The Meaning of Moop and Meep

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- A word to fill the silence with the hopes of making the other person laugh.

"I said moop and things were comfortable again."

- Matter Out Of Place (M-O-O-P )

- The noise a turtle makes
turtle- .:pokes head out of shell and looks around:. moop



The most versatile word in the English language, or in fact any language!

Can mean whatever you want it to mean, but the most popular uses are:
1. An exclamation akin to 'ouch' or 'uh oh..'
2. Filling in the blanks where other (rude) words would go.
3. A greeting! I personally say meep instead of Hello...
4. A random expression of happiness used to fill gaps in conversation.

Meep is the best word ever! Meep!
1. "HEY GET BACK HERE!!!" "Meep!" 0.0
2. "Ahh.. Meeping Hell!" >.<
3. "Meep." ^.^
4. "....meep...." ^__^

It's the sound that Beaker from the Muppet Show makes

An exclamation which can be used for any purpose whatsoever.

Interestingly enough, the religious sect 'The Followers of the Meep' regard the use of the word Meep by any non-Follower as heresy.

The Great Meeper said, "This non-Follower has committed the grievous crime of Meeping without a licence."

Meep : Sums up everything.

Mr.Smith: "Why didn't you do your homwork assginment tonight Jefferey?"
Jefferey: "Meep."
Mr.Smith: "I see I see. "

This is a word which is used when you are at lack of what to say or just wish to say something random. It's sure to make an impact.
dude:"The pink elephant ate my orange :("
dudette: "oh meep :( "

1) a more light-hearted version of the exclamation "eep"
2) a prettyful sound used to fill silent gaps in a conversation
#1 - "You got an A-, you usually get A's"
#2 -" Meep! "
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