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Hate is a strong word I would rather not use.  But yes, that’s how I feel about this pairing.  And here are my reasons…  Also, SPOILER WARNING for story arcs.  This is your only warning.  If you don’t want certain plot points spoiled, leave now!

Yellow: … *looks around, back and forward* … *stares and sighs* I don’t like the character Yellow.

“What?!”  “How dare you not like Yellow?!”  “Yellow is the best character ever in this series!”  “If you dislike this character, you are the scum of the earth and don’t understand anything.”  “You just don’t like her because you’re a hater and you prefer that stupid pairing of yours over Special Shipping!”  “You know what?!  I’m never going to do a drawing for you!”  “At least I have a good reason for disliking Platinum!”

And that’s most of the comments I’ve gotten over the years that I can remember from the top of my head…

Look, guys.  I don’t like Yellow.  And I’m not sorry.  I find her a really boring character.  Hell, I find her to be a true Mary-Sue.  There!  I said it!

“What?!”  “Not this nonsense again!”  “I’m going to make a drawing in response to your stupid opinion!”  “You should take this journal down.  It’s going to attract a lot of angry comments.  I’m saying this for your own safety.”

No offense, Kusaka.  But my point is that I find Yellow an unneeded original character that’s shoehorned into the plot whenever it seems convenient.  And removing her from the plot entirely would give other characters their chance to shine and find more creative, alternate means to defeat the final boss.

I hate that Yellow’s Viridian powers are never explained.  And I hate that everyone is okay with that.  How did she get these powers?  If the forest was cut down, would she lose her powers?  (This is a reference to the GSC version games.)

Lance was also granted the same Viridian Forest powers.  However, you forget that fact because the plot also forgets he has them.

Apparently Giovanni has them too, but he never uses his.  Do you lose these powers at a certain point in your life?

The legend goes that every decade a child of Viridian Forest is granted powers… and that’s it.  There’s no further explanation beyond this phenomenon.  And any relevance to plot expired by in Gen 3.

Yellow’s powers include healing Pokémon.  Okay.  She has telekinesis and she can read a Pokémon’s mind.  That’s a bit redundant since we already have Psychic trainers like Sabrina.  And she has the ability to temporarily raise the levels of her Pokémon to OP levels.  “But she doesn’t use that power that often.”  The problem is that she has such a power in the first place.

“But when she uses her powers too much, she falls asleep.”  The problem is still there. 

Just imagine if Green actually trained her to hone in her abilities.

The Yellow arc was pretty cringing to get through… when it focused on Yellow.  How cringing?  Like Ash’s Pikachu pushed back to Level 1 in Best Wishes cringing.

Look, its fine that she’s not really a fighter.  And it’s fine that she wants to end things as peacefully as possible.  But I came to read about the continuation of Red’s (and the other members of the Kanto trio) journey and see epic Pokémon battles, not read the Pokémon equivalent of the “Mario Is Missing” video game.  But really, the Yellow arc is a whole different topic that I can cover some other time…

Then there was that ass-pull of Yellow using her OP levels powers once more, in the climax of the Emerald arc.  The enemy was too strong, but luckily the group had a Deux Ex Machina who had no story build up to pull off this Final Smash that you’d expect from the Ash & Pikachu anime.  This Viridian Forest powered, Family Volt Tackle attack effectively stole Emerald’s (the character the arc is named after) moment of defeating the final boss.  This loophole is as bad as Ruby having a Celebii the entire time in the RS arc, and without a GS Ball to contain it.

Yes, there is something or multiple things I dislike from every arc.  Maybe I’ll cover that one day…

And finally, the HGSS arc… Petrel was gloating to Silver about how he easily defeated Lance, the dragon master and League Champion.  How did he pull it off?  Was he really that strong?  Was he using a legendary Pokémon?

No.  He disguised himself as Yellow and that threw Lance off.  …I was devastated to learn this truth.  However, I wasn’t the only person taking this news hard.

This revelation was so bad that fans (mostly GrantedShippers) were trying to rationalize the situation by theorizing that Lance has romantic feelings for Yellow. *covers head in shame*

…A lot of us see Lance as a badass character.  And to learn that he was taken out so disgracefully left me distraught.

Any moment Yellow is with Red feels forced.

In the Yellow arc, Red makes a comment about traveling together when he thinks Yellow is a boy at that time.  Both Pika and Yellow freak out.  Okay.  Also, Blue loves messing with Red, so she never tells him the truth about Yellow’s gender.

In the GSC arc, Yellow eavesdrops on Red’s Pokégear call with Misty.  (Why?  Why is everyone listening in on this guy’s phone call?!  Give the guy some privacy!)  So, Blue steals Red’s line about all four of them traveling together.  Red and the other two girls freak out.  Why would Red freak out since that’s his line that he made back when he thought Yellow was a boy back in the Yellow arc?

In the FRLG arc, Yellow casts a fishing line onto Red’s hand/pinky as he walks away.  I have to question the logic behind this action.  That’s not how fishing works.  I know from experience.

It’s really hard for me to find any defense in this scene.  The reasoning being that if Red had left with Yellow and Mewtwo, there would have been a lot of innocent causalities in Vermillion City.  He needed to navigate the crashing airship to safety.  Besides, he had Deoxys’ support.

Nonetheless, with Yellow now unconscious, she goes on about how Red always keeps his promises, even though he really doesn’t.  (He turned down becoming the Viridian Gym Leader.)  Yellow sleeps in Blue’s arms until Red arrives.  And when Sird arrives, Red takes Yellow out of Blue’s arms and places her arms-first into danger.

Yellow could’ve been left where she was, placed down on the ground, or taken away to safety by a Pokémon like Giovanni was.  But instead, she is turned to stone like everyone else present.  She could’ve been sparred from the petrifaction… and she wasn’t even conscious.

Special Shippers:
Or to be accurate, rabid Special Shippers.  You know those people… if you don’t ship their shippings, then you are trash and so is your OTP.  “We have development!  See, they’ve talked to each other!”  “Our word is law!”

For this community, Special always goes hand in hand with Old Rival.  And only then can the other heroes date their heroine counterparts.

"I don't like this pairing, but the artwork is nice."  Am I the only one that find these comments rude?  Someone clicks onto a drawing of a pairing they know they don't support and their reasoning it that they follow the artist's work.

"Yeah, well, I drew this for the client."  Oh, well, thanks for that.  It's nice to know that the artist won't stick their neck out for their clients and their client's pairings.

Update 8/30/17: Here's are a couple of examples of people who show little to no respect to the artist.  Commision: LuckyShipping

Old Rival Shipping:
As stated above, this pairing goes hand in hand with Special.  How did this shipping start?  When Blue first met Green, she called him cute and he ignored her.  And Blue never showed any interest in Green ever again.

How does Green feel about Blue?  He calls her obnoxious out of annoyance, something Silver resents him for.  Reading Green’s behavior around Blue, he sees Blue as a capable, yet annoying trainer that he tolerates because she can keep up with him and Red.

In the RGB arc, he’s turned away when she made a Silph Scope joke.  And at the end of the arc, he calls her obnoxious when she hurries him and Red to join her in the Hall of Famers ceremony.

In the Yellow arc, Green calls Blue obnoxious when she finds enjoyment in Red being clueless to Yellow’s true gender.

In the GSC arc, Blue falls off of Moltres, worrying Red.  Luckily, Green flies Zapdos under her and she lands on the electric bird’s back.  She thanks Green, but he just ignores her, not even checking to make sure if she was alright.  However, Red asked if she was alright, which she confirmed she was.

Near the end of this arc, Green calls Blue obnoxious when she jokingly offers to travel alongside Red, Misty, and Yellow.  Green’s comment angers Silver as he doesn’t like people mistreating his sister.  I’m looking at you, Gold.

In the FRLG arc, Blue presents Green with his new National Dex and brags about her importance to the team.  This annoys the fatigued Green and he tells her that she talks too much.

And finally in the Emerald arc, Blue is looking forward to showing off in front of her parents in the tournament.  Green calls Blue obnoxious and this upsets Silver again.

Feeding False Information:
Rather it’s blowing things way out of portion, making stuff up, or outright lying about something that no one else saw.  The PokéSpe community has fed false information to their friends and even naïve new comers.

Look, guys.  If you’re going to get overexcited about something that you’ve blown way out of portion or have no proof to back something up, don’t get upset and accuse someone of starting trouble because they were doing research and your evidence turned up false.  When something sounds really suspicious, someone is bound to go search for the answers.

“A poll queries if Yellow is Red’s sweetheart?  They must be canon!”  Yo, chill.  The images used here is when the characters were 11.  Neither this poll nor its text is ever brought up again.

“Kusaka declared this pairing is canon years ago!  But he took his post off of his Twitter page to avoid controversy.”  Why would such information suddenly surface out of the blue?  So, you’re telling me no one took a screenshot of this and no one spammed the shit out of it?  Bullshit.  Not only is this a terrible thing to thing from both marketing and storytelling standpoints, but would you seriously be satisfied with something so cheap?  Take the ending to the Battle Network series for example.

Serebii is a prime example of blowing things out of portion or straight out lying.

The Details Bios of the Dex Holders sections claim that Red and Yellow having a strong bond.  However, the two characters barely interact with each other.

They also claim that Blue has been crushing on Green ever since they met outside of Saffron City.  You’re telling me Blue was blushing when her face was obscured by the Silph Scope?  “If you read the manga, you would see it.”  Don’t tell me to read the manga!  I READ the manga!  And I do the research!  This is no version of this manga that backs up this claim.

The person who made these posts was confronted about this false information.  He apologized and promised to edit them.  And to this very day he has yet to keep his promise.

Treatment of Misty:
“Misty gave up on Red.”  Where was this stated?  Do you have any proof of this?

Misty has yet to appear again after the GSC arc.  She’s currently not relevant enough to appear in the series outside of official artwork.

In the GSC arc, Misty wanted to confess her feelings to Red.  She was encouraged by Erika to go through with this and even offered her a flower as further encouragement.  However, (as far as we know) she never got the chance…

Head Canon:
Every story I’ve read is the same copy and paste story over and over.  (No, I’m not interested in reading any Special Shipping stories.  Please do not recommend any to me, thank you.)

Red is turned into every single Shonen dumbass main character cliché; the idiot hero who is oblivious to women and love.  Or you know, Ash Ketchum.  (Someone even claimed to me that they’re exactly the same…)  This is not true to his character as he been attracted to or embarrassed by older women.  The most notable women include Misty, Blue, Erika, and Sabrina.

Yellow is a naïve trainer and a protector of others type of heroine.
  But the PokéSpe community draws her out to be a loli, moe, “notice me, senpai”, weak, and dependent on others type of character.

Blue’s only role in these stories is to help Yellow get together with Red… and to conveniently get together with Green because she apparently she likes him because… he has a face.

And Green is just… there.  He serves no real purpose to the plot other than to be a passive aggressive pawn that promotes Old Rival Shipping.

The PokéSpe Community:
From what I’ve seen, I’ve become quite infamous among this fan base.  Rather it’s for not liking the character Yellow.  "Hater!"  Or being known as ‘That guys who commissions LuckyShipping a lot’.  “Oh look!  That guy is commissioning LuckyShipping again.”  “Why does he commission everybody?”

Why?  I do it because I love this couple to death.  And I outsource to different artists because of people like you who like to talk about me behind my back!  I tell you, it’s a real treat to stumble upon conversations about me on different sites.  Rather it’s on deviantART, the comments sections on my commissions I’ve purchased, old conversations on JB’s Gallery, etc.

I use to have Pokémon artist buddies who I would regularly chat with.  I considered these people my good friends and I would even share secrets about myself and what’s going on in my life.

I would regularly chat with them about my love for the LuckyShipping pairing… maybe a little too much.  However, over time, these people changed.  And Special Shipping would appear more in their gallery… that’s fine, whatever… but what really felt like a stab in the back was when they later made drawings that contradict LuckyShipping.

Look, you may think very little of your actions.  But I feel deceived after I kept you guys in my prayers.  You pulled a practical joke that all your buddies laughed at and they used it as official proof.

But did you ever stop to think you may have hurt someone in the process?  Someone who believed you were their friend and he could console with?  Did you think it was odd that this person suddenly stopped chatting with you?  Or did you just figure “He’s just a butthurt LuckyShipper.  Who needs him?”  That hurts, man.  That really freaking hurts.


“Oh yeah?!  What makes your shipping so special?”  “What romantic moments do your shipping have?!”  If you really want to know, I could make a separate journal about why I love LuckyShipping.

Well, that’s about it.  That’s me finally revealing my true feelings about Yellow and Special Shipping.  Also, I spaced out the words between the shipping names so this journal won’t pop up when you’re searching for your OTP in the search box.  (You’re welcome…)  Now I need to emotionally prepare myself for the swarm of angry comments that will inevitably arrive.

“That is not so!”
  “You’re the one who’s wrong!”  “Are you trying to pick a fight with your blind hate against Yellow?!”  “Look at this loser’s journal.  It’s so pathetic how delusional he is.”  “Oh look, he ironically typed exactly what I was thinking about him.  You deserve these angry comments.”

People wanted me to make a journal about this topic for a long time.
  However, I’ve been too hesitate to go through with it.

Think I’ll shoot myself now……

There are no words to express how I feel about this... at least not at the moment...

Remember Those Tails (The Fox) Spin-Off Games?

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 2, 2016, 12:22 AM

Archie Comics reintroduces old Tails villains, with updated names and appearances.  Carrotia The Rabbit, Falke Wulf, and Bearenger The Grizzly.

Carrotia looks like the love child of Rouge and Bunnie. :XD: Lovely.

Speedy even gets an updated appearance.  Thank you, Archie Comics, for no longer making him look like he's wearing a diaper.

Seeing these four villains gives me an idea for a Tails arc in the Sonic Universe comics...

Wait a minute...  a duck, a rabbit, a wolf, and a bear...

Hello, guys!  You may have noticed that I’m less active nowadays.  Thing is the holidays are coming around.


This means I may not have money until Christmas night.  Well, I can easily work off some money by working for my father.  It would take a whole weekend to finish, which isn’t bad really.


I’m also trying to register for classes for spring.  In other to do that, I need to reset my accommodations at college.  And the next meeting is next Monday.


So, guys.  Please be patient with me.  I’m dealing with business right now.


Also, if I owe you a payment, just tell me below.  But please, be polite about it.  I don’t need any extra grief.  I’ll be returning to school after my year long recuperation from my depression.

Hey guys.  Here's an update on my current status.

Last July, thoughts off my death started to plague me.  And it only got worst as time continued.  I've been having trouble sleeping and maintaining my sanity.  It became so bad that I had to drop out of school.  I was seeing a therapist, but the sessions barely did anything for me.

Now we're in the month of May.  And ever since two midnights ago, I've been feeling really positive.  I feel like I can do anything!  Even return to school (in the fall).  The thoughts of my death are still there, but now I'm not bothered by it.  I don't know what's going on, but I feel great and I don't feel worried about my death now!

FYI, my problem wasn't thoughts of suicide.  People keep thinking I'm considering suicide, but I'm not!  The problem was me stressing over the details of how I'll die and the thoughts frequently popping up out of nowhere... like unwanted pop-ups.

Now then, there are a few projects I want to start.
*Commissions - I'll get back to them starting next month.  That means June. -_-
*Contests - I've really left the LuckyShipping group in an idle status.
*Fan Fiction - I want to get back to writing my series, one shots, stories for others, and maybe even my own stories...
*Journals - I'll be honest on my thoughts of SpecialShipping...

You know what I wanna do?  I wanna order some naughty LuckyShipping artwork. :iconfoxgigglesplz: Some new Journal Skins would be nice too... :iconthinkplz:

Unfortunately, I think I may be broke until June at this point.  I could do some work with my uncle (or even my dad), maybe take ONLY a few commissions from anyone who wants me to write a story for them.  Or if anybody is willing, they could make a donation to my PayPal. ^^; If that's okay, I will not release my PayPal address in public for obvious reasons.  And I will instead send a note.
Boruto, the sequel to the Naruto series will be out soon.  So, I thought I'd give an official review for the chapters 699 and 700.  The Manga ended since November 2014, but I'm going to say it anyways...  SPOILER WARNING!

Chapter 699:
After their final battle, Naruto and Sasuke are found in the destroyed Valley of the End.  Naruto's right arm and Sasuke's left arm are gone.  The blood flowing from their missing limbs have poured in each other's to symbolize their bond.

Hashirama and Madara's statues have also been destroyed.  Their stone hands have joined to make the union sign.  Originally, Kishimoto was going to with Naruto and Sasuke holding hands.  I think we really dodged a bullet with that one...

Sakura and Kakashi arrive and the former heals their wounds.  Sasuke apologizes to Sakura for all the things he's done up to that point.  And with the team's friendship restored, Kakashi covers his left eye out of nostalgia.

Naruto and Sasuke undo the Infinite Tsukuyomi, releasing the world from the ultimate Genjutsu.  Orochimaru and Kabuto even make a short appearance.  The same goes for Yamato who witnesses the Spiral Zetsu reach out for him before crumbling away.  Samui and Atsui are released from the Benihisago, thanks to Tenten and Darui.  And Sasuke releases Yang-Kurama and presumably the other Tailed Beasts from the Chibaku Tensai.

The Leaf Shinobi are seen visiting the graves of those who died in the war.  And Naruto and Hinata are seen staying next to each other in front of Neji's grave.

Kakashi was officially became the Sixth Hokage and his head was crafted into the Hokage Monument.  Kakashi let's Sasuke know that his rogue ninja actions were pardoned because of the crucial role he played in the war and by Naruto and Kakashi himself.

Sasuke is about to set off on a road to redemption.  He turns down Tsunade's offer of an artificial arm created from Hashirama's cells.  Sakura asks if Sasuke would take her with him on his journey like she did before, but he turns that offer down too.  Instead, he smiles as he taps Sakura's forehead and tells her that he'll be back later like his brother used to do with him.  And also like before, he thanks her...

Before fully departing, Sasuke meets up with Naruto.  The two say their farewells as Naruto returns Sasuke's scratched headband.

Chapter 700:
•Shino is now an instructor at the Leaf Village Ninja Academy.
•Anko has gained weight.  (WTF happened?)
•Hinata is married to Naruto.
•Rock Lee is training with his son.
•Tenten has her own ninja weapons store.  (The Treasured Tools of the Sage of Six Paths are for display only, not for sale.)
•Temari is married to Shikamaru.
•Kiba is hitting on Tamaki.  And Akamaru is old.
•Sai and Ino are married.
•Choji and Karui are married.  (Didn't see that coming.)
•Kakashi has passed on his role of Hokage.
•Guy is confined to a wheelchair.
•The Gokage of the fourth war are all retired; Tsunade and Mei are still single.  (Really?)
•Killer Bee and Gyuki are meditating under the Waterfall of Truth.  While the former wants to visit Naruto.
•Shizune still works in the Hokage office.
•Moegi and Udon are probably Jonin.
•Konohamaru is a Jonin and is hypocritical of Boruto's actions.
•Apparently Sakura is a housewife.
•Apparently Sasuke is away on a mission.
•The new Kages are Naruto, Gaara, Darui, Kurotsuchi, and Chojuro.
•The advisors are Shikamaru, Kankuro, Omoi, Akatsuchi, and an unidentified fifth individual.
•A city is seen on top of the Hokage summit.

New Characters:
Boruto Uzumaki, son of Naruto and Hinata.  He pulls pranks to get the attention of his father who is always busy with Hokage duties.  He also inherited his father's verbal tic, with his being "Dattebasa".

Sarada Uchiha, daughter of Sasuke and Sakura.  A serious girl who wears glasses and rival to Boruto.  She also inherited her mother's battle cry "Shannaro".

Shikadai Nara, son of Shikamaru and Temari.  Like his father in his youth, he complains and is lazy.

Inojin Yamanaka, son of Sai and Ino.  He's the only member of the new generation Ino-Shika-Cho trio who takes training seriously.

Chocho Amikichi, daughter of Choji and Karui.  Not much is known about her except that she's chubby and she doesn't have a problem with it.

Himawari Uzumaki, daughter of Naruto and Hinata.  The first we see of her is when she presents her deceased uncle's grave with sunflowers.  He hopes to visit again, but with her big brother Boruto.

Rock Lee's son, name and mother unknown.  He also carries the Springtime of Youth.

Akamaru's pup(pies), self explanatory.

Mirai Sarutobi, daughter of Asuma and Kurenai.  Her official name was released in the databook of "The Last" movie.  Her current mission is to look after Kakashi and Guy.

Unanswered Questions:
What happened to Orochimaru and Kabuto after the war?  What happened to Team Hawk?  Where did the other Tailed Beasts go?  Are there any new Jinchuriki?  Did Shakaku go back to Gaara?  What did Sasuke discover on his journey?  What is the name of Lee's son and who is his mother?  How did ChoKarui happen?  When did technology advance so much in this universe?  Is Boruto aware of "One Piece"?  When was a city built on top of the Hokage Summit?  Was Kurama sleeping inside or outside of Naruto?

While some questions we had were somewhat answered in "The Last", these questions and more will probably be answered in the new Boruto series and the light novels.

I guess this was more of a summary than a review.  Meh, whatever.  I'll review "The Last" when it's available on DVD.

Previous Journal: My Pokémon Special Shippings…
WARNING!  This journal contains some spoilers!  I tried to minimize the spoilers as much as possible.  So read at your own caution.  Also, if you want to argue about your OTP's, I'm going to ask you to simply ignore this journal and move on with your life.  Seriously, I am done with arguing with people who want to start fights just because someone doesn't like the same pairings as them.  Just forget I even exist!

Pairings I love:

LuckyShipping (Red x Blue) -
This pairing is actually how I was introduced to the series... I think.  Blue was one of the few girls that Red has shown attraction to, was embarrassed by, or that he liked playing the hero for.  The others include Misty, Misty's maids, Erika, Green's random fangirls, and even Sabrina.  Based on this evidence, Red is attracted to older women.  He is not at all oblivious to women, unlike a certain anime counterpart of his...

Blue was first introduced as a girl who was causing trouble for Red.  She flirted with him, teased him, and tricked him repeatedly.  It was fun to watch the interactions between these two.  Blue continued these actions, including the flirting and teasing, even beyond the point of needing to.

Even despite this, the two supported each other when they could.  Red would repeatedly come to rescue her, being the hero he is. ;P They cheered for each other in the Pokémon League, in their own different ways...  Blue was the first to notice that Red was missing and took action in his name.

One of the biggest amount of trust between these two is a brief mention that Blue lent her Blastoise to Red for his training on Mt. Silver.  Let me clarify this: Blue lent her powerhouse starter, whom she uses for aerial attacks, to Red for his training on Mt. Silver.  Red was worried at first, but she simply told him not to worry about flying.  Both of them had to train their selves to overcome their weaknesses...

Bigger moments takes place in the FRLG arc.  After Blue goes into shock after her parents disappeared right before her, Red rescues her from falling to her doom.  He worries about when she'll wake up and finds out that the parents she was seperated from as a child were taken from her yet again.  Angered, Red vows to avenge his friend and take down those responsible for breaking her heart.

However, along the way, Red suffers a crushing defeat.  After having his Pokédex taken away, witnessing the people he was trying to protect turn against him, and all of his Pokémon sacrifice their selves to protect him, Red falls into a slump and runs away.  Blue chases after him.  Red believes she's going to chew him out, but instead she tells him she's aware of the actions he took in her name and thanks him.  He smiles, but questions that he has done more harm than good, believes that he's not even worthy of holding a Pokédex, and that he'll "dissapear" for everyone's sake.  (Damn, this is seriously dark...)  However, Blue reveals the truth behind the Professor Oak and the Pokédex.  And through a pep talk, she tells him that she'll continue fighting and rescue her parents.  After witnessing Blue's resolve, Red slowly starts to get his head back into the game.

Wow... just wow.  These two have come a long way...  It reminds me so much of a favorite Naruto pairing of mine...  Granted this moment came out years before the Naruto related moment did...

I suppose Blue can also relate to Red's situation.  He felt overwhelmed by a powerful Legendary Pokémon.  She probably sympathized with him and she had to face her own demons head on in the past.

If I had any nitpicks, it would be that I wish to see Red give at least a "thank you" to Blue.

FranticShipping (Ruby x Sapphire) - I really like this pairing.  Their interactions with each other are one of the best in the series.  They're first introduced as rivals, but they manage to get along despite each other's different personalities and interests.

The one thing I do hate about this pairing though is the supporters.  And by that I mean the people who never STFU about this particular pairing being canon.  Guys, I would love for them to be canon as much as you (well, maybe not as much as you), but last I read Ruby faked not remembering their confessions to each other and Sapphire was mad at him for it.  Although, if I had to guess, he probably faked not remembering them to save her the embrassment.

Update: Actually I found another nitpick.  And it's how overprotective Ruby can be of Sapphire.  Let me explain...

There have been at least two instances where Ruby has pushed Sapphire out of danger.  The first where he sends her away during the final battle in the RS arc.  And the second where he intentionally keeps information from her about the imminent danger to the planet in the ORAS arc.

If this story goes the way I'm certain it's going to go, we all now what happens next...  Sapphire will became upset at Ruby for being overprotective and will assume he doesn't trust in her and her strength.  Ruby, I know your heart's in the right place, but that girl will inevitably find out and she will be very hurt by your actions.

And yes, I am aware of the ORAS arc, but that arc has only begun.  So no spoilers...

AgencyShipping (Black x White) - This one I like more than FranticShipping.  So it ranks #2 of my favorite shippings.

This pairing starts off with Black mistakenly breaking property damage of the BW Agency.  So White hires him as her assistant so he can pay off the debt.  She wasn't simply using him for her services or for the fact that he just so happened to had a Tepig that the BW Agency needed.  The two traveled together and supported each other's dreams.

Black is also protective of his boss.  If he feels someone is endangering her, he will become angered and rush in to rescue her.  Sounds familiar... meh. :shrug: Anyways, one example includes when N left White traumatized after a ferris wheel incident...  (Take that, shippers!)  Rather you see Black's actions as romantic or platonic, it's obvious that he cares very deeply for White more than seeing her just his boss.

White on the other hand does everything she can to support Black's dream.  Anything from supplying items or scheduling Gym Leader battles.  And in turn, all she asks is to have him sponsor her BW Agency.  There is even a brief moment where she breaks the fourth wall and admits that she does admire him.

Their Tepig also get along well, but the Pokémon do not reflect their owners.  In fact, White learned the hard way that her Tepig had dreams of her own.  However, the incident made her grow as a character and stronger as an individual.  And I was happy when White became a trainer and trained a Servine.

I won't spoil the BW arc ending, but it was touching to say the least.  However, overall the ending felt empty and seemed simply like a setup for the following B2W2 arc.  And it seems very similar to the ending of the FRLG arc...

The one thing I do not like about this pairing is how fans like to fall back on their Tepig as evidence of the pairing.  The two Pokémon have their own personalities and dreams.  The male wants to help Black win the Pokémon League championship.  While the female wants to battle.  So yes, I was happy when White moved beyond owning a Tepig for the sake of pairing evidence and became a trainer who trained a Servine.

Pairings I'm Indifferent Towards:

ChosenShipping (Blue x Silver) -
I'm just going to put this straight out there.  I see Blue and Silver as brother and sister.  They refer to each other as such, they act as such, so I'm going to call them brother and sister.  They grew up together, care for each other, and they understand each other very well.

When I look as these two, it's obvious blood doesn't make family.  Strong bonds do.  They grew up together without memories of their biological parents.  So when they were finally free of their "evil step family", the two encouraged each other to find their own biological parents.

Silver was happy that Blue was going to be reunited with her parents.  And Blue broke into tears when Silver came to terms with his biological father...

One head canon of mine is that Blue welcomes Silver into her family with her biological parents.

If you support them as a pairing, that's fine.  There's nothing wrong with that or you.  PERIOD

MangaQuestShipping (Gold x Crystal) - I'll admit it, when I was first aware of this pairing, I thought it would be just like it's anime counterpart.  Unfortunately, it didn't give me that same satisfaction as QuestShipping.  And over time, I became to realize I probably liked the pairing because "everybody else is doing it".  Well, that and because I support Heroes x Heroines; males and females with their opposite gender counterpart.

I haven't seen much interaction or hints between the two.

However, in their HGSS arc, Crystal seemed embarrassed by what Gold would think of her in her new attire.  Poor guy only wanted to give a genuine compliment on her appearance, but the girl just wouldn't let him.

CommonerShipping (Diamond x Platinum) - Well, I can say this pairing has more hints than MangaQuestShipping.  From the time Dia first laid eyes on on Platina, he thought she was some sort of princess and even referred to her as "Lady".  Well, it was obvious from there that is was love at first sight... even if he wasn't fully aware of it...

Dia for the most part acted normal around Platina, but would be overprotective at times while Pearl made a fuss over her actions.  However, Dia did act as a knight protecting a princess when around her.  Platinum herself even puts him in that light when she has him ride her Rapidash.  Platina also takes enjoyment in Diamond's antics and jokes.

The only nitpick I can find here is that I wish that Diamond's crush went into further details.


And those are all the shippings I either love or am indifferent towards.  For security reasons, I will not list the shippings I do not like/support.  Maybe I will one day when I feel safe enough to...

I was asked by :iconakirasartworld: to make a journal about what Pokémon Special shippings I support.  It took a while, but here it is!  I dedicate this journal to her and my fellow LuckyShippers.
Hey, guys!  Here's an update on how I'm doing.

I've currently in therapy and I'm doing a little better with my mental health.  However, it's still hard for me to fall asleep at night...  The therapist has recommend sleeping pills.

I've been hanging out with a friend of mine more often and we talk regularly.  He also lives within walking distance. :)

The two of us have finally worked off enough money to buy tickets to Naruto Shippuden: The Last movie.  We've made our purchase and they're online tickets.  Going to make sure to bring my tablet and iPhone to have them scanned when we go to the theater to watch it in English sub.  I may or may not make a review after I see the movie...

Speaking of which, I finally got around to starting up a Pokémon Special pairings list.  It's my own person review of the pairings from the manga I either like or am indifferent towards.  I once promised someone I'd do this, but I keep putting it off.  I'll get it done... sooner or later...

Speaking of the manga, the ending to the Black & White arc left me feeling empty inside.  I mean, I know they were setting up for the B2W2 arc, but that felt really anticlimactic.

I'll be back to commissions around the middle of next month.

In the meantime, is there anyone out there who can illustrate my ideas?  Sounds examples include:
BurningLeafShipping: Leaf (Blue) is on the internet and is disgusted to find that people generally ship her with Green Oak; despite the fact that he's a total douche.  An idea then forms in her head: If people generally pair the heroine with the rival... later she then embarrassingly shouts to Red, asking him to be her rival.  And no, this isn't a reference to ORAS.  I had this idea for a while now.  And now seems like the perfect time to request it. ;)
LuckyShipping and SoulSilverShipping: A compare and contrast between Blue and Silver as they rip the Team Rocket uniforms off of their supposed love interests.

Also, anyone out there making journal skins?  I think it's time I updated to a new one...
Merry ChristmasShipping everyone! :iconredxblueplz:

As usual I'll be spending Christmas with my relatives.  However, this will be the first year I've invited a friend over.

Here's to a new year for more LuckyShipping ideas.  And Naruto The Last movie (subbed) coming to U.S theaters in February 2015.  Thanks to my new friend Justin, I now have people I can regularly talk to and hang with.  We plan to take BART to see it in San Francisco.

I'll be reviewing the ending of the Naruto manga soon enough.  And I should avoid watching the latest episode of Naruto Shippuden until after Christmas...
Hello, everyone.  Sorry I haven't updated much.  Especially on my stories.

I'll be honest with you guys.  You know how I can be depressing on occasions?  Well, my depression has taken a darker route.  I'll be trying to see a therapist on a regular basis.

I'm so stressed out.  I can barely sleep or stay asleep.  My hair is thinning.  And the source of this is  the same thought that has been haunting me at night since July... my own death.

*deep breath* On a lighter note, I finally fixed my financial problems.  Now I can properly pay my rent to my mother.  And sorry to my commission clients; I'll get back to each of you accordingly.  My next paycheck officially arrives in December.  Until then, I may have to do work for my father.

How do I normally make money?  Maybe I'll tell you guys one day... and then you'll understand a little more about me...

Onto other topics... should I start up LuckyShipping contests again?  The next would be Christmas themed.  So yeah, have Christmas related artwork for the pairing in mind.

Should I also give my thoughts on Naruto related stuff?
Hey, guys.  It's been a while since I last wrote a journal.

My laptop's hard drive is fried.  But the good news is I have a new tablet.  My dad bought it for me after the work I did  for him.

Well, anyways, here the people I plan to pay in September:
:iconkurumi-lover: 9/30
:iconthe-sakura-samurai: 9/30
:iconkrizeii: 9/30
:iconnekoiichi: DONE!
:iconfedogrim: 9/30
:iconerohd: 9/20
:iconlevel257: 9/30
Spot Open!
:iconelothedreamgirl: DONE!
:iconmiyuki-tsukiyono: 9/20

These guys will be my top priority for payments for the time being.

Update 9/17: Paypal is acting funny.  It's telling me I reached my limit to send and receive payments.  However, if I simply close this message, I have no problems. :iconfoxwhaplz:

Update 10/9: I'll be ready to resume Paypal commissions late next week.
Having trouble starting up my laptop.  Using my tablet right now.  I'm sorry, guys, but I might be offline for a while. :( G'night...
I know some of you are expecting payments from me.
You guys I specifically promised payments at the end of the month.

Unfortunately I am still awaiting my effing paycheck that I am supposed to receive at the end of each month and it's still NOT HERE, which frankly pisses me off.  It's the end of the month and its still not here!  Why do these people love to screw me over so much?  Oh, but it's not just me.  They purposely try whatever means to get out of paying their clients.  Even if it means taking advantage of their confusion and disabilities to get them out out of the system so they have to reapply and wait a whole month to get paid again.

I use this paycheck to pay rent and for commissions.  And it really irks me that they take their time and screw their clients over.  It also doesn't help that I feel hounded by the people I commission sometimes.  Sometimes I feel like the artists hate me and think I just make excuses.  Of course I'm sure that's just my paranoia.  I'm sure you guys don't REALLY hate me.  You just grow impatient with me for not paying on the agreed deadline, right? *sigh* I can tell where you're coming from because I have to wait to be paid on my end as well.  Just be patient a while longer, okay?  I'll contact you...

Let me be real with you guys for a moment... And please, comment below and not in notes.  You guys have jobs, right?  Have you had times where you're supposed to get a paycheck and when you expect it, you're told it will be delayed when you need it?  Or at least something along those lines...  It's frustrating, right?

In lighter, happier news... I got your package today, :iconakirasartworld:.  Thank you. :heart: As soon as I figure out how to put a bulletin board on the wall, I will stick it there. :iconlainloveplz:

Also, thank you for the key chains as well.  Though I do find it curious why they are not of the same periods.  Why is one character of the modern arc and the other character of the classic arc? :? Meh, whatever... :shrug: Thank you. :pat:

UPDATE: Conflict resolved!  I still ask you guys to be a patient with me.  For those I promised big payments, I will need to pay you halves or thirds right now and the other parts on May 3 and/or May 13.

Also, I am finishing up school for this semester.  And I need as little frustration as possible.

Second UPDATE: Currently finishing up school for this semester.  I may have the ability to pay off a few more commission this months.  Other than that, most of you will have to wait til around May 17 when school is done for this semester.

Due to some convincing from a certain client of mine, I have decided to open commissions.  Story commissions for $5 each.  This will help me pay off my current commission roster. :)

*I mainly write romance.  Hetero and yuri are fine.  No yaoi, please. :please: PLEASE!
*No OC’s, please.  I am begging you, no OC’s.  They are really difficult for me to write.  Hell, I haven’t worked on mine much...
*I will tell you my Paypal in a private note after we have agreed on the story.
*I reserve the right to reject any pairing I feel uncomfortable with.  Please understand.  But by all means, do ask and see if it’s alright.
*The main franchises I enjoy writing include Naruto, Bleach, Sonic, Pokémon, and Mega Man.  Not sure what else...  Crossovers are acceptable too… within reason…
*Yes, I can write NSFW.  However, due to dA’s complicated rules, I cannot post them here.
*For now, I think I should open 5 slots to pace myself.  I will probably start writing next month.
*I have set my price low because I am just beginning commissions.
*You can comment below or leave a note.
*Sad stories, murder, gore, and that are prohibited.  Let's keep things on light-hearted, people.

:icongaiseric427: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Patience by TintjeMadelintje101

Waiting list:
1. :iconsnyslon93:

Art Trades:
:iconpetrusamato:: BenevolentShipping

Since I have commissioned multiple people, I need to prioritize when I will pay each individual. Some people I can pay in whole since their prices are cheap enough. While others were kind enough to agree to me paying in installments. So, here's the new list. Your name will be added to the list and I will tell you when I'm ready to pay.

Paypal Commissions:

:iconsatrathai:: Pay in fourths.  August 31
:icongatoh721:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconmario-reg:: Pay in halves. August 14 and August 28  Awaiting the next update...
:iconlaurapaladiknight:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconkurumi-lover:: Pay in thirds.  August 15
:iconthe-sakura-samurai:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconkissicchi:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconfidjera:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 2-4 by TintjeMadelintje101 July 31
:iconkrizeii:: Pay in full for one.  June 13
:iconli-fae:: Pay in halves.  June 31
:iconskygiratina00: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101 Awaiting the next update...
:iconnekoiichi:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 2-4 by TintjeMadelintje101 Pay in halves.  August 13
:iconmono-land:: Pay in full.  August 31
:iconthatlooserlulu:: To be announced...  Pay after commission is done.
:iconoceanleviathan:: To be announced...  Awaiting the next update...
:iconweretoons101:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconjeshika-haruno:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 2-4 by TintjeMadelintje101 Awaiting the next update...
:iconpenelopeandme:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconchikorita85:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconcheckz3:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 3-4 by TintjeMadelintje101 August 31
:iconnikoh:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconayayanagisawa:: Pay $25 at the end of the month. Your accounts has been suspended/deactivated twice now, due to people being pricks. Please contact me through email or Facebook.  The payment will have to wait til August.
:iconxano501:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconsakurahimeart:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconlorenzosabia:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 2-4 by TintjeMadelintje101 July 8
:iconj8d:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconaidmoon:: August 31
:iconfimii:: September 3
:iconmeje2:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconfedogrim:: August 8
:iconartemisumi:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 2-4 by TintjeMadelintje101 August 13
:iconerohd:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 3-4 by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconnovanoah: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconstarmvenus:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconlevel257:: August 31
:iconpia-sama:: August 31 Nothing started yet.
:iconsilentj75:: September 8 Send me your Paypal anytime.
:iconoverlordjc:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 2-4 by TintjeMadelintje101 August 8
:iconluo-qin: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconn-eru: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconla-emperatriz: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101

:iconringing-belle:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconrealise-frenchfries:: Shadow finds out Maria is comatose.
:iconpoke-girl333:: Write an AgencyShipping story.

:iconmei-saime:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101
:iconart-ikaro:: To be announced...
:iconaneclipseatdusk:: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - Done by TintjeMadelintje101

Story Commission:
:icongaiseric427: Comish: NaruXHina Progressbar - In Progress 2-4 by TintjeMadelintje101

Days are set to change. Please leave a polite comment below if I owe you something. ^^;
In case you missed the last journal, here's my current situation:  ...Okay, here's the deal, guys.  I only make $100 each month.  It's the only money I live on when going to school, going out, and living with my mom.  I do chores around the house too and sometimes my mom pays me an extra $20.  Sometimes my dad sends me money when I need it.  And I'm only supposed to use my credit card when I really have to.
So to the people I have commissioned, I need to ask you a favor:
*If my commission is over $15, I ask that you allow me to pay in halves.  The first half when requested.  And the second half by the end of the month.
*If my commission is over $30, I ask that you allow me to pay in thirds.  The first half when requested.  And the others whenever it is most convenient.
*If my commission is over $45, I ask that you allow me to pay in fourths.  Dear God, why would I commission anything this high?  Am I that stupid? *sigh*
Let me honest with you.  Someone once sent me a note and asked if I wanted t
 I think I'll do with commissions starting Thursday.

Anyways, sorry I've been gone for a while, guys.  I was called away to New Orleans to attend my grandmother's funeral.  That's my mom's mother.

Anyways, had to spend some time with relatives, most of which annoy me.  Because of how loud and obnoxious they can be.  Or how they can overlook things.  But hey, that's family...

So, yeah... I wasn't really close or familiar with grandma.  But I had to be there for mom.  Despite how much I knew things would drag on and annoy me, I made sure to make time for her.

*sigh* Now look at what happens when I return... over 1000 messages to check, response to, or delete.  Yeah... I think I'll deal with all this tomorrow.  As for my stories, I'll get back to them ASAP.

I guess when you get older, you have to deal with death more and more.  Damn... that makes me sad...

G'night, guys...
Okay, here's the deal, guys.  I only make $100 each month.  It's the only money I live on when going to school, going out, and living with my mom.  I do chores around the house too and sometimes my mom pays me an extra $20.  Sometimes my dad sends me money when I need it.  And I'm only supposed to use my credit card when I really have to.

So to the people I have commissioned, I need to ask you a favor:
*If my commission is over $15, I ask that you allow me to pay in halves.  The first half when requested.  And the second half by the end of the month.
*If my commission is over $30, I ask that you allow me to pay in thirds.  The first half when requested.  And the others whenever it is most convenient.
*If my commission is over $45, I ask that you allow me to pay in fourths.  Dear God, why would I commission anything this high?  Am I that stupid? *sigh*

Let me honest with you.  Someone once sent me a note and asked if I wanted to commission them.  (Note, they sought me out.  Not the other way around.)  I thought it was an alright idea.  So I decided to commission Geo x Luna.  But as soon as they told me that the commission was $80, I immediately tried to bail out and recommended that we drop the commission entirely.  I explained that it would be extremely difficult for me to pay off that kind of money.  I don't know if the person mistook my words somehow, but they did the commission anyways.  I probably shouldn't go any further into this story... :( (Paying off $20 a month is alright, I think.  But come on...)

Guys, I am really stressing out right now, okay?  So maybe we can arrange what days and months I can send a payment and how much at a time.  For some of you, I need to ask that we resume payments next month.  Maybe I should update this current journal with the avatars and prices of people I still owe payments to.  And then update what's left...

People To Pay:
:iconsatrathai:: Pay in fourths.  March 13
:iconfijera:: Pay in halves.  March 13
:icongatoh721:: Pay in March.
:iconmario-reg: Pay in halves.  March 13
:iconlaurapaladiknight:: Pay in fourths.  March 13
:iconkurumi-lover:: Pay in thirds.  March 13

UPDATE 2/16/14: My mother's mother just passed away.

UPDATE 2/19/14: I'll be flying to attend my grandmother's funeral today.  I will return on Wednesday.  Hopefully they have Wi-Fi where i will be staying.
Okay.  After so much needed recuperation, I'm starting to feel better.  I'm watching my diet and not eating so much fried food.  However, I don't think I have passed this kidney stone yet...

Anyways, I will be resuming commissions I owe people.  If I owe you something, go ahead and comment below on what exactly I owe you.  And please, be polite about it. ^^; Don't just come and be like "Hey.  When are you going to finish my commission?  I've been waiting forever."

Also, feeling sad.  I need some shipping love.  No, not just Lucky.  I want to see more artwork of VisorShipping and KalosShipping.  Should I just go to tumblr or Pixiv in an attempt to help?  I saw some graphic stuff that really upset me, that I rather not go into... please don't ask.

As for the Sequel stuff, I cannot stand it.  Don't get me wrong, I do like Hugh as a character.  I just cannot see him as good boyfriend material.  Then again, I don't really care for the rivals and how annoying they can be at times.  Or how they always get the female player in the fandoms.  Then I ask "But what about the male player?"  Most them are alright, but overall I can not see them as a good boyfriend for the female player.  Especially not the ultimate douchebag, Green Oak. :iconfoxgrrplz:

*sigh* I'll update this journal with what I will work on this month.  Both for commissions and stories I want to write.  I should make a poll about the sort of things I want to request and commission in general from people...

UPDATE 2/4/14: I will purchase more points tomorrow after I go out.

Naruto Chapter 663: Sakura: OMG!  I was performing CPR on Naruto.  Will you people GROW UP!  I'm doing everything I can to save my friend here.  So lay off!

Long story short, Sakura is trying to keep his heartbeat going.  It's CPR, people.  Grow up!  And I have to admit, her strategy to keep it going is quite clever. :iconthinkplz: Also, this made me smile. :D…

What's got my attention is Karin suddenly becoming Kushina.  Forget Hinata, forget Sakura.  Karin is the one who has the most in common with Kushina.  Just saying... :shrug: Wait, how does Orochimaru know Kushina?! :iconfoxshockplz: And who is that under the Tobi Zetsu?  And who is that at Sasuke's place?

UPDATE 2/6/14:

I'm not sure what to do.  I'm trying my best to pay off the debts I owe to artists who I commissioned.  But some artists charge over my comfort zone.  At this rate, I will have to start making payments in halves or even fourths.  Or I may have to delay some payments altogether until next month.  Gotta relax, don't wanna stress myself out...
I woke up this morning feeling fine.  But after I finished my business in the bathroom, I started feeling an agonizing pain in my right side.  I thought it would eventually go away on it's own.  I was wrong, and it only got worse.  The throbbing pain got so bad that I had to go to my mom and we decided to go to the hospital.  But not before puking in the toilet.

I had problems getting my clothes on.  And when we starting to drive away, I was yelling and moaning in pain.  We eventually arrived at the emergency drive-in and I was put in a wheelchair and taken to the emergency desk.  I told them about my throbbing pain in my right side.  After that, I was admitted a room and waited for the doctor.

While I waited, mom had to help me with my hospital gown.  I cried out in pain as I tossed and turned on the bed.  Some nurses arrived to give me a barf bag, but it arrived too late...

Eventually the nurse arrived and started to take care of me.  I was put on anesthetic to ease the pain.  My bed was carried away as I started to fall asleep.  They took samples from me and scanned my body to find the problem.

When I awoke, the doctor told me I had a small stone in my kidney.  The doctor told me to drink more liquids and gave the prescriptions.  Mom told me to cut back on fried food and dad called to tell me to drink more water.

I have different medications to help with the nausea and puking, pain killers, and to help the stone pass.  They are all drowsy medication.

I do not feel comfortable to continue with commissions I ordered from people right now.  So I am postponing them until the middle of the month...  I may not be on as much...

Happy New Year...

New Projects

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 8, 2013, 2:43 PM

Future/Ongoing Projects
:iconredxblueplz: - Continue LuckyShipping series "Do You Feel Lucky?".
:iconburningleafshipping: - Write a reboot of your BurningLeafShipping series "Autumn and Copper".
:iconblackxwhiteplz:Write a sequel series of "Co-Workers".
:iconnarutoxhinataplz: - Write a reboot of your NaruHina Pokemon series "Orange Sun & Blue Moon".
:iconnarutoxhinataplz: - Continue your "Free Will vs. Destiny" and make the series more interesting to read. :iconfacepalmplz:
:iconnarutoxhinataplz: - Write a Naruto x RTN Hinata series.  Basically Naruto's life with the Road To Ninja Hinata instead.

Abandoned Stories
-"Breaking The Fourth Wall" - This series is more of a side joke and I only feel like doing it from time to time.  And when I have the inspiration.
-"Shonen Quest" - I've pretty much abandoned this series.  Why?  Because frankly I'm just shipping MangaQuestShipping because it makes the most sense out of all the Johto Dex Holders shippings.  The reason why I've abandoned this series is because I've grown neutral to this pairing.  And like most other Pokemon Special shippings, I'm basing the characters off of how the fan-base portrays them instead of how the characters themselves actually act.  And taking taking things out of context and reading into things that aren't really there... :iconfoxsighplz: ...or claiming something is there without any real proof.
-"Interviews" - Same as the two above.  It's a side joke.  I'm only doing it from time to time.  And the fan-base portrays the characters differently than how they actually act.
Note: Don't look forward to me starting up these series up again anytime soon.  It makes sad just to try... :(

Art-Trade/Commission Status
October-November Commission~Well, my birthday is coming up next month.  October 24th.  I wonder if anyone will send me any birthday gifts on dA...
Would it be too much to ask for some NSFW?  (Even if it won't be posted on dA...)  Ooh~ Make it LuckyShipping!  I want some LuckyShipping NSFW, please!
Anyways, I'll update this journal later with my to-do list...    Sorry guys, I haven't been feeling much inspiration lately...
And I think I'll take on some commissions later on as well. But more info on that later...
Looks like my check won't be coming this month... so commissions might have to be on hold for a while.  Of course my dad did transfer some cash.
UPDATE: The U.S government was closed since the beginning of this month.  It was a nationwide crisis.  So my monthly paycheck was delayed. However, it seems that the crisis is over and I should be receiving my paycheck this week.  Sorry for the inconvenience, everyone.
 Here's the status on on my art-trades and commissions.  If you wanted me to write about your OC or a crack pairing, please order something else.  I can't be bothered to find the inspiration for either.  We can discuss a new order on THAT journal, NOT THIS ONE.  If you write a comment on THIS JOURNAL, I will simply delete your comment from my inbox.  Please send all art-trade/commission orders to the thumbnail journal.  If you want to comment about my projects or abandoned stories, you can comment here.  Am I being clear enough? -_-