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Fickle Friday: Hold On
Drowning in our days

As the night owl left his trees

Calm is raising fast

That our best is shown our worst

Change, I love the past

Let go of what we had

Our lives are on repeat

Working hard, holding the peace

We will try to overcome

We will try

And just hold on
There is always a reason to smile by RDores
And we'll go on
The storm is coming by MarcosRodriguez
And just hold on
!! Good morning...!!!! by MamaMika
If you're worthy
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I can show
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A Glimpse into Photography on DA #4
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FEATURES .and. a new movie by me
Thank you very much for all the wonderful support, my friends
I am very thankful for every fav, comment and nice words
I am not able to answer all the comments but I do really appreciate all of them, just have no time at this moment to answer
Much love to all of you :heart:
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April Favourites III
Here's another feature this month with the beautiful works I've found this week. Next week I'll be starting university, so maybe I won't be so active, but hopefully I'll still find the time to create as well as to appreciate the art around here. 
Enjoy these amazing artworks!
          Desert Sunset by Nele-Diel Laying at rest. by LawrenceCornellPhoto Starlighter by Lora-Vysotskaya Stronger Than Ever by CaelGibran Guardians of the Sacred Kingdom by Winterkeep  Pre-Christmas Snow by raysheaf 
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Lawrence James Cornell
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United Kingdom
For the past few years I have spent my spare time travelling to different parts of the UK to try to get to know my own country and its people better. Photography is my passion. I hope my pictures tell the story I want to tell.

Please respect my right to my images. If you want to use them for any reason please contact me first and ask me. Otherwise I retain all copyright to all of my work.

Please fave as many pictures as you like. I appreciate all of them. What I love is comments. Please leave comments. I will always reply to comments.

“Photography for me is not looking, it’s feeling. If you can’t feel what you’re looking at, then you’re never going to get others to feel anything when they look at your pictures.” Don McCullin

“I think about photographs as being full, or empty. You picture something in a frame and it’s got lots of accounting going on in it–stones and buildings and trees and air – but that’s not what fills up a frame. You fill up the frame with feelings, energy, discovery, and risk, and leave room enough for someone else to get in there.” – Joel Meyerowitz

"I operate not as a photographer but as a human being. I try to balance what I photograph not as a photographer but as a person, a man, and photography has got nothing to do with it. It is just something I have learnt, it is just a way of communicating". Don McCullin

You can also find me at…
and at…
and at
should you like to purchase any of my pictures as prints, canvases, mugs, notebooks etc please go to… where you will find a selection available. I have been made aware that in some circumstances you may find a customs charge on delivery of the item depending on the value and where you live.

You can also buy a small book of a selection of pictures from the Isle Of Skye that I have made. You can get that here.…

Angel without Wings Award by Nameda Badge of Gratitude Participants II by TeaPhotography


Hi everyone
I'm so sorry I have got so behind looking at your wonderful art
April is always a very busy time of year for me with work anyway
and I have also just got out of the hospital where I was having tests 
to discover I have a double hernia that needs repairing. That wasn't
in my plans.
I promise I will catch up soon though. I have to get this week out
of the way then I think I will have some of my life back again. 
Much love to you all as always. I really miss being here when anything
keeps me away. Take care everyone and keep spreading the love.
You can buy a small book of a selection of my Isle Of Skye pictures here.
You can just have a look at it if you like.…
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Good day everyone. It is a holiday in England today so here I am catching up on a few things and I realised it is a month since my last journal. How time flies when you are busy. April is my busiest work month and I always get a bit behind with everything but I always catch up in the end. It is why I always take a week off in May. I need to re-charge my batteries.
Following on from my last journal there was a lot of response to boxes of photographs and actual books being preferable to handle than screens and hard drives. I have given this some thought and in one reply to a comment I had the following to say. 
It's interesting that some people always say the old days were best and these people are usually from the elder part of society. Not exclusively but mainly. There are strange things afoot over here at the moment. In the uk there are many areas where the youth are going back to older ways because they actually find them better. This is ways that existed before their time. It is previous generation stuff.

Examples of this are an increase in the use of film and film cameras. A big growth in sales of record players and vinyl records and there is even a renewed interest in the use of cassette tapes too. 
The significant thing these have in common is that analogue technology has more in common with the human experience than digital. 
People who support the analogue technology, whether talking about photography or music, essentially say the same thing. Analogue has a warmer feel than digital which is a bit too cold and clinical and, if you like, a little too perfect and detached. (Obviously this is vastly simplified for the sake of the narrative).  People associate with the 'flaws' of analogue. The pops and clicks and scratches. The fact is the analogue range of experience is narrower but it fits into the relatively narrow range of human experience better than digital where the range is so big we actually don't experience all of it. I don't know if this is happening in other parts of the world too. I personally like having the choice to use either when I want to. Both have their attractions for me. 
Going back to my story about how I ended up with photography playing such a large part in my life I thought I'd touch on how it became so important to me. This might be a little confusing because we all have slightly different education systems. Here a secondary school is where you go from 11 to 16/17. Maybe that is like High School. I don't know. Well I was doing fine until the last two, important years when I became ill and was unable to take my final exams. It was from here that I went to college to do the arts foundation course. I got into the college entirely on my portfolio and interview as I had not got the qualifications to get a place. Unfortunately life can play some cruel tricks on you and as I was approaching the end of my course my mother got diagnosed with breast cancer and had to have a mastectomy and either radiotherapy or chemo....I can't remember. As she had recently divorced my alleged father (more about that another day) she was the bread winner of the family. When she became ill it basically meant I had to leave college to go out and earn some money. So that's what I did. For two years I didn't touch a camera or lift a paint brush. In my mind I had just decided that part of my life had ended and had to be replaced with something else. Of course that was nonsense but it was how I felt. I thought it had all been taken away from me. So I was at home looking after things and holding it all together. My mother did recover but it took a long time. Strangely I started work for a company doing more or less what I do now. Now I am self employed and have my own company though. I also got a company car which was a real bonus. The work had nothing to do with art at all though. Very much not remotely related to it and, indeed, quite opposite. 
The thing with art though is that if it is in you it will not be denied. I picked up the camera again and used to go up to London doing street and documentary photography but now it was just for fun and not for a qualification. It was quite liberating.  What really set me on my current path though was when I went to Dartmoor in South West England for the first time. I had never been to a wilderness like this and it grabbed hold of my heart and it has never let it go. Although I love Scotland and Skye and Iceland..........Dartmoor is where it all started for me. That is where my life began again. The beauty of the place woke something inside me and my love of nature and the outdoors has just kept on growing. My time outside and in remote, spectacular places has become essential to me and is a huge part of my current life. I cannot imagine going back to those days when I didn't use a camera. A time before my love of mountains. A time before my journeys to find myself alone in stunningly beautiful places. It lifted me out of a dark place and I have never looked back. I owe a lot to photography. It was the reason I used to get me out. The excuse if you like. But whatever the reason, it worked and now I just keep travelling and searching because now I can't stop. 
I'm sure that is quite enough for today and I thank you if you have got this far. I appreciate your taking an interest. 
Now it is time to feature your work. I think this might be a big feature so I do hope you will have time to look through it especially if you have read this far already. So here we are. Here are some amazing pieces of art from my favourites from the past few weeks. They are all made by artists who are driven, like I am, to create beauty in what ever form it comes. To find myself among so many like minded people is something I never thought would happen. I count myself truly blessed t know you all and it gives me the greatest pleasure to share your creations. So please, if you see something you like drop a little comment to the artists and make their day. Much love to you all. :heart:

5-Star Hotel by eegariM   Come on! by AimeeDouglass    Out of Control by AimeeDouglass  Old Town Dam in Spring by Pajunen  Finiels by Annabelle-Chabert 

Memory keepers by BeatryczeNowicka  Fiend by Sabz0r   Munching lake  by VeraDovba   In My Easter Bonnet by 33M  I'm In Heaven When You Smile by Mouselemur 

Once there was a way... by MEP4Photography   the hope .1. by MWeiss-Art   New Door ... by Tigles1Artistry   Old Spines by WickedOwl514  Happy Easter by 1001G 

Red Mason Bee by snomanda  Marian by RawPoetry  Wandering by LidiaRossana  Bird calls by VDragosPhotography 

Gold Daisy by edsterjin   let me be wild... by EdinaBaltas   . by invisigoth88   The village on the hill II by rollarius55   Self II by PaigeMillsArt 
... by EvaPolly  Asian Small-Clawed Otter - Aonyx Cinerea by Yuukon  Melancholy April by dashakern  Foodses? by Nikki-vdp   Hepatica in the forest by roisabborrar 

just dead by Polin-Sam  white spring... by mirandaarts  Listening to the Sky by foureyes  Coke and a Call by AimeeDouglass  Still Point by Metal-Bender  Wish Me Up by Trippy4U 

Almost mirror by Laerian  Little lights by Erdbeersternchen  Meet you at the boat house by SilverMixx  

179 - Let go by CarlaSophia  Big Moles Allus!! by Arte-de-Junqueiro  Karlskirche Vienna by RoodyN  BEAUTIFUL ROSES by IME54-ART  

Impressionist Sunset by CrowTower-Studios   I love you once... by Omoidenoki  Sha-Sha's Approval by TeaPhotography  Marble Palace by 4ajka  african drums by Micko-vic  

Vindicta by SireneArcana   Stroke Of Wing by Woman-of-DarkDesires   Im Tuerknauf Id by scheinbar   Bird Of Prey - Black Kite by LewiARTs   

Over the Ocean's Smile by yadiyada2  of whispers and moonlight... by Essential-Insanities  My dog is barking by Nao1967  cloudy by bohomaz13  Human Pain by Iskaeldt 

Extinction by AntoineCollignon   Dream V.1 by BlueReva   NIR1000 9135 Tree Reading by NIR1000 

For whom the light shines by PhotoartBK  Entropy by Essential-Insanities  Octopus by DavidMnr  Muckross Abbey by guinever87 

The Visitor by pillendrehr  This is Not Enough by Metal-Bender  The Dancing Skies by foureyes  April 2019 by bindii  

Whisper III by rubygoth  Rect3754 by milk13  Bluebell by VDragosPhotography  How the humans have appointed themselves as rulers by ansdesign  An Irish Blessing by happytimer Not a big painting by bohomaz13  

My Alter Ego ... by ansdesign  streetlights by bohomaz13  Pattern Caleidoscope by scheinbar  Dream how I dream to feel by Erdbeersternchen   Magical Spring by anasofiajc   Tree IV by snomanda   20190406dsc03409 by ltiana355 

April by Pajunen  Spring Faun by LucreciaMortishia   the soul in monochrome .18. by MWeiss-Art   Shadows And Mayhem by 33M 

Strangers by IgnisFatuusII  The panther mountain by Annabelle-Chabert  Gorilla by ArtistHanna  INSIDE THE TULIP by IME54-ART  Rest Stop by yadiyada2 

blue explosion by sollenafotografie  THE VERTICAL CLIFFS OF THE SCYTHIAN NEAPOLIS by Badusev  Freckles Lady by LidiaVives  Another Love Story - 02 by yup12  Forgotten Time by ChieuMua 

The Winds Start Blowing by Tigles1Artistry  First aid to the injured by annasandalaki   ST. Dominic's Fair in Gdansk - photo 1 by wiwaldi24   Footsteps In The Rain by Trippy4U 

I feel lonely by panjoool  juxtaposition... by Essential-Insanities  the soul in monochrome .15. by MWeiss-Art 

Dematerialization by AlexandrinaAna  Sekai o sasaeru ki by Erdbeersternchen  So close ... by VDragosPhotography  Like no other by IsabellaJainePhoto  explosion by sollenafotografie 

Nonnies Paintbrushes II by ScorpioEight  Moody Days by BaxiaArt  Un vieux by Gwangelinhael  *** by Nodvikoff  Canyon  by bryanmarktaylor 

Touching the Cold by flitart  Sweet the morning air by dashakern   particles 2 by augenweide   Magical Forest by Cold-Tommy-Gin 

Quietude VI by Yggdr4zill  Rawson Lake by eegariM  I'm Busy With  Spring by sesam-is-open 

You are mine by Finnyanne  Secluded by SireneArcana  Violets by Juanilla  Love is the reason... by WhimsicalBlue  Cypress Tree Tunnel by WickedOwl514 

summer rain by bohomaz13   Swengi by IdaBarracuda   Corner by IdaBarracuda   And Through It All.... by tango793  Find joy in the ordinary by AutumnIulia 

Year of the Pig by annewipf  Net by IdaBarracuda  Theatrics by Kellsworths  Stranger 77.6 by dannyst  Tulips   by NIEHKOLL  

Ranger Ricardo on Chestnut Top Trail 1 by slowdog294  Early Days ~ Fishing Up a Storm by richardcgreen  Listen to the Sunset by dashakern  Let it Be by AlicesPlace  Fields of Spring by JessicaTHamilton 

behind the red door by bohomaz13  Stranded under Endless Sky by RaphaelleM  Valerie by sollenafotografie 

Mimesis by DarkVenusPersephonae   Witchcraft by DarkVenusPersephonae   Mar 2019 by bindii   from an old cottage ... by mirandaarts 

Pasqueflower - Kuhschelle by Cundrie-la-Surziere  Whispering FingertipsI've got no pockets
to keep my clouds
so on my back
I carry the rain.
Their burdens press me
into dark ruins,
the vines that stretch
in my mind.
Touch the world
with whispering fingertips
to tell my story
with words that were
never mine.
Ghosts of the past
are burning the edge
of my vision
blurring memories
I never had.
The only light I see
is the little firefly
you once gave to me.
  waldeinsamkeit by only1second  20190323dsc03006 1 by ltiana355  Polar Navigation by hummbuzz 

Book Of Surreal Dreams . . . by DouglasHumphries  Celestial Navigation by hummbuzz  The Belles of the Ball by yadiyada2  Looking the ocean by IgnacioFratini 

Frosty night by Alena-48  Red city by DawidZdobylak  Gate Of Sleep by Lariethene  Feathers and Bones by AmbergrisElement  Me by NIEHKOLL   Nebelfluestern by Woman-of-DarkDesires 

Postcard from Berlin 09 by JACAC   Lisbon 160 by JACAC   Keeping silence: castle by artMARUSIK    Spring by Lora-Vysotskaya 

Inside a lily by AnjaSchlegelmilch  HAPPY NEW YEAR by JACAC  Nircurus's Squadron Averts the Wood's Gaze by TheGrayStickman 

Canal by snomanda  Happy Birthday Thelma!!! by BlueIvyViolet   ELLE,tHE LAST of US.JOHNNIE HEART. by JENNYVLOVE   Mesmerising night by Ellysiumn 

Places of Mind by SenhArt  Out of Sight, Out of Mind by BrankaArts  Belebt 7 by aspruli  Tribute to S. Kozlov: Facing the Black Deep by BeatryczeNowicka  If you carry me by Cochalita 

TuLips III by jhps  birches by bohomaz13  silence around... by EdinaBaltas  Baby polar bear 4 by Maria-Schreuders

Giboulee by Annabelle-Chabert  The huts with a view by suzannerowcliffe  Otter Box Pyrography (Wood Burning) by snazzie-designz  Decay by fleur-de-Lis4444 

Fuer Elise by fleur-de-Lis4444  in memoriam... by Ingelore   Through the trees... by BWilliamWest   MysteriousTown by IgnisFatuusII  White-Tailed Eagles by DominikaAniola 

Bergsbotn - mountainscape by LunaFeles  Still Life by Inthepoole  Gasadalur by Lain-AwakeAtNight  Tor zur Anderswelt by eegariM 

late night vibes by bohomaz13  dark soul by BaxiaArt   i miss you... by BaxiaArt   RAin by BaxiaArt  The dark Butterfly by BaxiaArt 

Lost-Child by SueJO  Plasma Sons Cover Art by Rowye  When the world was young... by WhimsicalBlue 

Goodness that was a lot of art to fit in. If you have made it this far I congratulate and I love you in equal measure. I honestly think this is the best art I have every featured and I hope you will find something to enjoy. I am stunned by the art I see here. You all inspire and amaze me. Sometimes the world can seem a dark and depressing place and then I come here and I see all this beauty, imagination, creativity, skill, love and passion. I am always re-invigorated by you and what you do. This is what life is about, not the dark but the light. You make light and I love it. 
Take care all of you. Spread the love and take care of each other. I look forward to the next time I have the privilege to enjoy your art. :heart: :hug:


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