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VOCALOID3 James Official April Fools

Hey VOCALOID fans! Big news! We're are very proud to announce VOCALOID3 James! You asked for it, and we delivered! James will have a very unique voicebank made up entirely of American Goldfinch chirps~ The perfect compliment to any Oliver song! Stay tuned for more news about this very special V3!

April Fools~ >w<
But holy crap lots of positive feedback. Woah. o^o You guys would actually pay for a birdloid? <XD I find that really surprising.

*EDIT 2*
After realizing that a lot of people were really excited about the idea of a James VOCALOID, we talked a bit amongst ourselves... While I can safely say that VocaTone won't be making him an actual VOCALOID, we may try to figure something out for you guys. ;)
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Northern-Leuchte's avatar
LOL I was so happy to go to youtube and search some james covers.

:"D chirp chirp chiiirp
starzza's avatar
Make him an UTAU or something
animeaves's avatar
This is wonderful~ >w<
0toto's avatar

oh this cruel world
how sad
so true OTL

Haneoka's avatar
C'mon! Make this happen! At least make him an UTAU! :'D XD Does he really only chirp? What about a personified James? :'D He can then sing real words, huh?
Holly--Jolly's avatar
LOL PFFFFFFFFFFFFT I MISSED THIS. James would tweet all the notes right. Aaaaaaand the disturbing image of a James vocaloid singing Romeo and Cinderella....oh that would be so awkward LOL.

But this is awesome. Hmmmmm I wonder what ya'll are planning~?
lawlietlk's avatar
Imagine him singing Canary. 8P That would be strangely awesome.
Maha-Solo's avatar
so cool) i like it
kitsune-katastrophe's avatar
I think the best idea would be to make like an expansion for Oliver. Bird sounds and chirps and let James kind of whistle or "sing" along with Oliver and add to his songs. :)

I thought that was going to be the original idea anyway because of the teaser with the hat and the bird chirping. :b
lawlietlk's avatar
That's pretty much what we hope do to some time in the near future~
kitsune-katastrophe's avatar
Oh! Kewl! I shall leave you guys to it, then! ^-^ I'm just a lowly fan. What do I know? xD
windexter's avatar

James is a Birdloid? I can officially die happy.
MatoChii's avatar
you can make a UTAU out of him :33333333333
fudgecakeee's avatar
Eye see what u did there, what a lovely April Fools joke. XD

*half expects you to say its not an April Fools joke*
pancakes314's avatar
Is this an April Fools joke...?

Oh god, please no.
waraulol's avatar
This is official...


April Fool's joke. :trollface:
P-Chan93's avatar
lol really wonder if its another joke or not XD
SAKUloid's avatar
Some people are saying this could be an April fool's joke. But we'll see. I hope it's not ;A;

I really will look forward to this...even if it is only bird sounds LOL
chibichibimana's avatar
Mother of God ...this is great!!! Animaloid! \(°7°)/
xMitsubachix's avatar
Oh man, the first time I heard about this today I was SO scared it was an April Fool's joke, but now I think it's legit. Oh my gosh, this is amazing! :iconexplodelaplz:
Victory-Star's avatar
This is why I love companies that connect to their fans a lot
derFisch95's avatar
A thousand times YES.
PinKunoichi's avatar
Love the picture, don't love how its April Fools.
dooliedude's avatar
Not sure if April Fools...
Or greatest thing ever. e_e
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