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The Pledge
She started slow, eyes like diamonds in the dark.
Her touch burned with an unexpected intensity.
There was only this, only her, only my hand against her flesh,
and the warmth of my conviction. She was mine, tonight and every night here after.
With this kiss, I pledge her my all. Our desires mingled greedily.
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Table Manners
I drink you till I'm full, but I'm never satisfied.
There's always one more morsel to be dipped,
a bit more sauce to taste, one last bite to devour.
Oh, and how I devour all of you. My thirst never quenched,
I drown myself in the ecstasy of your cries.
Breathing isn't necessary, only myth.
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This is not where I wanted to be. Not here, not without you.
Too much has changed or been allowed to change.
I blame you. You, me. An endless circle, only one halted.
Rust grumbling away at the gears. Despite our spite, every dove,
abortive laugh, and breathless sigh forces reminiscence to the fore unbidden.
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Mature content
Nicole :iconlawlesspriest:LawlessPriest 0 0
Mature content
just beyond reach :iconlawlesspriest:LawlessPriest 0 0
are we both on page 98?
It's quite obvious, to me at least,
that I love you and I'm ready and willing
to do anything to show you that I care.
Do you understand?
I'm serious about this relationship,
so tell me… are you?
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are we both on page 97?
Do you need me the way I need you?
Or am I simply deluding myself?
You and I say so much,
yet I can still feel the canyon
separating us from one another.
I know there are a lot of things,
sacred things,  
that I've kept from you,
but I'm starting to wonder
if withholding them
is worth the price I'm paying.
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Life comes upon me
Life comes upon me with obnoxious grace and aging patience.
I take in its glory with the eager eyes of the horrified and the depressed,
remaining still in spite of the pleasant nastiness in his voice.
He makes requests of me with the quiet of two year olds,
his eyes bright with kind malice.
I reply in a suitable manner,
Life halts as if frozen, awed by my counter:
resplendent and dazzling in its injury,
magnificent in its mistakes,
splendid and brilliant at how properly improper my rejoinder.
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deprived and annoyed
I'm there again, that place,
the one outside of it all,
Sleep's run away again,
our breakup all over twitter.
But insomnia's more than faithful.
She's holding my hand, tightly,
pulling my fingers apart, bit by torturous bit.
The pills don't help.
I never took them anyway, never been a fan.
Plastic edges, liquid lies, grainy addictions,
I want nothing to do with them.
Their names: like compliant diseases,
cheerful disorders, and eager illnesses.  
How come the cure has more symptoms than the ailment?
How come the commercials make me sicker?
How come nothing good is ever on at four in the morning?
How come insomnia doesn't come with a first aid kit?
How come I can't find my socks?
And why does big bird's nose look like a penis?
No, but really, where the hell are my socks?
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I couldn't help but notice her
I couldn't help but notice her.
I knew she was special the first time I laid eyes on her,
completely out of my league , she was the summer moon
and I was just a lonely star.
It was her smile that drew me to her I think.
I remember the first time she aimed it my way,
I swear, I forgot my name.
I couldn't help but admire her.
My friends just laughed at me whenever I talked about her,
but I knew they understood,
every guy that's ever seen her understood.
I haven't met any women amazing as her,
who stands out like her, who shines like her,
not like her,
I couldn't help but be in awe of her.
I could describer her, but it would take seven pages.
I could talk about her short silky brown hair,
or those gorgeous chocolate eyes of hers,
but what point would that serve.
Her beauty can't be described
You'd have to meet her, greet her,
experience the wonder that is… her.
I couldn't help but appreciate her.
She calls me her friend,
but every part of me wants to be much more,
much more.
Yet, the
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Mature content
+Amanda... + :iconlawlesspriest:LawlessPriest 0 1
+ Strange World +
Nothing is guaranteed, this world isn't guaranteed,
not your life, your dreams, nothing but your death.
who's to say how things will end
when we can't even agree on where we began
hope fails, jumps and drops like a lonely flag on a windy day.
But faith can disappear after horrendous tragedies
yet burn hotter for the sake of vengeance
It's strange how this world works,
or it's to say, stranger how we've let
this world work.
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+++social outcry+++
+++social outcry+++
I've been ripped and torn,
tossed and traded,
battered and beat down,
all in the name of righteousness
and glory...
glory in the name of advancement,
personal advancement, but not my own.
I've been shot at and blown up,
stranded and abandoned,
bossed and ordered about,
all by people who don't know
what they're doing,
who can't see the consequences
or don't care about the consequences
of actions made to fill their own coffers.
I've been protested and picketed,
praised and used,
shunt out and abused,
all over the news and on radio too,
just so they can put up a good face,
one all bloated and sweeten
to help numb the public's opinion
over an issue that has more horrors that heroes.
I've been neglected and forgotten
portrayed, but wrongly
freed but with my rights refused
all so that those in power can gain
just that... more power
like some drug they outlawed
but used themselves
while others live and die
to trade, sell, and consume
a substance most vicious  
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She want's me to say
what she wants me to say,
but I can't, the timing isn't right.
And it's not about comitment
or any of that old cliched bull.
There are just things
that I have to do,
things that I can't do with her...
not here, not now.
It's not that I don't want to be with her...
I do.
I do want to be with her,
I need to be with her...
but the place I'm at in my life
just won't allow it.
I don't have that option yet.
I don't want to get her
and then lose her because of my situation,
I don't want to hold her down
or anything of that nature either
but that's where things would end
and I don't need that in my life.
Hurting her is not my goal.
So, I keep things cool,
seeing as how I don't want to
lose her friendship and end up
cutting myself off from her presence.
And I do the things
that were needed to be done,
had to be done.
I do the deal, working it all out as I go.
But I can't take too long,
I can't leave her waiting forever,
that just won't do.
And when things are
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... sigh
Like the saviour of boredom,
protector of peace of mind, peace of mind.
Coming in pettie increments
barely enough to satisfy
it almost makes you want to cry.
Sitting, waiting,
dreaming of something to do,
hoping for some kind of clue
between the timely spaced idea's,
sugestions that prove fruitless
and eventually getting me into even more of a mess
Signaling my escape
from the continued suffering
of my tortured conscious
that life was bothering
But freedom's head poke forth
bathing my cornered self
with much needed relief.
protector of peace of mind peace of mind.
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Missed chances
Ragged they sit,
baffled and misplaced
beside the others.
My thoughts are lost
and scattered amongst the stars,
blown away by cosmic winds
This isn't a new predicament,
I have felt this almost complete
loss of control briefly in the past,
but never so strongly as of now.
Is it that I have no sense of direction
in my life, no ends to a feasible means,
no goal to aim for worth my efforts.
Or do I just not see the path,
have I looked ahead but not beyond?
Is there something more to query,
a personal issue left unattended to
that impedes my growth?
There are even times when I wonder
whether I've missed my chance,
my speeding comet burning across the sky,
whether it passed me by unnoticed, unaware,
mistaken as just another stray fragment, just
another insignificant meteorite.
Did I cast it aside, tossed it aside
before I ever even knew what I held?  
If so then I'll just have to be patient,
and wait for my comet to come around,
and I'll catch it, flames licking my hand,
still burn
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A blouse turmeric yellow
On a youth, terminally mellow
Lined, crumpled, irregulous
(the blouse)
Silk, a fabric to be ironed
She a girl not bothered
By a few creases in her fleeces.
Paprika red tresses, cropped close for convenience
Bristling with potential for lyrical length
Averted intentionally
By a girl bored of boring.
Lemongrass legs
(lemongrass leggings)
A herby heathen vegan
The incredible, edible
aromatic Ms. Miranda.
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in the helium of a night
where constellations ignite
the blood-spattered atrium
of a late summer's sky,
I find myself a comet
shooting the urban grid
in an urgency as I race
a suicidal rim on two wheels
in the blackness between the fires,
my red-shifted thoughts crossing
light years out-of-body
and outliving me
till the awareness of you
slingshots me at Mach speed
to await your arrival
long before it happens,
caught at the last light
so close to my destination,
inhaling the danger of you,
where to idle the demon
begs disaster, even if the
interlude proves a watershed –
by Neptune's light, I will
wish to death I had run the red
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you know what I mean, it's like they can do just small things and it'll just make all of the foolishness that's been threatening to crash down on you seem far away.

...sigh, women.

Oh, yeah before I forget, I added two new poems, and you guessed it, they're about females.


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