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No new art since early 2020
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My Bio
Hi I am Lavley, an Austrian hobbyist artist based in Germany.

I love fantasy and everything that is otherworldly in any way.
My dream is to create art that reflects my sense of beauty
and the magical mood I am searching for.
Glass, glitter, jewels, glow and ethereal things.
Occasionally I am also creating art for my favourite fandoms~

I am not open for commissions or requests.

Profile Pic and Deviant ID are both drawn by me

Also have a look at my ixiv

Favourite Visual Artist
@Ryky , @WLOP , @Qinni , @yuumei , @anotherwanderer , @bj_pentecost
Favourite Games
The Legend of Zelda

About to go on

About to go on

Hey there, I got news. First of all I deleted all my Lavley-related accounts with this one here being the only remaining one. I don't really want to delete this DeviantArt one tbh so I think I will keep it. (I just kinda don't want to be a content creator anymore. I want to learn how to do art without having people in my mind who I can show it to.) Secondly I doubt I will post a lot here now. Maybe I will make another account to save a few good tutorials and inspirations. I really have no idea Oh and in case I didn't tell yet: I got accepted at an art school. Which is one more reason to vanish off the net alongside with my newer art. Since art will be my future profession I gotta make sure to also act like a professional and stop nerding around and telling everyone my deepest secrets. Lavley isn't really a professional brand. And most important... I repeat... I want to learn how to do art for other purposes than "I wanna entertain others". I don't even know what art I would do if
I cannot wait until 2020 is done so I can update my Improvement Meme. I may not post new art here anymore but updating my Improvement Meme on DA is an annual ritual that I don't want to miss or change. This is the only way how you'll see some tiny
ART THEFT RANT I uploaded one last artwork I did in 2016 because some people stole it, made merch off it and sold it without my permission. I deleted it everywhere else because I didn't know but I hecking want to make it clear that this is MINE. Y