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Green Peacok



Bird Paradise ~ Green peacock

She is a peacock empress. At first she's not beautifull at all, she is a ugly big bird that have a very long a large brown tail, while her wing also not strong and big enough to fly..><.

everyday she's always mourning and sad, she felt that her tail is a burden for her, that always hold her to earth, while the other bird can fly freely in the sky and see a new world..

And it's not only that, she feels it's hard to survive. she need to learn how to run faster and hide well bringing her large tail, so she didn't catched. There's many times that she feels that her tail is become more and more heavier and she feels tired to run or even move..

But she don't know that while she's crying and mourning, God is put one green jewel to her tail one by one that will make her become a beuutiful bird that we ever seen. Couse the God know if He put all the jewel at the same time, she woudn't strong enough to carry it, and it'll make her can't run or walk, she also will become an arrogant bird couse she don't know how to hide her beauty, and the most important thing is it'll make her can't stay alive..

It's only a matter of time, until she's finnally realize that she's not a ugly bird anymore, but a beautifull bird..^^

Yayy~ Finnally i can submit this pic...XDXDXDXD. This is my entry for :iconkingdom-carousel: artbook..^^. Once more, thank you so muchh for this chance, i'm so glad and happy to be a part of this projecttt...XDXDXDXD.thank ou so m uchhhhh..^^

Media : water and poster color

Hope you like it.....XDXDXDXDD

St. Jude is the only pediatric cancer research center where families never pay for treatment not covered by insurance. No child is ever denied treatment because of the family's inability to pay.

This art book is a celebration of life, all the aspects, and pledged to a charity hospital that has been providing fifty years of research and service to helping sick children and their families.
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Oh... this is stunning. Everything about her just shouts 'peacock empress', from her intricate apparel to the coloring of her robes and jewels, and those beautiful green-blue eyes.