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[ J ] O I N I N G

Obvious for Lox members only so please don't ask to join if you're not!

To join in either [AskLox Tumblr ] or [LoxTumblr] Send a note to either WikiME or El-Nmriyeh with your Tumblr e-mail and well send you the invitation.

[ L ] O X  A R T  T U M B L R

Lox Art Tumblr  is used for members to post anything related to LoX.

   ☠ You can submit images directly to Lox Tumblr.

   ☠ Or, if they are already on your own Tumblr, ask someone to reblog them for you. Though you can reblog it from someone who reblogged it from you before. (Wow this sound  complicated..)

   ☠ Post it on DA and then blog it to Lox Tumblr.

   ☠ Keep the "Law of X" Tag so it would be easier to search for the images.

   ☠ Include tags to indicate if it was a comic, sketch, WIP, characters, etc. and whether or not it was RP-related... just to keep the blog organized.

[ A ] S K  L O X  T U M B L R

AskLox Tumblr is for members or guests to ask LoX related questions


   ☠ Unless the ask requires multiply replies, answering the asks is first come first serve (we don't want the same question answered 100 times)! If you really want to answer an ask someone else claimed, edit the same post and add your answer in there.

   ☠ To claim a ask you liked quickly,  screencap it and delete it so that we know someone took it.Do not delete it if you're unsure - deleting it from your inbox will delete it for everybody! Please be careful.

   ☠ Only answer one question at a time! After you finish answer it you can answer another one. Don't go deleting 5 questions saying you want to answer them then you get lazy or have no time for them. Think ahead!

   ☠ Do not claim questions that are clearly meant for someone or was asked directly to them (unless they are okay with you answering so just ask them before doing so)!

   ☠ You can submit normally to your Tumblr then Reblog it by changing "Post to" from your own Tumblr to the AskLox Tumblr.

   ☠ And all answers must be done with art so no text answers!


   ☠ You're allowed to ask anything LoX related.

   ☠You're allowed to ask directly to specific characters.

   ☠ Any "I wish I could join" or "Can I Join Lox" messages will be deleted.

   ☠ Any flame/spam/trolling will be deleted.

   ☠ Any offensive or hateful questions will be deleted.

   ☠ Any question about Lox missions will be deleted.

   ☠ Not all of the questions might be answered and some of them might take some time before they get answered so be patient!
LeChaoss Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
What's Law of X??
tooaya Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
ooooooh *v*
El-Nmriyeh Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011
Obligatory inbox spam.
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