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Under the sea ~

My other contribution for Mermay 2021:D (2/2

I can’t stop me from make Ariel or Melody, my favorite sirens. But this time I wanted to do Ariel with Eric under the ocean. I always loved this version where in the end, it is Eric who chooses to follow Ariel in Atlantica rather than the opposite. It would have been a super plot-twist 8D Then, Ariel would have been able to stay with her family and Melody would have been born mermaid directly  Love  But we can also imagine that the couple can choose whether or not to transform themselves when they want with the magic of the trident hihi. In short, Eric in triton it makes me dream! I am a dummy! Heart 

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Enjoy ~ 
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That's whaymt I am doing, minus the ablity to be human.

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Amazing. :) This is the best picture I've seen from you. :)

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Awww thank you for the compliment <3

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Whoua, ils sont superbes!!:love:

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Merci beaucoup !! :heart:

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