faded. I go there each time with the same open mouthed astonishment as always. I am almost hoping for one complete wash out of a rain filled day which will give me the excuse to get up early and drive to the Isle Of Skye for a day trip. A stunning drive through the Glens and past Eilean Donan Castle to Skye. Across the bridge and up to Broadford. Breakfast/brunch at Carter's Cabin or Cafe Sia then carry on down to Elgol and enjoy my favourite view of the Cuillin. The most exciting mountains I think the UK has to offer and, possibly the most beautiful. They are to me anyway. 
The preparations begin by emptying my camera bags. There are batteries to charge and lenses and filters to clean. Decisions about what to take on this trip. Lots of memory cards. Which film camera to take this time? Probably my Nikon F but maybe something else. Maybe a medium format camera this time? 
Can you tell I'm looking forward to this? I always go away for a week in may because April is so very busy and, by the time I get to the last week of April I am totally ready to go. It is too long since I have seen the mountains. Too long since I was caught in a hail storm on an exposed hillside. Too long since I saw the morning sun lighting up the purple heather. Too long since I ate in the Crannog Restaurant on the waterfront at Fort William. Too long since I was alone in a wilderness. I think I'm ready :lol:

OK. Now let me try to keep this feature down to a reasonable size. It is just amazing how many pictures I add to my favourites on a daily basis. You all just keep on making new art and I keep collecting it. Never has anyone known as many talented and creative people as I do. It is impossible not to be affected by all the beauty you make. You make this place somewhere I escape to and where I want to keep escaping to every day. I cannot thank you all enough for that. For offering me this refuge from the world. You make this place the special place that it is and I hope that will never change. 
Here we go then. Enjoy these works of art and please, if you have a second, drop a comment to the artists and let them know they have given you some pleasure. :hug:

spring bouquet by Ingelore   All Good Things Come In Threes by eegariM   Spring Garden, Airbrush Art, New Tool, New Toy by 33M   Not Always So Photogenic by Tessasa   Incentive by aspruli 

bw spring by Pajunen   Sunny Pool by richardcgreen   Equivoco by LidiaRossana   SUREALIST FOREST ! by IME54-ART  don't put the light out by bohomaz13 

Jikan Sends His Love Upside Down by TeaPhotography   Tender Offerings by Yuukon    On my way to church by Arte-de-Junqueiro    Elegy by IgnisFatuusII    Easterly Breeze by AlicesPlace 

Speak Softly, Love by LUCILALEYLA    para a esquerda by Erdbeersternchen    Argus by videodude1961     A flower for all my friends ... by ansdesign    The Running Man by PaigeMillsArt   

Trail to Stawamus Chief by dashakern   . by invisigoth88   Illustration for the cover+ album preview by IgnisFatuusII   Take Me Down To The River Bend by TheFoxAndTheRaven  

plitvicka jezera by roblfc1892   Pure Bliss by NicolasAlexanderOtto   The Closest Place To Nowhere by SvenMueller  Walking Away by TheFoxAndTheRaven 

A long way down... by MEP4Photography    Duet by dashakern    Countryside Beauties... by Tigles1Artistry     Happy and Peaceful Easter to you All! by mockingbirdontree 

a morning's song by Essential-Insanities    PlatonicYou tried to cut
me open to see
where emotion flows.
You wanted to see
the inside of
the aquarium but
you didn’t want to drown
so you made me cry
until it was empty.
You peered inside
trying to see, but
soon you realised
it was too dark
for your eyes to see.
You never were able
to deduce my emotions
or where they came from
and I knew you would
never understand.
Our love was like
a sober serenade
after being drunk
for years on end.
Our love was like
the sexual deception
of orchids, I never knew
which side you were on.
Our love was platonic.
   Awakening by yadiyada2  Renaissance by Melusine8   Brittany coast by ClairObscur16  

The Earth Day: Dying in the sun by BeatryczeNowicka   The sunny side of the village by rollarius55   Take a Step Back by eegariM   C: Erenelor by Belvane  Back in my day... by edsterjin 

Into The Distance by tango793     Spring 2019 by WickedOwl514     HAPPY EASTER by IME54-ART     Step back in time by VDragosPhotography 

I See Your Face Before Me by Mouselemur   smile of the cat by Erdbeersternchen     Just A Blast From The Way Back Machine For Easter by 33M    Short Eared Owl 14-11-18 by pell21 

Life goes on by S-Patriot  Marie II by silber-englein      Rabea Rework by silber-englein   Parasol by AdrianGoebel 

Pre-Christmas Snow by raysheaf    Stronger Than Ever by CaelGibran    Remembrance by MoodyBlue   Torment of The Blind by dopename 

Valley Chapel by annewipf   Morrowind Silt Strider by ColourBlindPencil  Cat's Cradle by PawelGladkow    The white worm that came from hell by tboersner    I Will Rise From The Ashes by sesam-is-open 

Wendey by Lora-Vysotskaya   About Hope by Miarath   April 2019 3 by bindii   Still life - Metallic bucket, fabrics and apples by SigmaVita  Differences by Woman-of-DarkDesires   the hope .1. by MWeiss-Art 

No Time Like The Old Time by WhimsicalBlue     Jump by Nikki-vdp    ... by EvaPolly 

Coke and a Call by AimeeDouglass   Wish Me Up by Trippy4U   Vindicta by SireneArcana   For whom the light shines by PhotoartBK  This is Not Enough by Metal-Bender 

Gorilla by ArtistHanna     blue explosion by sollenafotografie     Another Love Story - 02 by yup12     Mimesis by DarkVenusPersephonae    Un vieux by Gwangelinhael 

Footsteps In The Rain by Trippy4U  Corner by IdaBarracuda   Stranded under Endless Sky by RaphaelleM  Red city by DawidZdobylak  Places of Mind by SenhArt  

32056501268 860c069d8a Z by aymericbortot       Giboulee by Annabelle-Chabert       Fuer Elise by fleur-de-Lis4444 

Meet you at the boat house by SilverMixx   Leah by Trippy4U   Tomorrow by Trippy4U   Neither Here Nor There by Trippy4U 

That's all folks :iconbugsbunnyplz: . I realize already that this feature became bigger than I expected so I hope there will be no issues regarding notifications this time. I will keep my fingers and toes crossed that all goes smoothly. As always, I really hope you find some art here that will somehow make your day. I would ask you to also read some of the writings by :iconyuukon: She writes with passion. Thank you all again for getting this far. I wish you a lovely day and hope the weekend brings you some joy. 
Spread the love and keep on doing your thing like only you can do it. My love to you all :hug: :heart:

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Good day everyone. It is a holiday in England today so here I am catching up on a few things and I realised it is a month since my last journal. How time flies when you are busy. April is my busiest work month and I always get a bit behind with everything but I always catch up in the end. It is why I always take a week off in May. I need to re-charge my batteries.
Following on from my last journal there was a lot of response to boxes of photographs and actual books being preferable to handle than screens and hard drives. I have given this some thought and in one reply to a comment I had the following to say. 
It's interesting that some people always say the old days were best and these people are usually from the elder part of society. Not exclusively but mainly. There are strange things afoot over here at the moment. In the uk there are many areas where the youth are going back to older ways because they actually find them better. This is ways that existed before their time. It is previous generation stuff.

Examples of this are an increase in the use of film and film cameras. A big growth in sales of record players and vinyl records and there is even a renewed interest in the use of cassette tapes too. 
The significant thing these have in common is that analogue technology has more in common with the human experience than digital. 
People who support the analogue technology, whether talking about photography or music, essentially say the same thing. Analogue has a warmer feel than digital which is a bit too cold and clinical and, if you like, a little too perfect and detached. (Obviously this is vastly simplified for the sake of the narrative).  People associate with the 'flaws' of analogue. The pops and clicks and scratches. The fact is the analogue range of experience is narrower but it fits into the relatively narrow range of human experience better than digital where the range is so big we actually don't experience all of it. I don't know if this is happening in other parts of the world too. I personally like having the choice to use either when I want to. Both have their attractions for me. 
Going back to my story about how I ended up with photography playing such a large part in my life I thought I'd touch on how it became so important to me. This might be a little confusing because we all have slightly different education systems. Here a secondary school is where you go from 11 to 16/17. Maybe that is like High School. I don't know. Well I was doing fine until the last two, important years when I became ill and was unable to take my final exams. It was from here that I went to college to do the arts foundation course. I got into the college entirely on my portfolio and interview as I had not got the qualifications to get a place. Unfortunately life can play some cruel tricks on you and as I was approaching the end of my course my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy and either radiotherapy or chemo....I can't remember. As she had recently divorced my alleged father (more about that another day) she was the bread winner of the family. When she became ill it basically meant I had to leave college to go out and earn some money. So that's what I did. For two years I didn't touch a camera or lift a paint brush. In my mind I had just decided that part of my life had ended and had to be replaced with something else. Of course that was nonsense but it was how I felt. I thought it had all been taken away from me. So I was at home looking after things and holding it all together. My mother did recover but it took a long time. Strangely I started work for a company doing more or less what I do now. Now I am self employed and have my own company though. I also got a company car which was a real bonus. The work had nothing to do with art at all though. Very much not remotely related to it and, indeed, quite opposite. 
The thing with art though is that if it is in you it will not be denied. I picked up the camera again and used to go up to London doing street and documentary photography but now it was just for fun and not for a qualification. It was quite liberating.  What really set me on my current path though was when I went to Dartmoor in South West England for the first time. I had never been to a wilderness like this and it grabbed hold of my heart and it has never let it go. Although I love Scotland and Skye and Iceland..........Dartmoor is where it all started for me. That is where my life began again. The beauty of the place woke something inside me and my love of nature and the outdoors has just kept on growing. My time outside and in remote, spectacular places has become essential to me and is a huge part of my current life. I cannot imagine going back to those days when I didn't use a camera. A time before my love of mountains. A time before my journeys to find myself alone in stunningly beautiful places. It lifted me out of a dark place and I have never looked back. I owe a lot to photography. It was the reason I used to get me out. The excuse if you like. But whatever the reason, it worked and now I just keep travelling and searching because now I can't stop. 
I'm sure that is quite enough for today and I thank you if you have got this far. I appreciate your taking an interest. 
Now it is time to feature your work. I think this might be a big feature so I do hope you will have time to look through it especially if you have read this far already. So here we are. Here are some amazing pieces of art from my favourites from the past few weeks. They are all made by artists who are driven, like I am, to create beauty in what ever form it comes. To find myself among so many like minded people is something I never thought would happen. I count myself truly blessed t know you all and it gives me the greatest pleasure to share your creations. So please, if you see something you like drop a little comment to the artists and make their day. Much love to you all. :heart:

5-Star Hotel by eegariM   Come on! by AimeeDouglass    Out of Control by AimeeDouglass  Old Town Dam in Spring by Pajunen  Finiels by Annabelle-Chabert 

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Pasqueflower - Kuhschelle by Cundrie-la-Surziere  Whispering FingertipsI've got no pockets
to keep my clouds
so on my back
I carry the rain.
Their burdens press me
into dark ruins,
the vines that stretch
in my mind.
Touch the world
with whispering fingertips
to tell my story
with words that were
never mine.
Ghosts of the past
are burning the edge
of my vision
blurring memories
I never had.
The only light I see
is the little firefly
you once gave to me.
  waldeinsamkeit by only1second  20190323dsc03006 1 by ltiana355  Polar Navigation by hummbuzz 

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Lost-Child by SueJO  Plasma Sons Cover Art by Rowye  When the world was young... by WhimsicalBlue 

Goodness that was a lot of art to fit in. If you have made it this far I congratulate and I love you in equal measure. I honestly think this is the best art I have every featured and I hope you will find something to enjoy. I am stunned by the art I see here. You all inspire and amaze me. Sometimes the world can seem a dark and depressing place and then I come here and I see all this beauty, imagination, creativity, skill, love and passion. I am always re-invigorated by you and what you do. This is what life is about, not the dark but the light. You make light and I love it. 
Take care all of you. Spread the love and take care of each other. I look forward to the next time I have the privilege to enjoy your art. :heart: :hug:

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  • Playing: At photography
  • Eating: Risotto
  • Drinking: Coffee

Once upon a time I lived a life without photography. There was a time when I had never touched a camera. It was not something that we had in our house when I was growing up. There was a compact film camera at some point because there are a very few pictures of my childhood but very few. There are more pictures of my family before I was born and going back a couple of generations. They are very interesting photographs but I don't know who the people are in them and there is, sadly, no-one alive who can help me with that. The pictures, while having very little merit in most respects, are a documentary of how life was. How people dressed. What they did. What they drove. Speaking of driving, I am the first person in my family who learned to drive or had a car. That may seem strange in this day and age but we were a poor family and we got by with buses and trains. That's by the by. Looking at those old pictures I try to imagine myself taking the picture. We are at the seaside and the men are wearing suits with a hat and tie. Or maybe a blazer with trousers and an open necked shirt. It's amazing how they look so dressed up for a day out on the beach. That's just how it was then though. The ladies wore their best frock and everyone looks happy. These days out were a real treat as holidays were not then what they are now. I have a big box of these photographs. All in their paper envelopes or loose in the box. None are in an album of any kind. It does make me wonder for my own pictures though. They are all on my PC or on two external hard drives. I hardly print anything these days. There is no doubt that having a big box of photographs to look through is exciting and is very pleasant. Much more pleasant than sitting in front of my PC for hours on end. They have also lasted well. It doesn't even matter that they are dog eared or scratched. In some ways that adds to the experience of looking through them. I wonder if there is a comparison to make between books and e-books. I bought a kindle when they came out and used it quite a lot but here I am now back with books. I just prefer the whole book experience. I also like reading old books. Like with the photographs it doesn't matter if they are a little worn or tatty or even have that 'old book' smell. It's actually strangely comforting to know other people have sat down and read these books before me. So you have these wonderful old pictures which are, if anything, improved by their faults for want of a better word and I like that they are. 
I picked up my first camera when I went to college to do a foundation arts course. As it turned out the two parts of the course that really got my attention were History Of Art and then Photography. We were told to go out and buy a 35mm SLR camera. Being short of money as I always was I bought a used Zenit E with a 50mm lens. It was built like a tank and it still works. With this camera I learnt how photography works and also learnt very early that it is what you do that makes the picture. Although there comes a point where the equipment can help in basic terms it is 80% photographer and 20% equipment at best. A couple of years ago I took a very old camera that I picked up somewhere and I took it to Scotland with me. It uses 120 roll film. It was basically a box with a hole in it. The only control it had was a shutter that was tripped with a lever and the shutter was actually tripped with what looked like fishing wire. The view finder doesn't work and you can't control anything. There is only one shutter speed and you don't know what that is. There is only one aperture setting and you don't know what that is. I took it to Scotland and I took 8 pictures and they all came out to some extent. A couple had light leak signs and a couple were a little dark but the thing still made images. It was so exciting when I picked up the pictures from the shop. This excitement I have with photography has never waned since I first picked up that Zenit E. I learnt how to develop film and print in a dark room. I still think everyone learning photography should experience this if they can because it gives you such an understanding of the medium. Digital photography relies on many of the same principles as film you just do it a different way. The basics are still the same. I still shoot film when I go away. On one shoulder I have a Nikon D850 top of the range digital camera with £1,500 worth of lens and on the other shoulder I have maybe my Nikon F from the early 60s or my Nikon SP rangefinder from about 1957. I get great pleasure from both of them. Well, I think I have rambled on long enough for one journal. I will maybe continue this story next time if you are interested in how I got from never having touched a camera to where I am today (if that's anywhere at all :lol: )
Enough about me. Let's talk about you. It is about a month since my last journal and I have been filling up my favourites with your work. Man you are all so good. I love what you do so much. I also love what you do for me. Your support, faves and comments are such a gift to me. I am so far behind thanking you for your comments but I am getting there slowly. I never take comments for granted and I read each and every one even if it takes me six months to reply. I really appreciate that you take the time to write and, for me, it is one of the major things that defines this site. The feeling of being part of a community. This site must never lose that or it will lose it's biggest advantage over other sites. I must make a special mention of my good friend :icontrippy4u: who edited a dirty sky on a recent picture of mine as I couldn't manage it. I have thanked him profusely and I'm sure he is fed up with hearing it but once again, I am so grateful you took the time to help me out with that picture. 
Now for your pictures. I think your work just gets better and better (as I hope mine does) and it becomes harder and harder to make the selection but I have done so and here we are again. This is a selection of my favourites from the last four weeks or so. I try to include as many artists as I can and I hope I haven't missed anyone. I love all you do and I love your passion for what you do. That passion drives me on and inspires me every day. You are all so wonderful and creative and kind and generous. I have so much love for you all. So please, take a moment, have a look at all this art and, if you like something and you have a moment, please let the artist know. :heart:

Happy Easter by LindArtz   Touched by the Light by foureyes   Red Roses by AnnaZLove   GOOD MORNING, TIME FOR COFFEE ! by IME54-ART   Spring again by LidiaRossana  

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