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DC's Booster Gold

This is my take on Booster Gold (along with his partner Skeets). I'm not going to do a bio for him, but if I did, it would be fateful to the comic origins of him.

I really enjoyed episodes from Brave and The Bold that featured Booster becoming more humble. I especially loved his spot light episode in Justice League Unlimited. Seeing a guy with a massive ego become much more humble as time goes one.
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Nice work. Fun fact his appearances on Batman the brave and the bold is my introduction to him
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Same here as well. I never got a chance to see his appearance on Justice League Unlimited until after the it ended.
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Same on my end. I finally saw his episode on Unlimted and I laughed at that kid who thought Booster Gold was Green Lantern.
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Same! and as a trivial tidbit, The voice actors for Booster and Skeets from Unlimited reprised their roles for Brave and the Bold.
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That’s interesting