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Oliver Reference Sheet

By lawlietlk
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Frnn.... Not entirely happy with this, but it serves its purpose. I was originally going to make this much bigger and more detailed, but I figured there was really no need.

If you have any other questions concerning his design, feel free to ask. I'll be happy to answer them. C:

My crappy hand writing is much easier to read that way, and the colors are more accurate.
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Its amazing,the design is just gorgeous!And I really like your art style!
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Thank you so much for designing Oliver! I love him, is my favourite Vocaloid of all of them! You´re amazing! <3 
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You really did an amazing job designing Oliver, its my favorite of all the vocaloids! ;7; 
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I have a Q. What is Oliver's real personality? Please reply back! >.<Llama Emoji-10 (Shy) [V1] Seto Kousuke (Being shy and kawaii) [10] Kaori Fujimiya (Total Shyness) [V1] Chiyo Shy Icon Yuuta Togashi (Shy) [V1] Llama shy Gou Matsuoka (Sees Hawt Body -Shy-) [V1] 
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Umm... about the bandage on his face, is there any visible parts of that particular bandage at the back of his head or did he hid them in his hair or hat?? XD
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A really big help! *thumbs up*
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I just noticed something! Oliver wears a female button down shirt instead of a male one.

How you can tell: The buttons on a female shirt will be to your left, and for a male shirt they will be to your right. (Example here:… )

Oliver's Left is your right.
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Is it okay if I use this while doing some fanart?
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Thank you for this reference! This is really nice!
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I don't know if you've said this before, but have you decided a height for him??
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it says inside stripe thick and outside stripe thin but on the picture its opposite- is this just an error? (sorry need to know for cosplay)
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On this ref sheet inside = closest to the center/body.
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ok thank you very much! my own fault for not realising that.
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This will help me tremendously with the Oliver plush I'm making. Thank you for this. ^-^
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It's so amusing how the people at Vocaloid Wiki think this is concept art.
It was made after Oliver's art, and the concept art comes before the finalised art, so this can't be concept art. XD Or can it...?
And it also clearly says "ref. sheet"~
But no, they call it concept art.
The Vocaloid Wiki people obviously don't like reading. XD
i like it o(*≧▽≦)ツ ...
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Is there an eye under that face bandage?
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No idea. 8P Everyone has their own ideas as to what's under that bandage.
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Eeyup. That's why I said it. 8P
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I wonder if anyone has said that he has two eyes under it.
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Some people have. Some people say he's got some robot eye underneath it, some people say it's just an empty socket that James uses as a nest, some people say he has horrible burn scars, some say he's a zombie, some say he was attacked by fangirls... etc etc

Everyone has their own story, but officially he has no backstory except for the fact that he's a 12 year old choir boy.
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