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I was actually hoping for Clinton to win, boy, I was wrong when they announced Donald Trump as the winner...but anyway, the picture on ...

Starlight as Twilight? Wow, this seems like an interesting alternate universe. Question: Are you going to do a story based on this? It ...

This AU of Pinkie Pie is totally awesome! Can you do a story based on this? Please? Okay, I love how you did her, and I'm really not th...

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Smokey on my Fridge  by LaViolaViolaRosa Smokey on my Fridge :iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 3 0 Smokey by LaViolaViolaRosa Smokey :iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 5 4 Smokey Sleeping  by LaViolaViolaRosa Smokey Sleeping :iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 12 8 New Kitten by LaViolaViolaRosa New Kitten :iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 15 6
TSW: The Next Generation Chapter 4
Chapter Four: Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Ashley and Taylor
Evie’s POV
My name is Evie, and I’m the twin sister to Mal. Our parents are Leonard and Cleo, who was a princess, well, of the vampire community. Her father, who is my grandfather, was the king of the vampires. After my parents got married, they took over ruling the vampire kingdom. So, technically, it makes both me and Mal princesses. Grandfather stepped down due to old age. I usually love to make puns, and my sister hates them. I’ve got a crush on Carlos, Frank and Lexicon’s son.
Mal’s POV
I’m Mal, and I’m Evie’s twin sister. Sometimes, she can be annoying with her vampire puns, but I’m used to it. There’s one guy who I can’t seem to get off my mind. That’s Jay, Carlos’s twin brother.
Carlos’s POV
I’m Carlos, and I’m the twin brother to Jay. We’re the sons of Lexicon and Frank. I’ve got a crush on Evie. I’m not reall
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 2 0
The Love Stories Between Different Couples Part 1
Sophia rubs her head in pain, as the mind control was slowly wearing off.
"S-Sophia!" Ash exclaims, in worry, as he runs over to Sophia.
"Ash? What happened?" Sophia asks.
"You w-were under mind control," Ash answers.
"The only thing I remember is Lusamine putting something on my fingers...and mind went blank," Sophia says.
"That's because... Of the mind control... It's possible Lusamine didn't want you to remember that after the mind control wore off," Ash responds.
"Thanks for rescuing me. I...appreciate it," she replies, blushing and looking away from him.
"A-Anytime," Ash replies, blushing, with a smile on his face. He looks away from her.
The two stand in an awkward silence, before Ash breaks it, for he wanted to ask her out on a date.
"H-Hey, can I ask you something?" Ash asks.
"Sure. Ask away," Sophia replies.
"Will you go o-out on a date with me?" Ash asks, nervously.
"Yes," Sophia replies with a smile.
"R-Really?" Ash grins.
Sophia nods. "Of course I'll go out with y
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 0
A Broken And Fixed Romance 3 (PREQUEL)
“If I can’t have Rochelle, then nobody can!” the evil king Alexander declared.
“Get your hands off my wife, Alexander,” King David shouted.
“You stole the love of my life away from me. There’s no way I’m gonna stand back and let you steal her away from me!” Alexander declares.
“Get a grip, Alexander! I never loved you! I’ve always loved David! You were insane, so that’s why I didn’t choose you as my husband!” Rochelle exclaims.
King Alexander brutally stabbed King David and Queen Rochelle, causing the two to fall to the ground. Baby Crystal began to wail in her crib, as the evil king tried to make his escape, however, the townspeople killed him.
“Your majesties!” Bailey, the royal adviser shouts, running into the throne room.
“ must do something for us…” Rochelle says, her breaths becoming slow.
Bailey felt tears pour down his face. “Anything, your maje
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 4
A Broken And Fixed Romance 2
Summary: This is the spin-off story to A Broken and Fixed Romance.
One day, Knox was going over to Olivia's house. He was carrying a bouquet of flowers to give to his girlfriend. However, she hadn't responded to his texts in a long time. He saw that the door was unlocked. He walks in, and sees the shock of his life: Olivia was kissing another boy!
"Olivia?!" Knox exclaims, shocked.
Olivia pulls away from the kiss. "Oh, hey Knox. I really didn't love you. I was just using you," the mean girl smirks.
"So you were cheating on me?! With who?!" he demanded to know.
"With me. I'm Jacob," the boy who was kissing Olivia says.
Olivia smirks evilly. "Jacob's a much better kisser than you," she says.
"And that's the only reason you're cheating on me?! Because some completely random boy is a better kisser than me?! That's it, we are so through!" he shouts at Olivia.
Knox storms out of the house, slamming the door behind him. Jacob and Olivia continue to make out with one another after the door sla
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 0
A Superhero Romance
It was night. A huge party was going on. A 26 year old male was following a 16-year old female. The girl had beautiful black hair, and teal eyes. She was wearing a pretty pink party dress, along with pink flats. As soon as she heard the footsteps behind her, she whirls around, and you could tell by her expression that she is clearly annoyed.
“Hank! Stop following me!” she snaps. The voice belonged to Brittany Drake, who was the daughter of Carlos Drake, the evil supervillain.
The 26-year old male, identified as Hank, stops. He has icy blue eyes, and messy platinum blonde hair, while wearing an unbuttoned dress shirt, jeans, and running shoes.
“Brittany, you know how much I love you!” Hank proclaims.
Brittany glared at her father’s second-in command. “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t love you?! You have been stalking me, and I hate that! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go and get some fresh air. Don’t follow me,
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 2 8
The Hopeful Singer Chapter Four
Chapter Four: Two Love Interests: How Do I Even Choose?
*Note: This is the final chapter of The Hopeful Singer. There will be two endings to this story, so you will see the outcomes of if she chooses her favourite singer, or the nephew of the director for her first ever music video. Ending one is the real ending, while ending two is fake.*
Sophia Williams/Deborah Diamond’s POV
It’s been at least two months since I’ve filmed my music video, and I already have a lot on my mind: the fact that I have two hot guys interested in me! One is Ace Charming, the popular singer who I am a huge fan of, and who I received my first kiss from. The second is Lucas Jackson, the nephew of the director for my music video, “Rags to Riches.”
I sigh. How was I going to choose? Then, I am distracted by my phone ringing. Turns out, it was Audrey Westbrook, the mayor’s daughter. After she wrote out all the apology letters to the nerds, her father ended her grounding early. Sh
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 2
The Hopeful Singer Chapter Three
Chapter Three: Recording & Shooting The Music Video for Rags to Riches
Sophia Williams/Deborah Diamond’s POV
My manager has told me that today was a very big day for me. I had already recorded the song I sang at the cafe open mic, “Rags to Riches.” Well, I’ll be doing a music video for that song! I am so excited for this: for I’ve never done a music video before. I wonder how it’s going to go.
“Sophia! It’s time to go to the set!” Colton shouts.
“I’m coming Colton,” I call back, running downstairs. He sees my excited face.
“Wow, you’re excited, aren’t you?” he asks me.
“Of course I am!” I reply.
We get in the car, and drive to the set. A woman approaches us, with a pair of headphones around her neck.
“You Deborah Diamond?” she asks me.
“That’s my stage name. Call me Sophia, Sophia Williams,” I reply.
The woman grins. “I’m Crystal Jack
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 0
The Hopeful Singer Chapter Two
Chapter Two: Deborah Diamond’s Debut
In this chapter, there will be 3 songs by 3 other artists. This is a disclaimer, to say that I do not owe these 3 songs in any way. Nope. Nada. Zilch. The only thing I owe is the plot, the characters, and any original songs you see.
Sophia Williams/Deborah Diamond’s POV
This was going to be my first meeting with pop star Ace Charming, as myself. I would then excuse myself, and change into Deborah Diamond. I really hope that everything will go well with my crush on him. I just have to make sure that I am calm, and I will be fine. My manager told me to meet Ace at this fancy restaurant. We would be in a private room, so no one will disturb us. Thankfully, in each private room, there are washrooms, so we wouldn’t have to leave the private room.
“I have a reservation, under Ace Charming,” I whisper to the hostess.
She nodded. “Right this way, he’s waiting for you,” she replies, taking me to the room. Once
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 0
The Hopeful Singer Chapter One
Chapter One: It All Begins, With A New Look, and A New Identity: What Will That New Identity Be, and How Will Sophia Fare Being Famous?
Sophia’s POV
I walk into my manager’s office, with a smile on my face.
“Ah, Sophia, good to see you,” Colton says.
“What’s on the agenda for today, Colton?” I ask.
“Well, I was thinking we could give you a brand new identity as a singer. You were telling us about the mayor’s daughter, who is a brat. If you have a new identity, she won’t even recognize you,” Colton suggests.
I think about it. “I think that would be an excellent idea, as long as I can tell my friends who supported me, and make sure they keep it a secret,” I reply.
My manager nods. “Very well then. I’ve prepared 12 different names for your choosing. Each name has been paired with one of the 12 birthstones for each month,” he explains, showing me a paper list.
Arianna Amethyst
Trinity Turquoise
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 2
The Hopeful Singer (Prolouge)
I’m used to being bullied. Ever since elementary school, I have always been pushed around, teased, and mocked. I’m not popular, I’m geeky. The popular kids always put me down. Everyday, I would say to myself that I would stand up to my bullies. However, every time I attempt to do so, I am manipulated into doing their homework, over and over again. I was also blackmailed, like many of the other nerdy kids, if we didn’t give the mean popular kids a grade less than an A+. Those were the only grades they would accept. They wouldn’t accept an A-, an A, a B+, a B, a B-, you know all those grades. Anyway, that was the past. I don’t want to remember those moments, please. That would completely bother me a lot.
Here’s some more information about me: I’m 17 years old, and one of the smartest students ever at my school, Rosewood High. People always ask me why I am so smart. I answer them with the fact that I was always
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 0
TSW: Next Generation: Chapter Three
Chapter Three: Prince Robert
Prince Robert’s POV
I brush my black hair and make it smooth. As a prince, I need to look perfect. Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I’m Prince Robert. My mother is unknown. I have a twin brother, named Alessandro, who is only a few minutes older than me. This means that he will be the one to heir the throne. My father, Blaze, is the evil king of The Dark Kingdom, where I live. He was the one who tricked the Chosen One’s friend, Violet, who is now the new queen of Elemental Land. I’ve seen her daughter too, Lucy. She’s pretty, however, truth be told, she’s not my type. Lucy understands, though. She doesn’t like me romantically either, so that’s one good thing.
Servants enter my room to help me get dressed. I roll my eyes. I could have gotten dressed myself. The servants dress me in a white dress shirt, with black dress pants, and black dress shoes. They also put a red jacket with golden trims on me. Once I was
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 0
A Broken And Fixed Romance
A Broken and Fixed Romance
By: Elizabeth Agosta
It was nearing the afternoon. 18 year old Axel Jordans, was riding his skateboard to his girlfriend, Olivia Cosgrove’s house. He had been dating Olivia for a year. Suddenly, as he approached his girlfriend’s house, which was more down the street, he heard loud kissing coming from a house. Confused, Axel got off his skateboard and walked up the steps to the front door. He turned the handle, and it was unlocked, which was strange, because this was a stranger’s house, and a stranger’s house is usually supposed to be locked. When he walked in, he saw his girlfriend, Olivia, making out with a random guy, who had neck length brown hair that was in a small ponytail, which was also straight. The guy was also running his fingers through her black hair.
“Olivia?!” Axel exclaims, shocked.
This caused Olivia to stop making out with the boy, as she opened her eyes, which were a beautiful blue. The boy’s eyes o
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa 1 4
Welcome to my gallery! Nice comments only please and thank you! :) ;)

Love, LaViolaViolaRosa


RP Rules and Preferences
My RP Rules and Preferences in a nutshell
-Tickle/foot-related moments (In general, this is optional, but I am only a 'ler.)
-Romance or Fluff (I prefer both together)
-Action and Adventure stories.
-I can only do male roles. (Horrible at female roles...)
-I only play as OC's. (Canon characters are tough to play.)
-I don't mind Script, but I'm starting to prefer Paragraph style more.
Dislikes/Stuff I generally avoid:
-Playing the other person's characters. (I don't know how you want them to act, so don't ask.)
-Excessive Gore
-OP characters
-IM services (Skype, Kik, etc.)
:iconthe-rp-enigma:The-RP-Enigma 3 2
Enchanted Castle RP Prompts
The Enchanted Castle Cliché RP Prompts
For just about every fantasy novel, it's there. Look close enough and I'm sure you'll see it, or some modern version of it. The "Enchanted Castle" is a certain cliché that has withstood the trails of time and can be used in many different ways. These prompts are a few of my takes on said cliché. After all, some tropes just shouldn't be messed with.
Prompt #1 - The Inventor and the Beast
You come from a long line of inventors, each and every one well educated with a knack for knick knacks. Sadly, this does not help you much in your current situation. After your mother passed away from the plague, your father whisked you away out to the country to live in a small, small village with one shabby library and the nearest town is a day away. That's if you travel by horse, and you did not stop to rest. Thankfully, you and your father was still able to make little toys and such to sell in the market. He had left with a shipment of music boxe
:iconjojo419:JoJo419 15 95
Valentines Day RP Prompts
So, seeing as how I basically dislike Valentines Day, I wrote most of these out of pure spite/need to distract myself from today. Because while I hate Valentine's Day traditions(why go out to a fancy dinner, when you and your S/O can just be together at home watching stupid B-rated horror movies? To each their own I guess…) I love romantic stories, when done right. My top two examples are The Princess Bride and The Shape Of Water. So, here you are everyone! These are indeed open to do(and I’m gonna use them to get back into the swing of things. Hope y’all don’t mind.)
Prompt 1 - Can’t Help Falling In Love(Literally)
It’s been a long day for you. While most enjoy the heart-filled holiday, those in the retail industry have more than a couple of things to say - and yeah, you’re one of them. It’s about near the end of your shift, when you get to witness the strangest event of the day(so far); a young adult - who looks like they should be on a
:iconjojo419:JoJo419 4 40
GoFundMe for my moms funeral (Please spread..?)
I usually like these donation things for my end, but considering my family already can barely afford much, we could REALLY use the extra help...
If you guys arent aware of what happened because you're new (since I have been like gaining some new viewers after all this happened) : My mother lost her life due to a bowel obstruction yesterday at 3:40 PM. You can read more about it here:
My brother started a GoFundMe so that we could possibly be able to afford the funeral expenses along with her cremation (since she wanted to be cremated). It would mean a LOT if you could donate to it..? I feel weird asking this but I want to try to help my family myself in any way I can...even a simple dollar could help a lot.
And if you cant donate, please spread this journal..? I'm BEGGING for help on this...
:iconprincessskyler:PrincessSkyler 29 51
Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart!
The season of love has arrived! #ShowYourHeart on DeviantArt this Valentine’s Day with a week of challenges to earn an exclusive badge!

The season of love has arrived! Get ready to bring good cheer and warm feelings to the deviants you care about, because it’s time for a week’s worth of challenges to spread the love among the community!
SpreadThe Love!
Every day from February 8th to 14th, deviants will get the chance to share the love with the entire DeviantArt community with a daily prompt! Be sure to check out this section every day for the next prompt, and don’t forget to add the tag #ShowYourHeart to your entries!
Feb 8New LoveComment on a deviation on the Newest page.
Feb 9Love YourselfPost a 
:iconakiestar:akiestar 2,546 24,578
I... don't remember painting this by raikoart I... don't remember painting this :iconraikoart:raikoart 12,144 1,339 Nuzlocke White: VS. N, Pt 2 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: VS. N, Pt 2 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 799 249 Nuzlocke White: Extra Comic 33 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: Extra Comic 33 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 759 136 Nuzlocke White: Issue 046 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: Issue 046 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,074 229 Nuzlocke White: 022 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: 022 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,395 362 Nuzlocke White: 005 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: 005 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 1,030 316
In Loving Memory
I tripped over your memory today
it haunts the ground I walk on
I found myself falling into open arms
remembered your voice as it called my name.
I walked into a wall today
pressed my nose against the window
I remembered revolving doors
and how you stopped one in its tracks.
I fell down the stairs today
and nearly twisted my left knee
I remembered how all that time you loved me
you never saw me hurt.
I paced around my room today
remembering our first phone-call
my voice still shaking, I couldn’t sleep
small things like that may never change.
I found myself a gift today
remembering how little you gave me
and how so little meant so much
I slid it on my pinkie, one finger from where it’s meant to be
A memory we’ll never have,
a birthstone ring of mine and yours
little diamonds, little stones
I turn it to the side and read the engraving;
“In loving memory,
A place you’ll always be.”
:iconyuukon:Yuukon 96 26
RP Search, 29/12/2018 (Open)
As of 29/12 I'm lookin' for some casual roleplays, mostly on the simpler or short term side so I can get the hang of it again. But I can go for longer.
1. Read my general rules here.
2. I RP via notes or Discord.
3. I'm looking for partners who write a couple of sentences per reply to a paragraph (or two) at most. Nothing below a sentence or above two paragraphs, please.
4. Plot with me beforehand. I don't want to go in aimless. 
5. Please be patient with me. If I don't respond to the RP for a week ping me/resend your note.
Looking for fandoms mostly but I do originals too. : ) 
(!!): means I REALLY want to do this. (!): means I prefer this. No symbol means open to but picky.

means I would play or prefer to play this role. Underlined means I can play this role, either role (if both are underlined) or switch to it if I cannot play my preferred role. Normal text means I do not want to play this ro
:iconmoon-xviii:MOON-XVIII 6 21
Fran in Mlp Eg by Lavender-Doodles Fran in Mlp Eg :iconlavender-doodles:Lavender-Doodles 40 9 Sha-Sha Is Still Under The Tree by TeaPhotography Sha-Sha Is Still Under The Tree :iconteaphotography:TeaPhotography 83 33
Into the monster's world rp
A monster has moved into a cave close to a poor small village. After about a week of eating the farmer's crops and livestock and no one could kill it, the people of the village give in and asked the monster what it would take to get them to leave. The monster tells the villagers that they would go back to the monster world, but only if one of them goes to, never to come back again. 
1. Are you the monster or the human who will be going with the monster?
2. Details about who you picked.
3. Why does the monster want one of the villagers?
4. Does the human go willingly or unwillingly? 
Rules, please follow 
1. No 18+ stuff
2. No children characters 
3. No killing of main characters
4. use paragraph format, not scripted. 3 or more sentences per reply controlling each other character (it's ok to make them see, hear or smell something, but DON'T NOT tell me how my character reacts to something)
7. OV
:iconthelittleddemoncat:TheLittledDemonCat 2 128




Smokey on my Fridge
This cutie jumped on my kitchen counter and then jumped onto my fridge.
I want to do hypnotic styled role-plays, with OC's only.
I'll be the girl in the RP.
Hypnosis that I'm interested in
1. Vampire style
2. Sex slave style
3. Maid
4. Brainwashed
5. Robot
Every so often, I try and clear out my notes inbox and outbox. Cause I don't want to be overwhelmed with so many notes. (I think I once had 400 read notes/sent notes.) DX
My cat got into a lot of trouble tonight.
Knocked down a glass vase with flowers in it. As soon as he did so, he bolted up the stairs, because he knew that he was in trouble.
These are the RPs that I'm currently interested in, and yes, all of these are original. I do OCs only. Comment below this status post if you are interested. Thank you!
Hello, I'm a fan of roleplaying and I have a few ideas of my own.

Anything involving hypnosis
An evil vampire and an orphan girl
Royalty styled RP, etc
Children from rival families falling in love
DJ's daughter falling in love with a musician
Assassin and Target falling in love.
Secret Agent romance.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Please note me if you are interested!
I had my cat on his back on the kitchen table, and he just rolled off it, landing on all fours. It was soooooo cute!
Jan 20, 2019
:iconlaviolaviolarosa:LaViolaViolaRosa has changed their username (formerly SofiaPotter)
My cat is running around like CRAZY! He's being so hyper!
Hello, I'm a fan of roleplaying and I have a few ideas of my own.

Anything involving hypnosis
An evil vampire and an orphan girl
Royalty styled RP, etc
Children from rival families falling in love
DJ's daughter falling in love with a musician
Assassin and Target falling in love.
Secret Agent romance.

If you have any questions, let me know.

Please note me if you are interested!
Yesterday, my cat decided to get into a whole lot of trouble.

At 4AM, Smokey tore open a bag of his dry food with his teeth, and began to eat it. 

But that's not all he did.

He also tore open a bag of his kitty litter with his teeth and spilled it on the ground.
Here's another picture of my cat, Smokey. He is almost 11 months old.
Well technically 10 months, but he was born sometime in January.
I want to do hypnotic styled role-plays, with OC's only.
I'll be the girl in the RP.
Hypnosis that I'm interested in
1. Vampire style
2. Sex slave style
3. Maid
4. Brainwashed
5. Robot



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