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The Evil With In

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Glass Ball Tutorial


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Art giveaway :) (CLOSED - winners announced)

THE WINNERS: - UszatyArbuz ( - DjALee360360 ( - maricookie ( Congratulations! You three won a portrait (bust & up) each :) Please send me a note as soon as possible, containing: - A description of what/ who you want me to paint - References if you have them /Winners were chosen at random by using Thanks to everyone who participated^^ It's nice to see so much interest, so I might have new raffles like these later. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Finally have the time to do the art giveaway I've been planning for awhile. It will be open until


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First love

Gifts Received

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5 Stories Photomanipulation Competition - CLOSED

CLOSEDthe winners will be chosen for the creativity, must have followed all the details required by the history we had many beautiful entries (technically), but not followed the orientations of the stories, then the main criterion is not the technique in photoshop. but if correctly followed the stories. the winners will be announced on Sunday or Monday. ------------------------------ Event of The-Imaginarium ( What you have to do? This new contest you will have 5 themes, 5 stories that you have to interpret in the form of manipulation. choose the story below and follow the concept, character, story, theme required, Theme 1 suggested by @


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Supreme Regents of the Universe: contest CLOSED

New contest for members %The-Imaginarium ( Theme: Titans Who were the Titans? Frequently called elder gods, they have been for many ages the supreme regents of the universe, with a huge size and being incredibly strong. The Titans (male) and Titaness  (female) are figures of Greek Mythology. According to Greek myth, the Titans formed one race of powerful gods who ruled during the Golden Age. According to Greek mythology, the Titans were sons of Uranus (deity who personified the sky) and Gaia (Earth goddess). Names of the Titans Coeus:  Titan of intelligence.Oceanus: Represented the river that surrounds the world. Crius: Titan of her


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Rose Dreamer

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Dark Fae

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The Moon Forest

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Winter penguin

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Up to Mischief - Oil Painting

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::Tokyo Ghoul:: Arima Kishou

NOV 2014 fabulous drawings and paintings

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The green machine

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Img 150

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Halloween 2014 #2

Halloween Art 2014

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Fairy Christmas

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Halloween Skeleton

Bad To the Bone Contest Art

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Star Icon

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Candle's lights Journal Skin

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Ballerina Lineart


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Vials of Magic

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Dream Big!

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