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Ruby Rose by laverinne Ruby Rose by laverinne
Birth Stone ~ Ruby Rose

This is the story of when all of us are born into the world. At that time, we have a stone together with us. The stone is given by twelve goddesses, so that every stone will give us a personality that is different from the others. The stone will become one with us and leave a mark that we know as birth mark. ^^.

She is the one that will give the stone to those who have their birthday in July, and the stone's name is also taken from her name, Ruby.^^.

hope you like it.^^

thank you so muhh to : :iconchoubidoubinette: for editing the storyy..XDXD.
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Very nice.
MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2018   General Artist
Wow - this is a beautiful picture! You did a wonderful job on the shading, and I really love all the details in this picture. Also, I like how you used a lot of "soft"/rather pastel colors, and combined them with strong colors (like the red of the roses).

May I ask - how large is this picture in original size?
And it looks like you might have used watercolor for it, and some opaque color (white?)?
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:wave: I like this art very much! :D Nice work! :clap: :iconeufrosis: 
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this is absolutely stunning! love the style, detail and colour theme Bear Emoji-08 (Rolling Love) [V1] 
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Speechless... This is amazing artt!! (≧∇≦)b
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This is beautiful, I love the detail you put into this. Just incredible! 
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Oh my wow, this is GORGEOUS!!!!
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This is absolutely sparklecuntacular! I love it 🦄💕
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Are you taking requests? 
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Looks great.
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Great work, thanks for sharing.
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It is amazingly detailed!! It's so beautiful!
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omg howwwww????
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Awesome drawing. Makes everything I made look like trash. Seriously, you have talent. 
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omg this is AMAZING!Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] you just earned yourself a watcher my friend
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Just beautiful. :)
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awesome detail.
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makes me wish I were a july baby lol
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Your artwork reminds me of Trinity Blood; so full of detail and so elegant :D
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Wow, this is really beautiful
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your art is stunning i don't have enough words to describe how beautiful it is
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You're so talented!
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That's amazing
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Freaky details. Man so talented! O_o
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Woold you want to become my artist of my manga please
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I send my scenarios if you gave me your email
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Plan of the manga (for a contest)

Creator: Kalala, Lubenji-Emmany

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

1. The Trunk of History

 Action
 Mudra
 Love
 Weapons
 Associations
 Adventure
 Supernatural Creatures
 Drama
 Fantasy
 Heroes
 Horror
 Humor
 Magic
 Parallel World
 Mystery
 Kingship
 Science Fiction
 Astrological signs
 Lifestyle
 Technology
 Violence

Since the beginning of the universe, there is a tree that was created by a seed of the universe coming from nowhere. The tree creates an earth with its supernatural roots. Its leaves stretch from the tree every day and makes a territory every time. The territory had been created at one year and living being also.
One day the tree became pregnant and gave birth to a divine man, but with the corruption of a tree root made a grain that created a demon. The demon goes the tree and poisons the source of life to make monsters and eat the tree. The guy knew through the root and created a wall to protect his mother. He built himself against the demons and his mother too, thanks to the roots. The tree weakens and the guy enclosing all the demons in a dimension that has created. He used a magic to create a grimoire so his mother is alive for as she is the balance of the multiverse in a multiverse. He was on a journey to show everyone the magic, but his life ended because of the corruption of Christianity. His last words sound [Hey Hey Hey Hey Hey! You want to have enough and absolutely magic to go beyond the gods and become King and Queen of Wizards, Witch. You want to find my bed by the name of GENERATION INFINI] It is thus a new era begins. Guilds have been created and technology has been improved with Crystal Tech. Some years later a girl named Noriaki Hirohiko Naja. S Sora Tsukikoto also wants to have the spellbook like any other Sorcerer, Witch to become queen of witches.

Title) Generationally 4.0 one shot

(Character profile)

Full name: Noriaki Hirohiko no Naja. S Sora Tsukikoto.
Name: Sora

First name: Noriaki

Race: Nephilim

Last name: Tsukikoto

Age: 18 years old

Trait of character: gourmand, intelligence, naive, baby crying, hungry, adventurous, divergent, altruistic, bold and courageous.


Green, white and black hair

Bandeau of Merlin

Green hat

Cat's ears

Cat tail

White and black dress with small top.

Black Diamond piercing with navel.

Armadillo of the tree of life in his back

Emblem of the magic circles of the mind have under his hands.

Black and white eyes.

Green gloves

Black glasses

White torn pants

Black shoes

The number 56 that flashes is underneath his left hands.

A black watch

White Amulets and Crystal

A white talisman

A ring of white gems

Letters and magic symbol in his right hand.

Symbol of magic and kabbalah letters in his left hands.

Bandage in two hands and arms.

Silver watch

Chain in titanium in his pants

Platinium and Silver Ore Chain

Emblem of the symbol of the cross with the eye in the center of the cross in the lower belly belly


His qualities: intelligent and gifted

Its flaws: greedy and hungry

She likes: adventure

She does not like: bandits and Xaref, etc.

Its goal: to find the infinite generation.

Country: Tsuki

Province: Tsukimidori
Its capital: Akatsuki

His village: Mount Tsuki

Type of the spellbook: spirit, blood, area, gravity and dimension.

Type of witch: life and death

Type of magic: soul

Magic: soul giant, soul sphere, soul rubber, soul puppet, etc.

Guild name: black Hat generationally

Hobbit: Witch

Occupation: Guild Mistress

Race: neko human

Name: Merlin Tsukihara

Age: 56 years old

Gender: Women

Trait of character: altruistic, audacious, otonnome, genius, gifted and strong.

She likes: her guild

She hates: Those who try to hurt her guild.

Country: Tsuki

His capitital: Akastuki

Its village: Great tree village.

Its quality: audacious

Its faults: alcoholic

Type of grimoire: air and waters.

Type of magic: the wind

Its magic: manipulation of area.

His aparency:

Snowy eyes

White hair

White dress with knit

Pentalon gray

Silver watch

White skins

Armadillo of the tree of life in his back

Kabbalah armadillo in his left arm.

Black shoe


Guild name: the black apple.

Occupation: mistress of the guild

Hobbit: Witch.
Race: humans

Name: Morgane Hades

Sex: woman

Breed: half goddess

Character trait: negative

His look :

Brown hair

Black eyes

Dress in small black top


Armadillo in his back

Torn trousers with chain

Brown shoe

Peax black


She likes: her father

She detests: people who oppose her

Its quality: none

Its faults: negative

Type of spellbook: gods of hell

Type of magic: inferno

His kingdom: the Greek kingdom of hell

Occupation: Head of the Hades Ghost Guild

Hobbit: Witch

Its purpose: to find the spellbook for governed the kingdom of the gods.

Name: Kentaro Tsukikage

Gender: Male

Occupation: swordsman

Character trait: divine, smart, bold, divergence and cool.


Black skins

White Kimono

Armadillo who says: god exists in the belly

White headbands


Piercing in his ear


Age: 44 years old

Realtion: morgane le fay (sister) and Madoka (cousin)

Weapon: wooden saber

Type of grimoire: divine

He likes: gods

He dislikes: Satan

Its quality: wise and divergent

Its faults:!

Name: Hades

Sex: male

Race: gods
His date of birth: since Zeus and Poseidons were born (antiquity)

Its trait character: all the character trait of the gods of hell

His look :

Can very dark

Greek Armor destroyed

Devil's Corn

Eyes of Hell

Heavy scar on his back
His powers: power of hell

Name: Morgane le fay or morgane Tsukikage

Gender: Women

Age: the same as Naru

Character trait:








His look

Rebel clothing.

Celtic Circle Ceramic Tattoo.
Coats of Crow Feather

Eyes purple

Black skins

Ear of Elf

Type of magic: Celtic

Type of gimoire: celtic

Occupation: witch

Hobbit: Witch

Its date of birth: the same as Naru

Name: Madoka Tsukikage

Gender: Women

Character trait: the same as Naru


Short Sweater

Titanium Piercing

Tattoo of the tree of life on her back

The same emblem and accessory as Naru

Type of spellbook: Tarot card

Type of magic: card

Magic: manipulating cards

Its quality and defect: the same as Naru

She likes: food and navigation

She hates: the gods.

His goal: to travel the world without being imprisoned and free from the curse of Zeus.

The scenario

Page 1

An attack from Xeraf from a demonic tree attack devours all humans in their passage

I had with my 3 brother and saved villagers with my wooden shield.

Page 2

Sora: There is a Xeraf that moves followed and those Xeraf Entherios.

He is one of the most powerful xeraf of all and he killed six trillion humans each time with one hand.

He saw me.

Page 3

Sora He chased me and slice a black void that was aiming at me

When suddenly a woman named Merlin tsukihara saved my life with her shield and technology.

But the nothingness has both touched us.

Page 4

Sora: and there I wanted to become a Witch

Months passed and Sora trains to become a real witch.

She visited Merlin at the bar and she told her misadventure about Merlin.

Page 5
In the beach

Merlin is stuffed with Sora too

Merlin: Hic! I wonder Hic! Why a girl like you want to become Hic! a witch.

Sora: Hic! Because she to a fucking future Hic! To do HIc!
And in addition she wants to find the infinite generation Hic!

Merlin: Tell me, companion. Are you a Tsuki.

Sora: yes why.

Merlin: Let me tell you that you will know when you will be a world communist soldier.

Page 6

Merlin: listen, I have to give you a nine leaf clover amulet and my headbands.

Sora: why

Merlin: Since being a witch can also mean that you have an artefact of friendship and alliance.

Sora: thanks

Merlin: welcome and drink our last sake for Sora Tsukikoto our soul and generation of the future queen of witches I leave.

Sora: Ok

Page 7

Ten days later, Merlin left Mount Tsuki for another mishap and Sora trains for 10 years.

She left Mount Tsuki and said: hey wizarding world, prepared you, for I will create a guild and become queen of witches.

Page 8

A Xeraf attacks her and uses her magic sphere name spinner sphere to beat the Xeraf

Page 9

She walked in the forest for 20 days and she died of hunger.

She lost herself in the black forest so easily

Sora's belly gargouille several times when she walks

Sora: my can begins to die of gluttony and my body once weakens a dead crows.

Page 10

Sora feels a consciousness and springs to this consciousness.

In the end of the forest. A young girl is being persecuted by a man of Hades.

Madoka: If you want to catch me you'll have to hit my butt

The sbire uses his spellbook to capture Madoka.

Page 11

Madoka: Shit, I'm cooked.

Sbire: Hey Hey Hey. You know that morgane does not like them like you.

Madoka uses his grimoire and activates these trap cards

Page 12

She throws one of these cards and activates a moving sand card.

The sbire sinks into the shifting sand and he says, "If morgan is that you have power." You will be our first Tsuki slave with power.

Madoka: In your dream, Dirty racist of my race.

Page 13

She looked at him and said, "Well done to monsier the sbire and now passing to. ...

Sora: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Madoka: Who shouted.

Page 14

Sora stops and says: He's still missing (his belly gargoyles) And now I'll go mad if I do not have food.

Madoka: errm! Who are you

Sora: Oh! My name is Noriaki Hirohiko no Naja S Sora Tsukikoto and I will become Queen of the Witch.

Page 15

Madoka: I'm Madoka and you're hungry.

Sora: yes

Madoka's belly is also gargoyling.

Madoka: shit me too.

Page 16

The two share for looking for food.

Madoka: Well, then, I see you're not a Hades sire.

Sora: one thing.

Madoka: a Hades sbir. His idiot prayed to my village to make the other gods army in order to be rich.

Page 17

Madoka: This Hades catches fire on people who die with their daughter of gold digger.

Sora: And why did you run?

Madoka: because he has imprisoned me for ten years since I am a rebel all like my mother.

Page 18

Madoka: but alas, she was killed by Hades with my second half brother ....

Sora: humm! If Hades finds me, I could eat his mind.

Madoka: WHAT!

Sora: I feel that her mind will be delicious.

Page 19

Madoka: why you say that

Sora: Because I'm a soul-eating witch.

Page 20

Madoka: What.

Sora: I eat the souls of negative people and I have a desire to eat myself Hades.

To the other side of the swamp, Kentaro is beaten several times for the interrogated.

Morgane: Then tell me, or she 's gone and WHY ONE OF THE MES MEN HAVE NOT COME WITH HER.

Page 21

Morgan the fay way are brother getting tortured and morgan H says: AND YOU KNOW YOU IS THAT COUSINE OF PUTE.

Page 22

Madoka shows the road to Sora and both sees Hades with his daughter.

Page 23

Sora: Hey, you're a gold digger.

Madoka: Do not say that.

She gets mad and says: YOU LOOK FOR PROBLEM.

Page 24

Sora's belly gurgles more and there's saliva coming out of his boche.

Sora: for real I think you would be all garnished in my belly

Morgane: WHAT!

Page 25

 Sora sprints towards her and morgana uses her negative magic.

Madoka delivers her two cousins ​​and cousins.

Page 26

Sora eats the negative magic and Morgane says: how you did that

Page 27

Sora's body becomes more and more hungry and she can no longer be controlled are body

Page 28


Page 29

Kentaro says: who is this girl

The belly of Madoka gargoyles and his Xeraf comes out of his bodies too.

She attacks her family and says, "You are food."

Morgane la fay: uses his magic Celtic to protect are brother

Page 31 Sora attacks everyone while Kentaro uses the Gatway to remove the XEraf from Madoka

Page 32

Morgane launches a destroya gun on her that killed Sora.

Page 33

A black grimoire appears and a human coprs revives.

The xeraf burned the tree or Morgane is.

Page 34

It uses a negative vortex that aspires everyone who passes in the way of Sora.

Page 35 and 36

Hades plundered on the Xeraf and devoured her hand.

She tries to devour all the body of Hades, but her daughter was protecting her father by sacrificing herself.

Hades is angry and aspires to the strength of the xeraf of Madoka.

Page 37

He pushed Sora up to the air and butted it with all his might.

Page 38

She graffitis the face to Hades and uses her trident for the killed

Page 39

She makes her spinner mini spinner with are bazooka snipper

Page 40

He dodges all his strokes and uses his elastic arm to strangle him.

Page 41

She advances her arm faster and breaks the collons vertebras of Hades.

Page 42

Her hands swell and she kicks the guy with her feet swollen.

Page 43

Sora: Hey, Madoka and the other, launched month.

The three: What.

Sora: I was doing it.

Page 44

Hades launches and the three lances Sora then she activates his soul pupette to devour the soul of hades

Page 45

She makes soul giant hand with her Soul sphere too.

Page 46

Hades blocks Sora's attacks, but she takes her soul away with soul pupette and eats it.

Page 47

His stomach becomes big thanks to the size of the body of Hades.

Page 48

She decated and Madoka said: you have reusir (the belly of madoka gargouill) is that it may have been more advent that I eat you.

Page 49: There is a big buff for Madoka and Sora, then their Xeraf eats everything.

He was sleeping in the village and Sora was preparing to leave.

Page 51

Madoka: atends

Sora: What

Madoka: Tell me is that they are going to have other buffa or go to other country.

Sora: Yes and why.

Madoka: Because I want to travel with you to make maps of the world and know other cultures because, knows my childhood dream and I am greedy.

Page 52

Sora: I, too, went on an adventure to find the grimoire of the sorcerer's kings and become queen of witch.






This is the scenario

Email me once you okay or not

If you okay use my email by the name:
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will either get kissed or asked out, if you break this chain u will see a little dead girl in you
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