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DC's Booster Gold



This is my take on Booster Gold (along with his partner Skeets). I'm not going to do a bio for him, but if I did, it would be fateful to the comic origins of him.

I really enjoyed episodes from Brave and The Bold that featured Booster becoming more humble. I especially loved his spot light episode in Justice League Unlimited. Seeing a guy with a massive ego become much more humble as time goes one.
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Speaking of that episode of Dtatic Shock a few months ago the one that tackled racism with the reveal of Richie's father being a white supremacist and the fact he pretty much hated Virgil just because he's black and hates his son being best friends with a black kid and hearing what those sorts of people are like white supremacists it makes me dread what's he going to do when he finds out that his son Richie is gay as that was confirmed by one of the original creators at the show since white supremacists are usually homophobic as well as racist