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[Regan 07] The calm within a racing heart
Soft light filtered through the open curtains as the morning sun shone her light over the two men still soundly asleep. It wasn’t until the gentle light fell upon his face that Cyril stirred. With a soft groan he turned away, pulling his hands up to his face as he moved onto his back to rub the sleep from his eyes. He sighed, looking up at a ceiling not his own before he blinked, looking back to his left.
Regan still had his back turned to him but had hardly stirred despite his waking. A quiet smile pulled at the corner of Cyril’s lips and he pushed himself up a little, leaning over the boy to catch the relaxed expression on his face. So he had finally managed to catch some sleep after all.
He was surprised to see the boy still soundly asleep and carefully he settled back down himself. The night had been unexpected and he considered himself somewhat lucky to have been able to spend it so close to the one boy who had caught his eye.
A soft groan next to him caught his attent
:iconlavandula-bjd:Lavandula-BJD 1 0
[Regan 06] Sinking deeper to the surface
The sound of activity from the kitchen broke through the otherwise silent room. Slowly Regan stirred, turning more onto his side before opening his eyes just halfway. He blinked as he found himself looking at the coffee table in front of him.
When had he fallen asleep?
The scent of diverse vegetables reached him from the kitchen, together with sounds that he hadn’t heard in ages. Herbs that weren’t used often mixed together in a pleasant aroma that he couldn't recall having smelled before. Slowly he closed his eyes again, sighing as he tried to figure out what had happened. He felt disorientated, not used to wake up on the couch and not be met with silence.
But then his eyes shot open and he sat up with a start.
A soft groan escaped his lips, reaching up to rub his face in an attempt to have the sudden pounding fade. It seemed like crying had done him little good after all. He could feel the strain it had brought his eyes, the headache undoubtly origina
:iconlavandula-bjd:Lavandula-BJD 1 6
[Regan 05] Letting out - Letting in
A voice broke through Regan’s thoughts and the silence that had surrounded him. Startled, he quickly hung up.
End call.
He couldn’t.
With a sigh he threw the phone onto the couch as he got up and walked to the kitchen to get himself a cup of tea. After filling the electric kettle with water and turning the machine on, he leaned back against the counter and brushed some strands from his sight.
It had been two years now. Two long years since his parents had come to pass.
He hadn’t been there when it happened and he couldn't help but feel like it was nothing but a bad dream. But the harsh reality was that it wasn’t. Had it not been for the fact that he had seen the burned down house with his own eyes, he might have never been able to believe it.
The vigorous boiling of the hot water managed to snap him out of far-away memories again and he waited for the kettle to turn off before pouring the hot liquid into a cup. Adding his flavor of ch
:iconlavandula-bjd:Lavandula-BJD 2 11
I'm no longer posting actively on this account and only sometimes will share a random tidbit when the mood strikes.
I do still visit almost daily for messages however. :) So never hesitate to send me a message if you have a question or something!

If you would like to see my recent work, or old work re-uploaded, then you are welcome to follow me on Instagram:…

:heart: Thanks for everyone who stumbled upon this account and gave me a favorite or watch.
I still appreciate every single one of them! 

Art vs Artist #1 by Lavandula-BJD

Art vs Artist #2 by Lavandula-BJD


Just call me Lavender!
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Hi there! Welcome to my profile-page.

Currently my page is still somewhat under construction. I'm working on getting all my doll-profiles organized and get the stories more accessible for those who aren't familiar about the sequence yet. Also, I'm trying to keep myself uploading - something I have neglected a bit in the past. ^^; But now I'm back again and more active than I've ever been!


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