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Hope Springs Eternal

Journal Entry: Thu Apr 26, 2018, 11:33 AM

Spring for me has finally brought some good news, I've found some pain management that is actually working and it's not a temporary pharmaceutical fix like an opiate.  It's been sort of a tsunami of goings-on.  It's nice to feel like I can handle things now without breaking.  We are remodeling the bathroom/bedroom to make it accessible for my new rigid wheelchair.  It's be a massive undertaking and wholly time consuming.  I apologize for that.  It's a hard concept for most people to understand, I've not been able to go into my closet in the last 5 years.  The door frame is too narrow.  Little things like that take a hard toll on the psyche.  I've also finally planted in my empty backyard.  With the new offroad wheelchair tires I can also get out in the backyard for the first time in 5 years.  I was so happy, I cried tears of joy.  Those tires are incredible, next time I go to Flagstaff, I may not have to sit in the car while everyone goes out to take pictures of the trails I can't go out to.  
Sorry, I hope it's not too depressing to talk about but I truly am excited that I can do these things now.  

So May I'll be working on house and have a big trip planned.  After all the dust settles, I'm going to try to get back to painting. I'm exploring options on both oils and watercolors.  I've got to email manufacturers about some things on the idea I have for working in watercolor. I like the idea of not having to toss out mineral spirits and paint, working with a pigment material I made with my own hands (pigments from a company), and a lowered environmental impact that matches my perfumes.  I am particular about the finished result though, so I'll have to see what I can do with the medium.

I do have some plans.  I am eventually doing a giveaway.  An original painting from 2013.  A way of saying thank you to my fellow art admirers who've supported me through the hell of cancer.  If you have a preference on which one, yell out 1 or 2. (Look for that giveaway in June or July maybe.  I'll do lots of announcements, DA, Instagram and Facebook.)  Giveaway will be random draw.
1:Black Painting "Hello World" on Instagram
2:  Where Do Butterflies Sleep? by lavonia

Wonderful Spring image from hitogata  

Pixel Vignette: Girls Day FTW by hitogata  

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FairestMoss Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2018
It's not too depressing, at least not for me. I have never had to use a wheelchair myself, but I think the experiences I have had in life kinda help give me some idea. At least enough to know how something that may seems so dark to others is something to be celebrated for the individual - when you're handed a life experience that throws such lasting and major hurdles at you any improvement is something to celebrate. That said, congratulations on the upgrades! I may only know a small fraction of what you'd had to deal with as a result of looking through some of your DA and your website, but I'm happy that you could experience something so important.

Good luck getting everything sorted out with the manufacturers! And I won't be entering the giveaway of course - I've only just found you page today, so it wouldn't be right for fair for me to enter.
lavonia Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2018  Professional Traditional Artist
Well said.  :)
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