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Miku on The Late Show with David Letterman!

By lawlietlk
Drawn for the Hatsune Miku Official Facebook page. What an honor!

BIG MIKU NEWS! Miku will be performing on The Late Show with David Letterman on October 8th! YOU GUYS CAN SEE MIKU ON TV!!!!
Make sure to watch!!! And go to Miku Expo too~

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I don't think Miku is going to have anything more than a cult following here in the States.  Of course, I could be wrong.  I am a big fan of Todd in the Shadows and he has a horrible track record at predicting who is going to have a hit.  However, I do have some justification for my prediction.

In 1954, record executive Sam Phillips said that he could make a million dollars if he could find that one white guy who could sing like a black guy. Shortly after that statement, he met Elvis.  I bring that up because there are many examples of white people finding great mainstream success with black art forms.  I also think there there is also a relationship between that factor and that most American pop stars come from America.  For these reasons. I think that the first Virtual pop star who has staying power in the American mainstream will be essentially an American version of a Vocaloid.
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Hell freezes over! XD
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I used Google image search just to find the source of this comic and favorite it. It's that good.
Sylvia-of-Wings's avatar
I wish I could go to Miku Expo.... sadly I live a few too many states away, and I have a lack of funds.  But seriously, I really like this comic! It's really funny and spot on.  Thanks for the smiles!
VocaloidBRSFreak97's avatar
Is is alright if I can do a fan reading on this comic? (I'll do it when I get one male voice actor and one female voice actor to participate in it with me) I'll give you credit for that.
lawlietlk's avatar
Yes, absolutely! :D
RVFanatic1's avatar
kid's just like "in yo' face bitch! now pay up!!"
DisgaeaDragoon's avatar
LMAO this made my night!

She really should watch what she says about people; it may just come true...
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hueeee XD good one
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I nearly died laughing seeing the news hahaha Miku on Letterman?! Well then, suck it Bill O'Reilly (he once had a segment and called Miku a pinhead after seeing a video of some robot singing with her voicebank).
RVFanatic1's avatar
lol well i guess miku appearing on this show is the proverbial "teabagging" for him isn't it xD. MIKU FTW
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Streaked-Silver's avatar
A .. freaken mazing..   This is awesome, I'm so glad to hear the news as well.
Elthalen's avatar
I really love the Badass "Just deal with it" face of miku.
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This is brilliant omg
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Thanks for the info! And what an awesome comic :)
SonezakiRin's avatar
I saw this on Facebook ;v; you're great
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