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VOCALOID3 Oliver Offical Art



Here it is, folks! Oliver's official box art!!

To give you all some background on Oliver's design:
The main inspirations for his outfit were the uniforms worn by the Vienna Boys Choir, and the kinds of clothes upper-class boys and men would wear in the late 18th-early 19th century. When I was first put up to the task of designing for Oliver, I was told he was a "classical" type VOCALOID, so naturally I went for a classical design.
The bandages are there for the sake of keeping the whole "monster" theme that PowerFX is known for. Stitches didn't look quite right, so I went for bandages instead.
Only surprisingly late in development did we realize that our Oliver bore similarities to Oliver Twist. So that was just pure coincidence. 8P

James was referenced from other pictures of goldfinches. There was no reference used for Oliver.

*EDIT* Thank you so much for your kind words, everyone! I'm glad you all like him so much! (whew! <XD)
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you are the most lovley person. you designed this british choir boy! i love it so much. i cant see him any other way! *luka is absolutely in love with him*